What Body Type Does A Gemini Man Like?

So, you want to be with the witty and charming Gemini man? Are you up for the challenge of being with him sexually? Right off the bat, you are in for an adventure! You are in for a treat! And if you were wondering what body type he likes, this is the article for you.

The Gemini man prefers someone who is very confident with what she has, especially if these are curves. If you are able to carry anything that you have, he will find you very attractive. He is also attracted to a captivating neck with the right accessories. He also likes it when a woman has an alluring throat.

If you want to get into details about these, then you might want to keep reading! I have also included how he is in bed and how to seduce him and keep him hooked!

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Gemini Man In Bed

A Gemini man is known to be very adaptable, and he prides himself on his openness to do experimental things that will give him new experiences.

You can never say that a Gemini man is bland in sex because he is very adventurous in the bedroom. And soon enough, you will find out that your Gemini man has a lot of kinks that he wants to try with his partner.

He might not be the very best lover as he sucks at love and romance a little bit, but when it comes to sex, he might be one of the best partners you will have.

A Gemini man may not be very attentive to your needs in a relationship, but he is in the bedroom. He rules the hands and the mouth, so, you already know what to expect from him.

The Gemini man is ruled by Mercury. This means that he is very suave when it comes to leading the conversation to something sexual.

However, if you do not want to turn the Gemini man off, you must be willing to discuss your sexual fantasies with him. Just like him, you also need to be very spontaneous. He does not work well with plans and will actually be annoyed when you keep a rigid schedule.

What Body Type Does A Gemini Man Like?

The Gemini man does not have a long list of features that he looks for in a woman he wants to be with. He is not that picky when it comes to choosing a partner.

But if you want to know what attracts a Gemini man physically, it is an attractive neck and maybe somebody curvy. However, know that what really attracts a Gemini man is his personality.

The thing about a Gemini man is that he does not care whether you have undergone some plastic surgery or any physical enhancements.

He will find it as attractive as your natural body. He likes when you show off your curves, especially when they are in the right places. But if they are not, then, that is still okay. The Gemini man will not care too much after all.

He also likes it when you show off your throat and your neck because he rules these areas of the body. You can wear necklaces that will draw attention to this area.

A Gemini man also loves it when you are confident enough to show your legs by wearing shorts or a skirt. Try to accentuate the features that he likes by leveling up your wardrobe or maybe adding accessories.

Ways To Attract A Gemini Man Sexually

Flirt with him

Flirting with a Gemini man is like trying to beat him at his own game, and he loves good competition. This is probably the easiest way to seduce him as he likes the chasing game.

However, make sure to not come off as desperate to him as this will instantly turn him off. Just a little side note – you are never going to beat a Gemini man in the flirting game because this is his game. He knows the right tactics and techniques to effectively flirt.

With this being said, you need to prepare a lot of pickup lines in order to keep up with him. Engage in a playful love quarrel, and just enjoy the process.

It is important that you let out this kind of energy because you can seduce a Gemini man with your energy alone. You need to show him that you are fun to be with because this will send him a signal that you are also fun in bed.

Be good in conversations

As I mentioned a while back, the Gemini man is ruled by the planet, Mercury – the planet of communication. So, you can expect to really want to engage in interesting conversations.

If you have not noticed yet, he is the chatty type and would gladly talk all throughout, especially if he sees that you listen and comprehend. Being able to keep up with the conversation will instantly turn him on.

Being a good conversationalist does not just mean that you are able to answer him in a suave manner but also being a good listener.

You need to make him feel that you care about the things he is talking about. And while you are at it, do not forget to drop little hints here and there that you want him for a night on your bed. Do not be straightforward about it – just playful little hints.

Be open-minded

The Gemini man is very adventurous about everything, especially in sex. He likes to experiment and try out new things.

If you really want to seduce him, you need to demonstrate openness and show him that you are willing to do whatever he desires to do to you. The most unattractive thing for a Gemini man is a closed-minded brain.

You can show him that you are open-minded by talking about approaching life in new ways.

You can also show openness by simply wanting to try out new cuisines in different restaurants, wanting to go on adventures in a city you haven’t been to, or just trying out new outdoor activities that you think you will enjoy.

Ways To Keep A Gemini Man Hooked

If you have been talking for a while or have been hanging out for quite some time, know that there are instances when your Gemini man can get bored too quickly.

To avoid this, allow him to have his own space from time to time. Do not force him to meet you up whenever you want because you will be seen as someone who is too pushy.

You also need to maintain the mystery that you have when you are with a Gemini man. Do not just lay down all your cards on the table at once. Let him figure you out completely on his own.

You can maybe tell stories about your childhood little by little but do not give away too much information about your life story. This will keep him questioning, and he will look at you like a puzzle he needs to solve. And a Gemini man loves a good game that stimulates his mind.

When you are in a friend group with any Gemini, you will notice that there is not usually a negative aura around. This is because a Gemini man is like a little ball of sunshine that puts everybody in a really good mood.

So, in order to keep him hooked, you need to give off this same type and amount of energy. You can maybe make him laugh or dance with him. Just be sure to put a smile on his face when he is with you.

What body type does a Gemini man like? Final thoughts…

A Gemini man prefers:

  • Someone who is confident with her curves
  • Someone who has an attractive neck
  • Someone who has an alluring throat



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