What Zodiac Sign is January?

What Zodiac Sign is January?

For those who were born in January and want to begin your journey into astrology, look no further.

January is dominated by Capricorn, which lasts from December 21st to January 19th. This sign represents ambition, confidence, and leadership. The rest of the month is ruled by the air sign of Aquarius, the independent trendsetter.

Since the bulk of January falls under Capricorn, we’ll be covering that sign in this article. Read about Aquarius in this article: “What zodiac sign is February?

Before I start our discussion about the stoic sea-goats, I want to point to the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. 

I’ve listed a number of articles that you will enjoy after reading this one, and you’ll be an expert on these stoic sea-goats!

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Wait, Capricorn… Sea Goats?    

Many astrologers make a foolish mistake when discussing Capricorn. They refer to Capricorns as just plain Goats. This does a big disservice to Capricorns since goats are not directly related to them. The proper symbol of Capricorn is the Sea-Goat, a goat with a mermaid-like tail as opposed to hind legs.

The legend starts with Pricus, a greek god who presided over time and was the ruler of a race of sea goats. The sea goats were wise, honorable, but stubborn creatures who were blessed with the ability to live in both the sea and land.

But there was a catch to this: If the sea goats voyage onto the land for too long, they lose their intelligence and become normal mountain goats.

To Pricus’ dismay, the sea goats couldn’t resist the temptation to move inland. He could not bear with being the last of the sea goats and would reverse time whenever they became mountain goats.

But the sea goat’s will be too strong and they were too persistent. No matter how many times Pricus had turned back time and tried a different way to persuade them to obey, they would still go onto the land. Prices could not win; In every separate timeline he created, he would still end up the last of the sea goats.

Pricus couldn’t endure the eternal loneliness or the frustration of never being obeyed, so he chose to give into the sea goats. He let them move inland to become mountain goats and never turned back time again.

Instead, Pricus moved to the sky and became the constellation Capricorn where he could watch over the goats forever, rather than be their worldly master.

Like Pricus, Capricorns strive for positions of power. They are leaders who have a distaste for disorder and can be controlling. But like the sea goats, they are wise yet headstrong. They are not easily swayed by the desires of others, and instead, choose to forge their destiny.

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Most importantly, this parable is worthy of representing Capricorn since it presents their contribution to the world: To be a powerful, responsible figure who protects others from harm and puts them on the proper path.

The good and the bad side of Capricorn

If you were to play a game of association with astrologists and asked them what words came to mind when you said “Capricorn” you’d likely get a list that looks something like this:


Human beings are more complex than that, so we’ll start by diving into what’s great about this sign.

The Positive Aspects of Capricorn

Capricorn is a diligent, ambitious earth sign who uses their work ethic and discipline to forge their destinies. What also makes them special is their loyalty and wisdom. It makes them the best sort of people to have in your life.

As an earth sign, alongside Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn focuses on material success.

Their drive to succeed and “stick-to-it-iveness” will always ensure that they produce the greatest results. They strive to be rewarded with the fattest paychecks, the highest grades, and the most respect. This desire is one of their greatest gifts when harnessed correctly.

When Capricorn can create a winning, successful routine that balances out career and life well, there will be no upper bound to what they can create.

In a tough spot, there is no greater ally than Capricorn. Like their fellow earth signs -Virgo and Taurus- they are second to none in handing out useful advice to people they care about.

These sea goats are often called “old souls” since they always seem to have innate wisdom and maturity. They always look and act older than they are, and always give out some practical advice that does the trick.

These sea goats will also never leave your side: They are not a commitment-phobe by any means and will not under any circumstances vanish when you need them the most. They will fight for you to the death and they take your issues very seriously.

This sign is too mature and too conscientious to decide to leave their loved ones for dead in their darkest hour.

The Negative Aspects of Capricorn

Of course, Capricorns aren’t perfect. They seem emotionally self-sufficient, but they have a lot of emotional baggage they cleverly hide.

