What Zodiac Sign is April?

What zodiac sign is April?

Are you, or someone you know, born in April and you want to know what your zodiac sign is?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  What zodiac sign is April?

If you’re born between March 20 and April 21, congratulations, you are an Aries!

This fire sign is bold, spontaneous, a bit of a hothead, and a bit childlike: Energetic, active, always trying new things, and brutally honest. While they are known for their tempers and egos, there is more to them than meets the eye.

If you are born from April 22 to the end of April, then you are a Taurus and you can read more about Taurus in this article:  “What zodiac sign is May?”

Before we get into the details about Aries, I wanted to point out that I’ve also written other articles that you will find interesting that are listed in the Related Articles section as you scroll to the bottom of this page.

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The Mythology and Lore of Aries

Aries has an interesting backstory. It has two. Ares was the God of War in Greek Mythology who was known for courage, ferociousness, and as his name would suggest, starting wars that he would (ironically) lose.

Ares fathered a race of elite, exclusively female warriors called the Amazons, so he may have been a bit of a warmonger, but he was quite progressive!

But if the astrological sign Aries was only related to Ares, then why isn’t it symbolized by Ares himself? Why is it instead symbolized by the Ram? While the exact answer to that question has likely been buried deep into the annals of history and will never be known, we do know what the ram represents!

In Greek mythology, the ram is a heroic figure. Zeus sent a mystical ram blessed with wings and golden fleece to save two innocent children, from their treacherous father.

After the ram flew the children to safety, the ram told the children to sacrifice it so that he could be remembered forever by becoming a constellation. After the sacrifice, all that was left was the magical golden fleece, which could heal almost any wound.

The difference between the god of war and the ram is huge: Ares is blunt and cruel, while the ram is kind and generous. This can be interpreted to show the duality of Aries.

They are people who can be unruly and headstrong but can also be loyal fighters who have a soft, loving side to them, and will protect you and others no matter what.

Calculate Your Zodiac Sign & Natal Chart

OK. So do you want to know what your sign is? Try this little tool!

To determine your specific zodiac sign provide the date, location, and time of your birth to receive your natal chart and ultimately determine your zodiac (Sun) sign.

What makes Aries so awesome?

Aries is playful, forgiving, and loves light-hearted banter. To an Aries, there’s nothing more fun than a quick debacle full of witty one-liners and some crude jokes. As long as no one takes it a step too far, it’s all good!

Aries’ thick skin and competitive temperament mean that you can have a lot of conversations with them that others just can’t have. Cancer certainly won’t want to recreationally argue with you, and Virgo isn’t interested in hearing any of your stories about how you got nuclear revenge on your ex.

But Aries? Hell yes, they do! They want to hear every story of how you conquered or humiliated someone who wronged you, and they’ll even help you plot their downfall should they ever attempt to strike back.

Aries is also adventurous and fun. Ever want to go out on a hiking trail, or take a long car ride to see a rock band you’ve never even heard of before? Because Aries would love to!

Better yet, they’ll probably be the ones to ask you to do it. In relationships, Aries likes taking the lead and hatching up new ways to have a blast. So if that’s what you’re into, this sign is for you!

Another reason Aries is awesome? They are high-energy people. They are happy-go-lucky workaholics who aren’t phased by working long hours at a time and are always up to doing another project or creating a new idea.

Similar to Leo, they are also natural-born leaders and great motivators. Aries always has the will and the drive to push forward new ideas, processes, and actions that can improve everyone.

They have strong urges to make the world around them a better place and will never let injustice prevail because Aries calls it as they see it.

Who will Aries fall in love with?

In the traditional wisdom of astrology, Aries is compatible with the air signs, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and the remaining fire signs, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The other fire signs give Aries a sense of familiarity. Their high energy meshes well with Sagittarius’ philosophical ponderings and Leo’s boldness. Even though these couples can be a bit rowdy at times (if they fight, you’ll hear it loud and clear!) their bonds are powerful and long-lasting.

The other fire signs love Aries’s desire for action rather than inaction. They are always the quickest and first to make a decision, and they don’t let anybody put them down. Fire signs thrive in passion and love a bit of chaos so they’ll eternally admire Aries for that trait.

The air signs are so compatible with Aries since they balance out Aries’s wild and zany energy. While the ram is charging headfirst into everything, the air signs can give them a logical, unemotional reality check.

While their partnerships will usually lack tenderness, there is something that magnetically pulls Aries and air signs together.

Air signs are quick-witted and high-spirited, making them perfect companions for fiercely flirtatious Aries. Most of all, the mental connection Aries makes with the air sign is very strong. Both love cutting-edge ideas that are risqué, even rebellious.

This bond that they create isn’t overtly romantic, and their relationship can even be mistaken as a friend-with-benefits type of situation. But make no mistake, they are deeply compatible even though they don’t fall head over heels in love overnight!

They just value their freedom and don’t want to sacrifice it, that’s all.

Who should Aries avoid then?

Unless the rest of the natal chart gives out some very promising placements, Aries should avoid earth and water signs.

Wishy-washy water signs that need delicate words of affirmation and lots of relaxation at home won’t feel comfortable around Aries. The ram is too blunt, too energetic, and a little bit too immature for truth be told.

While water signs will love that Aries is so protective and loyal, they won’t feel satisfied. Aries is a workaholic who needs to have some breathing room, while water signs want to suffocate their partner with love and affection.

While that’s a welcome surprise to other signs, to independent Aries it’s a curse.

They just don’t ever see eye to eye! When Aries wants to be playful, water signs get offended. When the water signs want to stay home, Aries gets bored to death!

So it isn’t wise to pursue this pair. If you’re an Aries, don’t bother dating water signs and if you do, make sure the rest of your chart has a lot of water or earth elements!

But what about Earth signs? They are stable, steady, and stubborn folk who don’t take to temper tantrums or big egos very well. They want a sophisticated, and intelligent partner who is slow and steady when it comes to life.

Planning, thinking of every possible situation, and communicating as diplomatically as possible are the Earth sign way. The Aries way is to go in guns blazing, and if someone doesn’t like it, too bad!

These two approaches to life couldn’t be more different! Aries will always be butting heads with the Earth signs, who will stubbornly cling to their ways.

For more information about how incompatible signs work, read “Can incompatible zodiac signs work?”

Aries Modality

Aries is a cardinal sign alongside Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. Cardinal signs are people who provide the initial spark of creativity or desire to create something new.

They are the leaders and bold visionaries who use their imaginations to fathom a possibility and then try their very hardest to lay the groundwork for it to happen.

This is a blessing and a curse for Aries. It’s a blessing because it gives the ram leadership skills, drives, and sheer will. But it’s a curse because Aries is impatient, and without someone else to balance out their will to start something with the drive to complete it, they’ll finish what they start!

Admittedly, being cardinal is also what makes Aries so pushy. Their leadership skills and drive often translate into putting others down and stepping on everyone’s toes to push their way of thinking, and it can become overbearing.

Multiplying the issue is Aries’s childlike temper tantrums, which can be self-centered.

Final words about April Born Aries

If you want someone adventurous and forgiving, you should seek an Aries in your life! Even though they can act like the arrogant god of war, they have a soft side to them! They can seem like untamable beasts, but they’re just misunderstood.

Aries is an awesome friends to have, and they’ll amaze you with their passion and the generosity that they have for their loved ones. At heart, they are more like the ram that we discussed earlier, a kind-hearted hero who wants to do as much good as possible while they are in this world.

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