What is the Luckiest Zodiac Star Sign? Is Yours A Lucky One?

What is the luckiest Zodiac Sign?

Thank your lucky stars! We have all heard that phrase at least once in our lives. Those stars are what gives each zodiac sign its own unique luck. How do your stars imbue your sign with good luck, let us find out? This list of the luckiest star signs reveals what kind of luck it will be!

Some of the zodiac signs seem to be blessed in certain areas more than others. The universe did not just decide some of us are the golden child, our zodiac signs afford us certain talents. Each sign has specific traits that reveal how each sign deals with certain challenges.

Astrology also shows us how each sign seeks and deals with opportunity.  What zodiac sign is the luckiest?

The luckiest zodiac sign has to be Virgo but only if you open yourself up to look outside the box. Really all the zodiac signs can create their own luck or lack of luck. Your zodiac sign can reveal how you handle opportunities and help you prepare to receive all the luck you deserve.

Read through the list to see what luck your zodiac sign can bring to you.

If you find yourself at the top of this list, do not let it make you lazy. Luck is never consistent be it good or bad. It tends to change at a second’s notice. It is up to you to make your luck work for you. Your hard work is what you can rely on for the long term.

Paradoxically if you find yourself low on this list, it does not mean that you should throw your hands up and resign yourself to failed opportunity. You are duty-bound to find your own direction and learn to recognize opportunities in your life.

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No matter where your stars lay, we all have the power to make our own destiny. That said, here are the luckiest zodiac signs, ranked from most to least lucky.

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1. Virgo, August 23 – September 22

Topping our list is Virgo, congratulations! It appears you ended up at the top of the heap. A pure perfectionist, your stars seem to let you use that ability to work hard work.

You never settle for anything your will to keep striving for the top combined with your luck makes you a force to reckon with. When it comes to education your stars do not dim.

Almost like magic, you can absorb knowledge like a sponge just by skimming the material. This ability seems to leave you ranking at the top concerning your grades.

The only downside here, dear Virgo, is that you don’t seem to trust your luck.  You prefer cold hard facts and data. You can hold yourself off you constantly try to find patterns in everything scientifically.

Luck is not going to find you in lists of statistics. Endeavor to open yourself up and be willing to try things outside the box. If not, you will miss out on many opportunities that luck has to offer.

2. Aquarius, January 20 – February 18

Let’s hit Vegas baby! Aquarius your luck lies with games of chance, it also seems to change your life. Vegas is your town; you can take as many risks as possible as change always seems to mean improvement for you. You seem to have a pretty positive vibe to your life.

You are clever and smart as can be. You can also be eccentric and surround yourself with chaos and change.

Usually, these changes make an excellent turn of luck for you and please you quite a bit.

You are so flexible that you can easily spot a promising opportunity even amidst chaotic or bad situations.

3. Scorpio, October 23 – November 22

Scorpio you can take it to the bank that fortune and your stars shine on you.

You shine in the financial realm with almost mystical intuition. Combine that intuition with your keen intellect the stars are always in your favor allowing you to avoid bad investments.

Scorpio you seem to be a magnet for what you need, constantly finding things randomly that you need or can make use of. Do not take your luck for granted though.

You are used to it saving you if one of your schemes fails, but you are prone to drama and challenges.

It seems to empower you, allowing you to rise and shine even higher after picking yourself up from the wreckage.

Scorpio you seem to even use bad luck in your favor. 

4. Leo, July 23 – August 22

A combination of charm, good looks, and good intellect seem to make all Leos perfect. Your charm seems to be your power play, leaving you in control in most situations.

It looks as though you have been heaped with blessings, along with that charm you are also lucky in love and relationships.

Your partner knows you are utterly loyal and enjoys your passion and intensity. You also enjoy life, your engaging, and have no issue with an audience.

You are engaging and have no problem asking for what you need. Leo has a special place in their heart for Leo, lending them amazing self-confidence.

This attracts positive energy from others.

5. Gemini, May 21 – June 20

Gemini you make your own luck. You are naturally social so make fast and hard friendships that you can always count on. Thus, the luck that you do not make on your own seems to be dependent on your friends’ luck.

Your social skills are almost legendary. You are great at impressing people and being the team player that everyone wants.

Gemini likes to try to go it alone, this never works out well for them as they need to be around others for their mental health.

6. Taurus, April 20 – May 21

My bovine fried, you never seem to face major health, family, or money issues.

This luck makes your relationships stable and happy. Taurus is drawn to wealth, comfort, and beauty in all its forms.

People admire you for your personality. Your sense of territory and protecting it, not just your home but your family and your ideas. This sense allows you to be a shrewd investor not only financial but in all things you do.

The sheer presence of a Taurus will not allow bad luck. They refuse to allow it to enter their company.

7. Capricorn, December 22 – January 19

Capricorn you are career driven and this is where your luck shines.

Your stars encourage you to have more confidence to be proactive at work. This allows you to make easy progress.

You are driven to succeed no matter how long it takes. Your take-charge attitude makes you determined to control your own destiny and you can do so with brutal force.

Knowing this, opportunities may become hard to spot over time as you manhandle fate in the direction of your choosing.

8. Aries, March 21 – April 19

Aries is almost another term for brute force. You are lucky that you have the strength to overcome almost anything. 

Your answer to things that do not come easy is to put your head down and push through. This approach can gain you some enemies though. might not be a particularly good idea for you to sit and wait for your luck to be on your side.

Aries are enthusiastic but can keep sight of their goal better if they learn to tame that enthusiasm. This will allow them to do the best they can and see the doors that open before them at work. 

9. Pisces, February 19 – March 20

Pisces are lucky in love, but not in finances. To be a bit more specific do not take your money for granted.

While your financial situation may be easy come easy go, love will never leave you. You understand people on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

This empathy is a great talent and enhances your love life tremendously. If you value love, Pisces is set for life. 

10. Cancer, June 22 – July 22

My crustacean pal you may not have much going for you luck-wise except in the family department, in that Cancer is aces.

Cancers your attitude can chase luck away as you can tend to be aggressive, hold a grudge, and passive aggressive.

Other than family the stars are not on your side and it does not seem to be much you can do about it.

Cancer you should focus on what you have and make the best of it, as you cannot find opportunity at home in your shell.

11. Sagittarius, November 23 – December 21

Sagittarius you have never got things easily in your life, constantly working hard day and night for things that you want.

You can proudly say that everything that you have, you have earned by yourself. Let that encourage you to be proud of yourself and keep doing you. You are optimistic and your stars shine in this area. You can always see the bright side of any situation.

You combine that with your work ethic, and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

12. Libra, September 23 – October 22

Libra your excitement for life lets you overlook that not having things your way. 

Things can get quickly messed up in your life. That is where your inner warrior shines through. You never give up, this along with your humble attitude and natural politeness makes you quite the sign. 

Your stars lay in fairness and balance. You know for every up there is a down and plan accordingly.

This also lends you some luck in love, as you will always work to have a stable relationship.

Change Your Luck

All in all, no one sign is unlucky if we learn how to look for opportunities and take them. Though Virgo may seem the most adept at this do not let it discourage you. You can learn to be just as discerning.

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