When A Gemini Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

A Gemini man might become seriously confused and display his duality in several instances. He might show interest in you one second and then go silent almost immediately. However, don’t assume the worst when he acts distant or when he ignores you.

To help you figure it out, here are the ways on what to do when a Gemini man is ignoring you.

When a Gemini man is ignoring you, you should try to solve a problem by honestly communicating with him. Moreover, you could also let him be and ignore him back until he finally decides that he wants to work things out with you. In the meantime, plan something fun and focus on working on yourself.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Gemini man.

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Before we get into the things you need to do when a Gemini man ignores you, let’s first look at his dark side and the reason why he’s behaving this way.

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The Dark Side Of A Gemini Man

A Gemini man has a tendency to intellectualize his feelings but also has trouble understanding other people’s emotions or the emotional repercussions of his actions. He frequently behaves inconsiderately and lacks any sense of regret or guilt.

All of Gemini man’s darkest characteristics are a result of this lack of sensitivity. He can act impulsively and say or do anything he feels is necessary at the time, regardless of whether it is harsh, careless, indecent, or morally wrong.

Reasons Why A Gemini Man Is Ignoring You

Some of the most sensitive people on the earth are Gemini men. A Gemini man will express his upset sentiments if you offend him and won’t suppress his sentiments or emotions.

However, there are times when instead of engaging in a conversation with you, he would prefer to keep her suffering to himself. Because a Gemini man is also quite independent, he will continue to think for himself and come up with solutions to the issue independently.

It’s possible that a Gemini man is ignoring you because he isn’t normally attracted to the thought of the two of you. He usually chooses who he opens up to extremely carefully, even if he falls in love quite deeply because he is an emotional being and is difficult to ignore.

Therefore, if a Gemini man avoids you, it may very well indicate that he lacks genuine passion or emotion for you and would prefer to keep his feelings to himself.

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5 Things To Do When A Gemini Man Is Ignoring You

Communicate with him

It can be quite successful in ignoring him, but it can also take a long time to discover solutions, which is one of the problems with doing so. In light of this, getting to the root of his issue more quickly may involve asking him directly what his problem is and why he is ignoring you.

Always strive to act morally; you’ll discover that doing so makes you feel much better about yourself.

If you think there was a misunderstanding that started the whole argument, it’s best to apologize and let him reason the next step. You won’t be able to carry the relationship on your own if he doesn’t feel confident and at ease in it.

Send him a genuine message or give him a call to let him know you are there waiting for him. The Gemini man must recognize that you want to communicate with him in order for this to happen because he needs to feel protected so that he may talk freely and let his anger out.

Let him be

Until a Gemini man feels the urge to come back to you, let him be by himself. When he is hurt, he will make decisions with recklessness. Giving your heart away too quickly would not sit well with a Gemini man who likes to experience the rush of being pursued.

When he distances himself, he is no longer concerned about you, so refrain from flooding his inbox. He can become intrigued by a shift in your behavior and come crawling back to you.

If a Gemini man doesn’t respond, give him some time to think. Don’t text him continuously because it appears desperate if you continue to seek him out. Give him a moment to think without speaking and use methods that avoid making immediate touch.

Allow him to change in his own time because if you give a Gemini man some time, he will change his non-communicative ways. Let him be and give him some room so he can feel your absence.

Plan something fun

Engage a Gemini man in fun activities and shared experiences to keep his attention. To unwind and reduce stress, consider taking a brief trip to take him out and try to convince him to change his mind.

Playfully engage him and show your want to distract him from his current disappointment, and you should make the most of your free time if you have it by being useful and having fun. If you start to cling to him, you’re not the right match; if you pass the test, you have had a clever approach to catch his attention.

Despite the growing bitterness, remain calm. When his interest begins to fade, a Gemini man may exhibit erratic behavior. So, regardless of how irrational he seems, assess his attitude carefully and refrain from acting angrily.

Instead of pressing his buttons, it would be wise to wait for the heat to dissipate naturally. Remind him of how enjoyable you are to be around, so use the chance to schedule time with him.

Work on yourself

A Gemini man may have the poor habit of disregarding the character features of the person he is dating on a regular basis. If your Gemini man is like that, you should always feel like you can at least focus on your life and happiness in those situations.

Use the times when your relationship is quiet to give yourself some time to yourself. Pay attention to your physical and mental wellness because it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to remain happy.

The perfect moment to experiment with changing your appearance if you’ve been considering it is when a Gemini man is ignoring you. He will want to see you again once he notices that you’re attempting a new look.

Get a new look if you want to know how to attract the attention of a Gemini man, as he will be enticed to respond to you by this. When he notices you’re doing something novel, he’ll want to get in touch. Although Gemini’s men aren’t superficial, he is definitely seduced by appearance.

Ignore him back

The Gemini man will block you or mark your communications as unread if he has begun to ignore you and this merely indicates that he lacks emotion and doesn’t think you’d make a good partner.

However, it could be fair to give him a taste of his own medicine if he is treating you carelessly or playing games with you. For a few days, ignore him back and allow him some time and space to miss you.

When a Gemini man ignores you, it’s problematic since it offers him a lot of power and control over your relationship. You shouldn’t have to put up with actions that you deem to be immature or inappropriate.

Ignoring you shows a lack of respect, so ignore your Gemini man in return, and he will begin to see his mistakes in due time.

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When You Ignore A Gemini Man

A Gemini man finds it difficult to be ignored since he is a social creature that prefers to be among other people. He detests the idea that what he did was improper and might have harmed someone he cares about.

A Gemini man is frequently a star sign that loses interest quickly and leaves partnerships without giving them much thought.

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5 things to do when a Gemini man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Gemini man is ignoring you:

  • Communicate with him
  • Let him be
  • Plan something fun
  • Work on yourself
  • Ignore him back



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