When A Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

When a Scorpio man is ignoring you, it can mess with your head a little bit because, more often than not, nobody knows the reason why he is suddenly giving you the silent treatment. It may be very hard for you to deal with him, so here are things that you can do when a Scorpio man is ignoring you.

When a Scorpio man is ignoring you, act strong. Do not ever show that you are hurting, especially on social media. Cut your communication by not texting or calling him. Doing so will just annoy him. Give him space and allow him to think things through.

Never make demands, and you might want to start moving on.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Scorpio man.

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Before we delve deeper into what you should do if he’s ignoring you, we should first explore his dark side and why he might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is the type of person to be always in people’s mouths. People can either love him or completely hate him. In most cases, there is nothing in between. It is always either he garners praise or criticism.

He is a very complicated person to understand because of the fact that he is not afraid to go after what he wants, and although it can be a good side of him, it can make him very dangerous. He can be manipulative just to get whatever it is that he wants.

He can also be very vengeful.

A Scorpio man is very vindictive and resentful. He is not the kind of person to easily let go of things, especially when these things have hurt him. If he gets hurt or slightly inconvenienced, he will take it personally.

Again, he goes after what she wants, and this also applies to seeking revenge. He is going to want to get even immediately. This characteristic of your Scorpio man makes him beat himself up over past mistakes. This causes him to slowly mature and grow. 

He also has this white-and-black mentality where he does not see the gray area of things.

For instance, if you have hurt him accidentally, he will see it as you attacking him. He will not notice the ”accident” part of it.

Reasons Why A Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You

When a Scorpio man ignores you, it can really get into your head, so I understand why it’s messing with your head a little bit.

This is all because you have no clue what is going on in his head. Is he plotting his revenge, or is he letting you go forever? It can certainly leave you in a very uncomfortable place.

When you get on a Scorpio man’s nerves, he is not going to be very defensive and fight you. He is going to wait until it all piles up, and that would be the time that he’s going to blow up and take revenge.

Another reason why he ignores you is that you make him feel uncomfortable by being too obsessive. It could also be because you have been draining his entire time, energy, and resources. And to a Scorpio man, these things are valuable.

He does not like his time being wasted because he would rather do things that he enjoys than waste it on you. He does not want people to dump their problems on him because he knows that it is draining.

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5 Things To Do When A Scorpio Man Is Ignoring You

Act strong

I understand that when a Scorpio man ignores you, it can get a little too annoying, and sometimes, you just want to vent it all out on Twitter and maybe post a little meme to express how you feel. I’m telling you right now, stop it.

Do not ever talk about it on social media because he will get the impression that you are weak and cannot process feelings on your own.

A Scorpio man goes through an emotional process before deciding to ignore someone because he lets things pile up brick by brick. You need to realize that so you will not be passive-aggressive when you are dealing with his silent treatment.

You need to act strongly to show him that you are better off without him, and that would make him run back to your arms.

Cut your communication

If a Scorpio man is ignoring you, he definitely has reasons, and sometimes, because of the nature of a Scorpio man, he does not want to talk about it because he feels uncomfortable trying to do so.

If he is giving you the silent treatment, do not ever try to call and text him because this only means that he does not want to talk to you about anything at all.

Do not get all thirsty and start to attempt to change him because he will not like it. Remember that he is a master manipulator, and he knows when someone is trying to manipulate him.

When you do so, it will only transcend into something ugly and hurtful. So, what you should do is stop harassing him with calls and texts and just not reach out.

Give him space

When we’re in a fight with our lovers, it is normal that we get the urge to catch their attention and surprise them by showing up wherever they are.

Of course, you should know where he works, but that does not mean that you can visit him anytime you want when you’ve been fighting a lot. Do not just show up anywhere that he is.

You should never be too confrontational because he will be annoyed. You may be very fiery and smart, and sometimes, you think that you can just get your way in his life again by smooth-talking him. I’m telling you right now – you can’t.

One thing that he cannot stand is people trying to corner him like a rat. So, give him the space that he’s asking for, and just focus on yourself.

Never make demands

It’s clear that when he does not talk to you anymore, then all you need to do is just fall back. You should never ask for things from him because you do not want to come off as too demanding, especially when he is ignoring you.

When you start getting demanding, you are going to say things that you’ll regret very soon. And with that being said, things will transition into something worse.

Move on

You might want to start thinking about just moving on when a Scorpio man is ignoring you. This is because when a Scorpio man gives you the silent treatment, it’s most likely going to be permanent.

You don’t want to piss a Scorpio man off slowly because of this reason. So, play safe and just start moving on.

If he wants to get in touch again, he will get in touch. You do not need to chase him all the way because it will only annoy him. The best thing to do is to let it go and start doing things for yourself. Do things that make you happy.

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When You Ignore A Scorpio Man

When a Scorpio man starts realizing that you are ignoring him, he will stop talking to you as well. If you have built some sort of a relationship, it’s going to be very painful for him if you give him the silent treatment.

The thing about a Scorpio man is that he does not let everybody into his life because he preserves his energy, and when you start wasting the energy that’s providing you, he will reverse what you are doing, and he will indefinitely get rid of you.

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5 things to do when a Scorpio man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Scorpio man is ignoring you:

  • Act strong
  • Cut your communication
  • Give him space
  • Never make demands
  • Move on



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