6 Secrets To A Successful Free Tarot Card Reading?

With an Online Reading, it's important to choose just one topic.  Could be... Money Related Relationship Related Something else...

1. Be Prepared

Ask open ended questions that relate to actions you can take. Good Question What do I need to work on for a relationship to come to me? Bad Question When will I get into a relationship?

2. Ask The Right Questions

There is one website that I like the best for free readings! This website allows you to interact with the psychic live before you have to pay for a private reading!

3. Get To Know The Reader

Ask about what they specialize in... Is it Tarot?   Is it love readings?   Is it something else?

4. Interact With Your Psychic via Live Chat

The website I like offers 10 minutes free. Ask your questions, then listen. Don't spend all your time talking...

5. Free Readings Usually Have A Time Limit!

After the reading, give yourself time to process the information.  There might be insights that you realize the next day, or in the middle of the night!

6. Allow Time To Process

Follow these 6 Secrets for a Successful Tarot Card Reading!

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