What Should I Keep My Tarot Cards In?

what should i keep my tarot cards in

We often put so much thought into buying a tarot deck. Hours of research can go into picking out that perfect deck with beautiful art that pertains exactly to our own interests and personality.

Once that perfect deck is on our hands and we’re finished using it for that exciting first reading, we may realize that one major thing was overlooked while doing that research: card storage. So how should you store your tarot cards?

There are a number of ways to store your tarot cards, and you can pick whichever one speaks to you. As long as your cards are safe from children, pets, weather, potential damage during travel, or other situations that may damage them, there is really no wrong way to store your cards.

There are plenty of ways to store your cards, so if you find that one way isn’t working for you, you can always try something different. There is also nothing wrong with using different storage methods in different scenarios.

For example: when you’re traveling, you might want to keep your cards in something sturdier than what you keep them in at home.  

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The following methods are some of the most popular ways to store your cards. Try them out and see what works best for you!

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Wrap them in silk

Many tarot readers believe that silk is the best material to store your cards in. Silk is an attractive fabric because it is quite luxurious to the touch and it can be unwrapped and used as a mat to lay out your cards when doing a reading.

It is a lightweight and natural fiber fabric, so it is a great choice for those who choose to live a lifestyle that avoids synthetic fabrics. Since silk comes from nature, many people find that it surrounds their cards with positive energy.

Silk wrapping your cards does have a couple of cons though: since the fabric is so lightweight it will not provide much protection if you are traveling with your cards.

Though it is a natural fiber, it is made by the fiber spun by silkworms, so it is not a suitable material for vegans to use. It is also quite expensive because of the origin of the threads used to weave it, so many tarot readers prefer to use more affordable storage methods.

If you are thinking about buying silk, try Esty, they have a nice selection of silk scarves. Amazon also has a broad selection of silk scarves, check for pricing and selection here.

Keep them in a box

Boxes are a great way to store your tarot cards. Keeping your tarot cards in a box will keep them well away from anything in your home that may harm them. Boxes are also a great option for tarot readers who live with someone who needs to hide their cards from disapproving family members or roommates since they can easily have a lock attached.  

Most tarot decks come in their own box, and many readers choose to keep this box to use for ongoing card storage. The box that your cards came in may not be the prettiest, but it will be perfectly suited to the shape and size of your deck which will keep them very safe and secure especially when traveling.

If you like the shape but not the design of this box, you could always cover it in paper and decorate it to your preferences.

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If you don’t fancy using the box that your cards came in, you could also store your cards in a decorative wooden or cardboard box. Boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be found at any price point depending on how decorative you would like it to be.

Depending on your price point, you could seek out a storage box for your tarot cards at the dollar store, a craft store or metaphysical shop, or from a skilled artisan either locally or online.

If you’re handy, you could even make a wooden box yourself and decorate it to suit your tastes. If you aren’t handy, then take a look at some of the really beautiful boxes that you can purchase at Esty (I love the sacred geometry carved box). I find that Esty has a really nice selection .

Amazon also has a nice selection of boxes, you can check the selection and pricing here. I found a “tree of life” box through Amazon that just feels nice (Vrinda Wooden Hand Carved Box).

Feeling crafty?

Do you have a knack for textile arts? If you knit, crochet, or sew, you could easily put together a pouch for your cards. There are a couple of different designs you could use depending on your skills and preferences.

Knitted Pouch for Tarot Cards

The first option is a simple pouch with a drawstring. For a simple pouch, you don’t even need to follow a pattern. Just makes sure that your creation is large enough to fit your deck inside.

Sewing a pouch is quite simple. Cut two pieces of your chosen fabric and pin them around your deck to determine your dimensions.

Be sure to leave extra fabric at the top so the pouch can gather and close when the drawstring is attached. When the main pouch is sewn shut, attach your drawstring and you’re all set.

For knitting or crocheting, you have a couple of options. First, you could adapt your favorite hat pattern to be tarot deck sized then thread a piece of yarn through the weave of the pouch using a darning needle to create a drawstring.

If you aren’t good at hats, you could knit or crochet a flat swatch that is big enough to fully wrap around your deck, sew it into a pouch shape using yarn and your darning needle, then attach the drawstring in the same way as mentioned above.

If you like the idea of a silk wrap for your cards, but don’t want to use silk, you could also easily knit/crochet or sew a wrap for your cards. Simply knit/crochet a piece that will fully wrap your deck or choose an appropriately sized piece of fabric, then wrap your deck in it.

Once the deck is wrapped, you can attach a closure such as a snap, or a button and buttonhole to keep your handmade wrap in place.

You could always purchase a handmade pouch or wrap but it’s quite satisfying to be able to make one yourself. Fabric pouches and wraps are a great way to store your cards because they protect your deck without having the solidness of a box.

A fabric pouch or wrap will keep your cards all together while traveling and keep dust and debris away from them when they’re sitting around the house.

Open Air

Some tarot readers prefer to leave their decks out in the light so they can take in the energy around them more easily, and they’ll only put their cards in any sort of container when they travel.

Leaving your deck out in the light can also make you think to pick it up more often since you can clearly see it sitting there. If you choose to keep your deck out in the open, make sure you choose a safe place for it.

Humid rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom would not be a good choice since the humidity may cause your cards to stick together or warp. Choose a dry place that is out of reach of children and pets, and far enough away from any open windows that the cards will not accidentally get wet if any rain blows in.

If the area your leave your deck in gets breezy, don’t hesitate to put something heavy on top of your cards so they can’t blow around.

Your favorite crystal or small stone, a small figurine, or even a lucky coin will do the job nicely.

Pick your favorite

While some readers swear by one method of card storage, that method might not be what’s best for everyone. As with any aspect of tarot reading, the most important thing is that you’re doing what works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to change the way your cards are stored either. Some readers believe that the way a tarot deck is stored can impact the way it behaves when you are using it.

If you change the way you store your cards and experience something like this, simply try something new and see if that helps, or go back to what was working for you before. At the end of the day, if your cards are safe and secure in the way you choose to store them, you’re doing it right.

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