At their very worst they are scrooges; penny-pinching workaholics who are too emotionally distant to have a connection with but will not hold back on trying to micromanage your life.

For starters, they are very pessimistic, even bordering on melancholic. Their usual approach is to look at the glass as half empty.

This isn’t because of a need to self-victimize, it is their inherent seriousness throughout life. They walk into life expecting trials and hardship every step of the way, so this makes them focus on the negative rather than the positive.

But the problem with eternal pessimism is that they can’t find happiness or internal peace. Despite their big piles of money and vaults of material goods, they’ll still have an emotional void that they can’t fill.

Adding to Capricorn’s misery is that they aren’t great at socializing with others. They are private people who may communicate well with close friends and relatives, but you won’t see many Capricorns going to deliver standup comedy routines in front of a ton of strangers.

They are frequently socially awkward and don’t play well with large crowds, at all.

The Cardinal Earth Sign

This may sound complicated, but it’s rather simple. Each sign has a certain modality, which describes how they interact with all of the other signs, and the role that they play.

Cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn) all begin at the start of a new season. This is meant to represent that they are naturally born leaders who have the strength and courage to initiate new things.

As all cardinal signs, Capricorns are the happiest when they are running the show. Whether it is on the school council or manager at a big company, they are comfortable when they are the dominant force in any given environment.

Who is Capricorn Compatible With?

As an Earth sign, Capricorn’s compatibility goes by a simple pattern. Capricorn is compatible with other Earth signs and water signs, but not fire or air.

But why not fire or air?

For more details about zodiac signs and compatibility, read “What zodiac signs work well together?

Capricorn Compatibility with an Air Sign

Air signs are not ideal matches for the sea-goat. They are too immature and scatterbrained to have a lasting relationship with this old soul. Air signs are flighty, wild, and don’t care much for tradition or routine. They crave excitement, not commitment.

To the air signs, Capricorn is a tyrant. To the sea goat, dating air signs is babysitting. This relationship isn’t set to last unless the rest of the natal chart has some highly favorable alignments.

That said, find out how incompatible signs could work, read this article: “Can incompatible zodiac signs work?

Capricorn Compatibility with a Fire Sign

Fire signs are brash, immature, risk-takers with fiery tempers. These signs are partygoers, debaters, and prideful of who they are. In other words, they don’t care about their reputations. This drives Capricorn furious.

They care about their reputation greatly, and the last thing that they want is to be associated with madmen.

But fortunately, they aren’t doomed to be alone forever. Earth and Water signs make perfect companions for the sea-goat.

Read this article about fire and earth sign compatibility: Fire and earth signs compatibility

Capricorn Compatibility with an Earth Sign

The other Earth signs, Taurus, and Virgo can create a strong connection. All of the Earth signs have a strong respect for one another since they all have one big thing in common: The desire to have a long-term relationship and make a fortune while doing it.

Earth signs view relationships as something greater than just two people falling for each other. They see it as a team activity.

Take Virgo for example Virgo is incredibly similar to Capricorn. They are both career-oriented folk who enjoy a committed and stable relationship that features routines.

But what makes them function as a good team is that Virgo can pull Capricorn out of their bouts of depression with their optimism, and Capricorn can push Virgo to be more confident and have bigger, better goals. 

Capricorn Compatibility with a Water Sign

Water signs make great partners with them too: They are opposites of each other, in the best way possible. Water signs are emotional and intuitive and can melt Capricorn’s, icy cold heart.

In return, Capricorn gives the Water signs the rock that they need to learn so that they can prosper.

Final Words About Capricorn

Hopefully, after reading this, you will be an expert on all things related to these sea goats. Just remember that although they are often described as ultra-serious humbugs, don’t take it too literally.

The influence of the rest of the natal chart can take the edge off of Capricorn’s personality, so be sure to always know the whole chart before you make assumptions about their character!

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