What Zodiac Sign is February?

What zodiac sign is February

Are you wondering what zodiac sign is February?  Then, you’ve come to the right place, in fact there are two. 

Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules most of February.  Aquarius starts January 19 through to February 19, then Pisces rules the last few days. Aquarius is an intellectual, independent trendsetters who believe in the power of new ideas, breakthrough inventions, and social progress.

In this article, we will focus on Aquarius, her (or his) traits, some history and more.  If you, or someone you know, was born between Feb 1 and Feb 19, then you might learn a little more about yourself through your zodiac sign.

If you are born from February 20th to the end of the month, then read this article:  “What zodiac sign is March?”

Before we delve into Aquarius, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this post.  I have collected several articles that I thought you might find interesting.  Make sure you check them out.

Ok, so let’s get to it…

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Aquarius’ origin story

Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer. The constellation is little more than a man holding a literal bucket of water, but even though it isn’t a mythological beast straight out of cryptozoology (looking at you, Capricorn!) the water bearer still has awesome lore.

According to the Babylonians, the constellation of the water bearer is the god Ea, also known as ‘The Great One”. Ea resides in the ocean underneath the earth, and though he is usually far from the Earth he has massive influence.

Ea is the God who created mankind and is its main protector from evil. He is a wise, but not forceful God who rules over all wisdom, rituals, and magic, and was a bit like Loki in the sense he could be cunning and charming.

While he was on the Earth, he was a patron of the arts and craftsmanship. Ea was unlike most gods of the ancient world: He cared for humans and wanted to advance them, not dominate them.

What Makes Aquarius Awesome?  

Just like Ea, Aquarius is altruistic and concerned with humanity as a whole. What is so unique about them is that they came out of the womb as rebellious activists who have a love of freedom and a strong distaste for tradition.

Why? Because at heart, they are humanitarian-freedom fighters who dream to have a positive legacy and create a world that is better than the one they were born into. History even proves this: Numerous civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, and Abraham Lincoln fall under this sign.

As an air sign (no, it’s not a water sign) it desires constant change and novelty, standing in contrast to the stoic earth signs that thrive in tradition and repetition. Aquarians have short attention spans and need constant input of new things. New ideas to philosophize about, new products to try, and new activities to enjoy.

You’ll never be bored when you have an Aquarius around you!

Last (but not least) Aquarius is quirky. It’s one of the only words in the entire English language that can truly capture this sign’s attributes. Aquarius don’t want to be chameleons who blend in with the crowd, they want to stick out from the crowd.

So Aquarians will always have an eccentric new outfit or adopt some hairstyle or jacket that nobody else has.

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They’ll usually have some sort of obscure hobby that no one else on the planet does or become hyper-focused on something they are very passionate about.

Another great aspect of Aquarius is that they are highly intelligent people. Aquarians like to educate themselves alone and will do so in a variety of ways. Sometimes they’ll go to school (always taking the hardest classes, of course!) or other times, they’ll read a good book.

But more often than not, they end up huddled underneath their bedsheets at midnight watching conspiracy videos explaining how lizard people have hijacked corporate America. Nevertheless, Aquarius is one of the smartest signs!

Last and not least, Aquarius keeps the drama to a minimum. They aren’t overly emotional and don’t like to get bogged down by a thousand tiny details. These signs don’t care about gossip either. Because, frankly, they don’t care if you like them or not.

Aquarius isn’t dramatic, loud, or boisterous. They are cool-headed and aloof. They keep it real and down to Earth and look at things objectively while trying to be as rational as possible.

But All this just makes Aquarius better to be around! Fun conversationalists who enjoy unique and bizarre hobbies and keep the drama to a minimum are fun to be around. 

The Ugly Side of Aquarius              

Unfortunately, these eccentric individuals have a bad side.

Their ability to maintain some healthy emotional distance from others can be a good thing. But oftentimes, their desire for independence and no-strings-attached style of friendship backfires.

Aquarius ends up alienating themselves and others. Aquarius’ constant desire to be a lone wolf doesn’t work out well for anyone. Aquarius ends up alone and whoever they were with has hurt feelings.

Much like other air signs, Aquarius also has issues with emotionally connecting to others. They just aren’t emotionally in sync with the individuals around them, so they become tone-deaf, unsympathetic, and all-around emotionless. This is a huge turn off for signs that prioritize emotions and feelings over all else.

The Water Bearer also has a streak of arrogance. While it is true, they are intelligent, they can let it go to their heads. Aquarius can be stubborn, and unwilling to compromise or change their position because they honestly believe that they know better than everyone else.

Their rigidness and dogmatic approach to ideology can be a major source of tension between them and others.

On top of stubbornness, they can also become condescending. They make others feel dumb, talk down to them, and treat others like their opinions are worthless. This drives people nuts and can make Aquarius gain a lot of enemies quickly.

But Who Are They Compatible With?

As an air sign, they are most compatible with other air signs and fire signs. In other words, they are most compatible with Libra, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. They are not very compatible with earth signs, and not compatible with water signs.

Aquarius and their fellow air signs get along because they all can be philosophizing, nonjudgmental goofballs.

Relationships between Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini can give both partners a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) since they can all be socialites that have enough in common to be lifelong partners, yet are varied enough to balance each other’s flaws out.

For example, Aquarius doesn’t care what others think, while Libra is a people pleaser. As a couple, they can compromise to work it out where they can both create a better situation.

Aquarius can get along with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius greatly because they all thrive off high energy. High energy activities, conversations, and passion fuels this relationship. After all, they always say that air feeds the flame!

One of the magical things about Aquarius and fire sign relationships is that both parties are full of confidence. Neither cowers behind a wall of anxiety nor conceal their true selves behind seven layers of fake personalities. Both Aquarius and Fire signs can connect knowing that they are being true to themselves.

For Earth signs, the compatibility isn’t as strong, but there’s still some potential in the pairing.

Earth signs have an intense desire for intellectual stimulation, just like Aquarius. Take Virgo for example; An intelligent fellow who has altruistic tendencies and whose main purpose is to make others better off. It’s a similar description to Aquarius!

The main differences are how that comes off, and that’s where some compatibility issues might happen. Aquarius is an unashamed rebel, while Virgo is shy and doesn’t want to have their name known throughout the land.

Virgo might not be able to handle Aquarius’ stubbornness or non-conformist way of approaching life, so there can be some tension between the two. 

A relationship with Aquarius and an earth sign could devolve into a power struggle. The earth sign wanting some semblance of tradition and conformity and Aquarius being the “rock star” who wants to fight the world. Without some give and take, they may not accept each other.

Ironically, Aquarius is least compatible with water signs. After all, “aqua” literally means water! But alas, the relationship isn’t meant to be. Aloof, stone-cold Aquarius shouldn’t try to date them.

A sign who frequently alienates others and always talks about the superiority of rationality over emotion should stay far away from Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. They are too controlling and too emotionally intense for Aquarius to handle.

The push for a promise of commitment will send Aquarius running to the hills.

Here are a couple of articles about compatibility that get into more details about Aquarius and the other zodiac signs:

Final Words about Aquarius

These nonconformists are awesome to be around, and probably enjoy being the rarest zodiac sign. Though they come off as wanting to be left alone, they are still welcome to become your friend! Just give them space and you two will be just fine.

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