What Zodiac Sign is December?

What Zodiac Sign is December?

Are you born in December or have you been wondering what zodiac sign is associated with December?

You’ve come to the right place! Each month is associated with one of two zodiac signs depending on when you were born in the month. So, what zodiac sign dominates December, the 12th month of the year?

There are two signs in December, Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21) and Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 19), however, Sagittarius rules the last month of the year. 

It’s a mutable fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. People born with this zodiac are hopeful, adventuresome, candid, and are also rash, blunt, and independent.

If you’re born from December 22 to January 19, you’re a Capricorn. Read “What Zodiac Sign is January?” to learn more about your sign.

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Let’s start getting to know you Sagittarius!

Table of Contents

Sagittarius Mythology

Sagittarius is associated with the story of the centaur Chiron. Unlike other immortal half-man and half-horse creatures, Chiron was knowledgeable in the arts and medicine.

One day, he got accidentally shot with a poisoned arrow by his student Hercules. No longer wanting to endure the pain from the incident, he offered to die as a mortal in replacement of Prometheus, a human punished by the gods for giving fire to man.

Zeus rewarded Chiron’s sacrifice by sending him to the sky to become a constellation.

Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer. The centaur – half-man and half-horse creature – in Greek mythology, is regarded as courageous and smart.

This zodiac is ruled by Jupiter, a planet symbolizing a broader purpose. Jupiter is fair and just. It rules optimism and gains insights through learning.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, like Leo and Aries. These zodiacs are seen as impulsive and aggressive, with so much passion and pride. Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, alongside Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. Individuals with these signs are said to be adaptable.

The Sagittarius sign is associated with the ninth house which governs people’s beliefs, philosophy, religion, and sense of adventure.

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Love in Sagittarius

If you are not a Sagittarius but are interested in knowing what it’s like to date one, this section might help you.

Sagittarians are independent folks. When Sagittarius needs space, they need A LOT. They would distance themselves without you noticing at first. You have to respect that and know they’ll come back eventually.

A Sagittarius is straightforward and will tell you the truth without meaning to damage your emotions. Do not take it personally.

Dating a Sagittarian is never dull – they’ll take you on many adventures. You have to match their adventurous character too, otherwise, you’ll bore your Sagittarian date. Sagittarians need to explore new places and things.

They’re always hungry for new knowledge. Let them know if you feel like trying something new and explore that together.

Get you a Sagittarius and you’ll have a fiery lover.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius Compatibility

You both love good conversations and thrilling escapades. Being the daredevils that you are, you’ll savor each other’s company both indoors and outdoors.

Sex for two Sagittarians is pleasurable. You know how to be hot and passionate in bed. You’re both ready and willing to explore the things that you still haven’t tried.

Outside the four corners of the bedroom, you’ll venture like there’s no tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll be chilling at the beach or hiking mountains on a weekend. Eager to discover something new, you’ll find yourself walking around museums and art galleries. Your adventures will keep this relationship strong.

On the negative aspect of things, you can be impatient and unpredictable, as well as unemotional and independent. You won’t know what will happen if ideas run out and the fun declines.

Overall, this is a great match. Double the Sagittarian, double the fun!

Compatibility with Other Signs

Most Compatible with Sagittarius

The most compatible signs with Sagittarius are Aries, Aquarius, Leo, and Libra.


It’s easy for you both to fall under each other’s charm. You’re both adventurous and outgoing so you’ll enjoy each other’s company. Problems may appear when a Sagittarian becomes straightforward with their Aries partner.

The latter (Aries) can’t handle criticisms that well but since neither of you holds grudges, arguments can be resolved in no time.

Being fire signs means you two are passionate lovers. Sex is a fiery escapade for you both and there’s great emotional chemistry.

You have so much in common and this relationship is like hitting the home run!


The Sagittarius’ passion balances the Aquarius’ vision.

You two are regarded as indifferent but you like it that way. You value your independence and you’d rather be single than be in a suffocating relationship. You can stay casual for a lengthy period but you’re likely to survive a long-distance relationship.

You’ll often engage in deep and weighing conversations because of your analytical and curious nature. You’re both looking for a clever partner and you’ll get that in each other.

Be reminded that you should be on the same page, or else there will be misunderstandings in this relationship that may lead to a jealous Aquarius. The stubbornness of Aquarius may frustrate Sagittarians. So long as Sagittarius, being the more flexible one is willing to give way, some disagreements may be easily fixed.

Sagittarius and Aquarius complement each other well and this could be a soulmate potential!


Leo is a great match for Sagittarius! You’re both a carefree and fun-loving individual. You’re impulsive and you’ll do anything that would keep you excited. There’s never a dull moment and the vibe is so light with you two around.

These signs can be impatient and bad-tempered at times, although it’s not difficult for them to forgive and forget. Leo loves being praised so they might not take Sagittarius’ bluntness well. A Sagittarian should know how to comfort their Leo lover by showering them with compliments.

This pair is both fire signs so there’s so much chemistry between them. It’s passion and spontaneity that would keep this relationship going!


This is another pair that’s full of fun and excitement! Sagittarius is drawn to a potential partner that’s fun-spirited like them, just like how other signs are drawn to Sagittarian’s charisma. Libra and Sagittarius are charming and outgoing. Libras are sociable and will flirt their way to Sagittarius’ heart.

When faced with disagreements, both are unafraid to confront the other party. This makes it easy for them to fix the problem. It’s not easy for a Sagittarian to commit so Libra may have to wait before they settle in a relationship.

Once the two are settled in, they are surely bound for a long ride!

Least Compatible with Sagittarius

The least compatible signs with Sagittarius are Pisces and Virgo.


It’s rather difficult to make this relationship work due to personality differences.

Pisces is modest and reserved, unlike Sagittarius who is bold and impulsive. Sagittarius is very direct and may come as harsh, unlike Pisces who would rather say the nicest things than hurt other people’s feelings.

Because of Sagittarius’ outgoing nature, it will be tough for them to make vulnerable Pisces feel secure in a relationship. Sagittarius may think of Pisces as clingy and this may smother and push them away.


This is another challenging pairing! It is difficult for a careful and reserved Virgo to handle a flexible and receptive Sagittarius. They are just too outgoing for them and it doesn’t make them comfortable.

Virgo, being the serious and responsible one, might see Sagittarius’ outgoing character as just plain heedless. On the contrary, Sagittarius would appreciate it if their partner is more spontaneous. Sagittarius is too optimistic for a bleak Virgo. They are also too talkative and sociable.

Personality differences may bewilder each other. They won’t meet halfway if they don’t take time to understand each other.

Relationships thrive or dive due to many factors. Sagittarius-Pisces and Sagittarius-Virgo pairing may fail the compatibility on this list but it doesn’t mean it will not work at all! Some good things take hard work. So long as you’re willing to work on your differences, there’s a chance your relationship will flourish.

For those signs not included in either of the lists, take it as good news. You may not be the most compatible, but you’re not as critical either.

Final Thoughts

Sagittarius, you are in search of a higher purpose and you’re open to all possibilities to achieve that. You’re known to be one of the most optimistic signs in the zodiac – but learn to differentiate that from blind optimism.

Signified by your Fire element, you’re passionate and enthusiastic. You have dignity, determination, and motivation. You’re a very adaptable individual who’s willing to make compromises.

You value wisdom and you like stimulating your mind. You long for exciting adventures – they are what make you feel the most alive!

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