What Zodiac Sign is August?

What Zodiac Sign is August?

Were you born in August? If you were, and you’d like to know your zodiac sign, you’re in luck! By the time you are finished reading this, you will know all about your sign.

The majority of August falls under Leo, which lasts from July 22nd to August 22nd, while the remainder of the month belongs to Virgo. Leo is a fire sign that symbolizes energy, livelihood, confidence, and strength. Virgo is an Earth sign that represents kindness, compassion, and purity.

As seen above, Leo rules over the majority of August, so this article will focus on that sign. If you’d like to know more about Virgo, here’s the link for the article: What zodiac sign is September?

Before we go into more detail, I want to point you to the Related Articles section at the bottom of this post.  I’ve collected a number or posts that I thought you would find interesting.

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The Mighty Lion

Ancient Egyptians loved cats. They were one of the most sacred animals in all the land, and they are featured on numerous hieroglyphs, vases, mummies, and statues throughout dynasties. The ancient Egyptians could also be considered one of the first animal rights activists.

Any form of abuse done towards a cat was met with swift public execution.

One of the felines they worshiped was the mighty lion. A notable example is Sekhmet, a warrior goddess with the body of a woman and head of a lion. She is a benevolent healer and powerful warrior who is loyal to the Pharaoh above all.

Because of her warlike nature, she was feared just as much as she was loved since she was capable of inflicting horrible pain on her enemies and doing great acts of heroism which was why she was referred to as “The Lady of Terror” and “The Lady of Life”.

While Sekhmet was the warlike lioness, her opposite was Bastet. This lion goddess ruled over music, arts, fertility, cats, children, and served as the guardian of women and Ra himself. It was Bastet who slew the devilish Apophis, the evil serpent who spread nothing but chaos.

The Egyptian lionesses Sekhmet and Bastet symbolize Leo well because they are loyal defenders with big hearts. Like Leo, they are callous, but they mean well: All they want is to make sure that those they care about are safe, even if it seems like they have a cold heart.

Leo: Pros and Cons

The number one greatest thing about Leo is that they are, hands down, one of the best friends to have in your life. But why are they so awesome?

They are the funniest hosts who throw the wildest parties and always know how to make everybody in their circle entertained. The lion prefers to be with its pride rather than become a lone wolf, so you’ll never catch them awkwardly being alone.

Some signs have very short social batteries. After a weekly get together at the local diner, they’ll crawl back into their homes and go about their daily lives.

But not Leo! Leos are extroverts who love social interaction! They can hang out for hours playing games, partying, bowling, or just chatting with their friends as time flies.

Leos are also some of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. They will always have your back and will be there to catch you when you fall, and they aren’t the type to ever go behind your back and trash talk you, if they have an issue with you they’ll just say it to your face.

These lions form strong bonds with their close friends and family, and they show it with acts of generosity and kindness since mushy feel-good words aren’t the Leo way. They will straight up fight anybody who is wronging you and will surprise you with gifts and favors.

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Unfortunately, these ferocious felines have a rotten side to them. Leo is much like the lion goddess Sehkmet in the sense they both have a dark and vulgar side that is dreaded.

Their infinite abundance of arrogance is a nuisance to everybody around them since they always thrust themselves into the center of everything. They do this because of their superiority complex: They think of themselves as a king and everybody else a lowly peasant.

In their vain minds, they are the center of the universe, the axis the earth rotates on, and the centerpiece of everybody’s life. I’d continue, but the English language has no words that can properly present how grossly pompous Leos can be.

This cat goes from satisfied to fowl when they aren’t constantly appraised, adored, loved, and caressed by others that surround them. The moment they feel like they aren’t being worshiped, they become hyper-defensive and bitter.

In other words, they are drama queens. This is why Leos always have beef with other people.

The lion has another downfall: As the self-appointed master of the universe, they are bossy and controlling. There’s no point in trying to get to a middle ground with them:

For these big cats, it’s their way or the highway. Unless you completely copy them on everything, they’re going to be disgusted by your efforts, and be sure to let you know. 

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Leo’s Modality

Alongside Taurus and Aquarius, Leo is one of the zodiac’s fixed signs. Fixed signs fall under the middle of a season, representing that while they do not start or finish a project, they do it.

While the cardinal signs may have the courage and drive to begin something, and the mutable signs have the adaptability and wit to finish a project, the fixed signs have the perseverance and sheer will to put in the work that makes dreams reality.

Because of this, Leo has great potential. It allows them to build material wealth, create admirable works of art or creativity, but also hinders their social lives. They get their stubborn streak from the fact that they are fixed, and this can be a challenge that’s hard for their potential lovers to overcome.

Here’s another article that talks about zodiac sign compatibility, read “What zodiac signs work well together?

Who is Leo compatible with?

As a fire sign, Leo is compatible with their fellow fire signs and air signs. They are not compatible with water or earth signs, and their worst enemies are Scorpio and Taurus.

Fire signs and Leo

When Leo is combined with Aries or Sagittarius, you get two fun-loving, spontaneous adventurers who can’t get enough of each other. They will be a goofy but argumentative power couple who always find the power to forgive each other after their strong personalities clash.

Though it may seem like a dysfunctional power struggle since fire signs like to take the lead, it works out well. They both thrive off passion and are drawn to each other.

Air signs and Leo

Air signs and Leo make great lovers! Air signs bring in unique ideas and their sparkling imaginations that make Leo appreciate them. They have sharp senses of humor that complement Leo’s fun-loving side, and both are proud of who they are.

When these souls meet, they won’t have bitter arguments over hiding aspects of their personality, or anything like that. They are honest with each other and are creative partners who can make anything work, as long as their sense of passion for each other does not fade.

Leo and Earth

This isn’t a recommended pairing, and it’s recommended that Leo keep earth signs at an arm’s length and stay friends with them rather than attempt to date them.

Earth signs are a little too dry for Leo’s extroverted taste and may not have much in common with them. Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus would rather stay home or meet up at the library than go on one of Leo’s big adventures, and that initial spark of romance just won’t be there.

For more information about how fire and earth signs are compatible, read “Fire and earth signs compatibility

Leo and Water

YIKES! This is not just sub-optimal, it’s a recipe for disaster. Leo and the water signs just don’t intuitively understand each other at all. Leo’s emotions are almost nonexistent most of the time, while water signs wear their hearts on their sleeves.

They can’t agree on what to prioritize in the relationship, and they’ll likely just argue because they can’t communicate with each other to save their lives. 

Here’s an article that talks about incompatible zodiac signs, read “Can incompatible zodiac signs work?

Final Thoughts

Leo is a great sign: It is the only one represented by a feline, it is the greatest friend and the most loyal lover.

Of course, it has its flaws, it’s difficult and forceful personality can repel some people, but it’s a sign that you should always seek to befriend. Hopefully, after reading this you know everything you need to know about this sign!

Just one final word: Before you make a judgment on someone’s astrological profile, always get the full natal chart! The sun sign, as discussed here, is merely the core part of someone’s personality, it is by no means the entirety of it.

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