What Body Type Does A Sagittarius Woman Like?

A Sagittarius woman is very flirty, and sometimes, it is hard to read her. You might think of what she is showing you as flirting, where in fact, she is only being kind. If you were wondering if you have a chance on her and what body type she likes in a guy, you came to the right place!

A Sagittarius woman prefers someone who is physically strong to keep up with her in the bedroom. She prefers someone who is fit and exercises regularly to train his body and be healthy. She is drawn to someone who is athletic and plays some kind of sport.

She is also attracted to men who know how to dress nicely.

If you were looking for more information about this topic, then you might want to read further! I have also included some tips to sexually attract her and how to keep her hooked!

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A Sagittarius Woman In Bed

The Sagittarius woman has already been sexually woken at a very young age. She is very sensual and likes to have it simple but erotic.

She enjoys the transition, speed, and imagination during the deed. She usually does not like having the same routine over and over again. She likes to have fun and try out new things in the bedroom. A Sagittarius woman is a partner you want to be with when your imagination is wild.

She is very playful because she is ruled by the planet, Jupiter. She treats lovemaking as a sport because she has this physical-touch-oriented sexuality that she loves to express in a fiery and passionate way.

She considers it as some sort of workout because she knows that she will feel satisfied and tired at the same time. You need to have this energy as well to keep up with her in the bedroom.

The Sagittarius woman starts off as being flirty and fun, and this definitely gives you the sign that she is initiating some sexual tension. She loves being wild and influencing people with her bold and brash energy.

So, she can definitely make you feel comfortable in the bedroom. She is dominating, but she will never make you feel powerless. She will make you feel conquered and devoured and that is something that you will surely enjoy.

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What Body Type Does A Sagittarius Woman Like?

With the information I have provided above, I think we can already get a conclusion about what body types a Sagittarius woman likes.

But to make things even clearer, she likes someone who is physically strong and active and fit to keep up with her in the bedroom. Being with a Sagittarius woman in the bedroom is intense, and you might want to have high stamina for her.

I am not sure if this applies to your Sagittarius woman, but one tends to be drawn to athletic men.

You do not need to have a certain body shape in order to attract her because she likes spontaneity and variety. So, she might like a lot of body types, but the common denominator here is that one must be physically active to be with her.

One thing that I can say about the Sagittarius woman is that she is a sucker for a really good and sexy outfit. This does not mean that you need to flaunt your abs all the time to be sexy.

Being classy and elegant is sexy to her, so, use that to your advantage. Learn how to dress classy and elegant even if you are going out casually. She likes to have someone who knows how to dress in a way that flatters his body.

Ways To Attract A Sagittarius Woman Sexually

Showcase your intelligence

A Sagittarius woman loves knowledge and philosophy. Despite the active and spontaneous lifestyle she has, she is also very smart.

When talking to her, make sure that you have plenty of topics to talk about because that girl loves to talk about anything under the sun – as long as they interest her. Be able to talk intelligently about religion, philosophy, and politics.

These are just some of the topics that a Sagittarius woman likes to talk about. She likes to learn and learning from you will definitely be one of the things that she will find sexually attractive in you.

So, if you have expertise on something, you might want to share that with her because she will gladly listen and respond. You need to mentally stimulate her to seduce her.

Make her laugh

A Sagittarius woman is playful and fun, and she likes to spread out positive vibes to the world.

Another thing that makes her likable to other people is her sense of humor. She has a great sense of humor, and when you are around her, you will find yourself laughing at her jokes. She also does this effortlessly and so effectively.

If you want to really seduce her, you need to have the same energy as well. Make her laugh by telling her jokes she has never heard before.

You can tell her about some of your struggles in life as this shows vulnerability, but do not do this all the time! This will turn her off. If you want her in your bedroom, you have to learn how to make this woman laugh really hard.

Give her freedom

The Sagittarius woman likes the chase, and she likes to work hard for what she wants to have. But if you try to pin her down and own her, she will be turned off.

She values her freedom and her privilege to do whatever it is that she wants to do. She has a life that she wants to live the way she wants it to live, and that is something you can never take away.

If you want to really attract her sexually, show her that you also have a life of your own and that you are independent emotionally and financially.

Nothing turns her on more than a man with some CEO vibes. You need to be able to adapt to the life she wants to live – fun, simple, spontaneous, and sometimes, extreme.

Ways To Keep A Sagittarius Woman Hooked

One of the many ways of getting a Sagittarius woman hooked is surprising her. Again, she loves being spontaneous, and getting a random gift without any occasion is something that she will surely appreciate.

You can also surprise her by revealing bits of yourself one at a time. Keep that mysterious aura you got and keep her guessing about who you really are. This will excite her to know you even more.

You also need to be bold as her and never show passive aggressiveness. She is frank and straightforward, and that is something that she is looking for in a partner as well. However, you need to be genuine about the things you say and do because if you don’t, she will be turned off.

Do not ever pretend to be someone that you are not. You need to be confident about everything – your career, your lifestyle, and of course, your love life. Show her that you are a stable guy that is ready to take care of her.

What body type does a Sagittarius woman like? Final thoughts…

A Sagittarius woman prefers:

  • Someone who is physically strong
  • Someone who is fit and healthy
  • Someone who is athletic
  • Someone who dresses well



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