What Body Type Does A Taurus Man Like?

The Taurus man is typically not the type to go on one-night stands because he believes in taking things slow. It is not that easy to seduce a Taurus man if I am being honest with you, but if you were wondering whether you are his type, you have the right article!

The Taurus man prefers someone who is a little bit on the thicker side. He likes it when women are curvy. He gets turned on by the natural form of a woman’s body. He usually does not go for someone who had plastic surgery.

He also prefers someone who moves gracefully and has a very sensuous and feminine aura.

If you want to know more about how to turn a Taurus man on and how you can get him hooked, I have provided details below. I’ve also included how he is in bed. So, you might want to read on!

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Taurus Man In Bed

One thing very notable about a Taurus man in bed is that he is very big on oral sex.

He loves giving and receiving them because he thinks that it is one of the most essential parts of foreplay. He may not be as intense in bed as an Aries man, but he can get into a little bit of BDSM. He prefers to be more consistent in bed rather than adventurous.

Taurus men are known to be highly sensual, but he is not comfortable initiating the deed.

He likes to be seduced and would much prefer to just give signals to the woman that he wants sex. Another thing that is most known in a Taurus man is that he is very loyal and faithful. If he is not in a relationship, he likes to have at least 1 or 2 consistent sexual partners.

Because of a Taurus man’s sensuality, he sends signals or seduces people by light touching. So, if you are wondering whether he is seducing you, pay attention to his body movements.

He also loves seducing using his voice. A slight whisper is enough for you to get turned on by him. And when you are already doing the deed, he loves to watch you climax and get excited.

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What Body Type Does A Taurus Man Like?

Being the sensual being that a Taurus man is, he gravitates toward women with a very sensuous vibe.

He likes it when women stimulate his senses, and you can take smelling good and being soft-spoken as examples. This is the first thing that he notices, but if we are talking about the shape of the body he prefers, that would be curvy.

If you are on the little thicker side, then you are most definitely the Taurus man’s ideal body type.

You do not need to worry about the size of your stomach or the size of your hips or butt because there are high chances that those features are what attracted your Taurus man to you. You can also notice him crushing on curvy celebrities.

However, this does not mean that he will not date other body types. This does not mean that he will not be attracted to other body types because if he really likes someone, he will not care.

Again, the first thing that he notices in a woman is her sensuous aura. He prefers someone who is leaning more on her feminine side. You also do not need to make an effort to look good because he prefers someone who likes to be more on the natural side.

Ways To Attract A Taurus Man Sexually

Be elegant

Now, if you are thinking about being rich to be elegant, you are getting the wrong idea.

Being elegant to a Taurus man means you are graceful and very feminine, and we know how much a Taurus man loves a woman comfortable with her femininity. There are a lot of ways to show elegance to a Taurus man. First, you can show it by the way you dress.

You maybe want to start wearing more simple and classy dresses to please his eyes.

You can also showcase elegance through your mannerisms. You can try speaking a lot more softly and moving more gracefully. This will turn him on more than being too sexy and flashy with the way you look. He does not prefer the bold type of women.

Be confident

Aside from being feminine, he prefers someone who is confident with her own skin. Hence, his preference is for someone who does not wear a lot of makeup.

He is confident in himself, and of course, he wants his partner to be the same. He is the sign of security and stability, and in a partner, he is looking for someone sure of herself and strong enough to hold herself together.

To a Taurus man, confidence is the sexiest thing. And that is why he is attracted to sensuous women because these women are confident.

Being confident means being comfortable with whatever you wear, regardless of what other people may think. Confidence is very attractive, and when a Taurus man compliments you, do not argue and just say “Thank you.”

Stay simple

Staying simple does not mean that you won’t get to wear makeup ever again. This just means that if you were the type to use bold colors as eyeshadow, you might want to ditch that and go for some neutral shades.

Again, you do not need to do a lot to impress and turn on a Taurus man because he prefers it when you are all natural – bare-faced.

Although he enjoys you dressing up and being all gorgeous and beautiful, he prefers that you wear simple outfits during occasions.

You also do not need to look good 24/7 because he would rather see you in your pajamas. You do not need to be high maintenance to seduce him. You just need to be yourself and be confident!

Ways To Keep A Taurus Man Hooked

The first thing that you can do to make a Taurus man hooked is to not chase him. Let him do all the chasing because he loves to get what he thinks he cannot get. Do not try to impress or seduce him too much because this will definitely turn him off.

Do not make yourself very available for him and maintain the mystery you possess.

It is a little hard to keep a Taurus man hooked because he takes a lot of time to process and realize things.

But when he finally does and realize that whatever it is that is going on between the two of you is worth it, he will let down his guard. When he does, be sure to also show vulnerability. In this way, he is going to want to know you on a much deeper level.

If you are trying to keep him hooked and obsessed with you, never try to make him jealous. Do not ever try to challenge him to play mind games with you.

Again, it takes time for him to really be interested in someone, and if he feels like you are not into him even if you are, he will consider withdrawing and stop pursuing you. So, you need to learn how to balance being not too available but completely not making him feel that you are not interested.

What body type does a Taurus man like? Final thoughts…

A Taurus prefers:

  • Someone who is curvy
  • Someone who is graceful
  • Someone who is natural
  • Someone who is feminine



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