5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

It can be a little hard to make a Leo man fall in love with someone, but the good news is that it does not take much to make him commit. Your Leo man is naturally very loyal, and so, when he sets his eyes on someone, it will take him a lot of reasons to make him want to leave.

If you want your Leo man to commit to you, you have found the right place to be!

To make a Leo man commit to you, you need to constantly feed his ego by complimenting him on the things he is most proud of. You need to focus on yourself because he wishes to create a power couple with you. He is naturally fun so let your inner child guide the way. Be social, and lastly, pamper him.

Do you think this is too much work? I don’t think so. In fact, you will benefit from being with a Leo man because you also get to work on yourself while impressing him. Now, if you want to know more about your Leo man and what you can do to commit, continue reading!

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Knowing Your Leo Man

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

Leo man is obviously ruled by the sun, and the sun is the light, the way, and the truth. As we all know, all of our planets orbit around the sun, and so, it makes sense why your Leo man thinks that everything orbits around him.

He always thinks that he is always the center of attention. His polarity is Aquarius and if Aquarius is the brains, your Leo man is the talent. He is a fixed sign, and once he puts his mind to something, that is exactly what he wants to happen.

Your Leo man rules the 5th house – the house of creativity, and so, Leo men, in general, are very entertaining people and wherever you are, the attention goes to them.

If you still have not noticed, your Leo man has a very huge ego. He really likes to be noticed in every single thing that he does. If he does something doe you, you need to be able to notice it and praise him for it.

Your Leo man takes so much pride in everything that he does. Well, understandably, because look at him. He does so well in whatever it is that he does. If he is an artist, he is a really good one. And of course, he wants you to acknowledge that.

You need to stroke his ego a little bit, and this will be tackled more in the latter part of this article. He is the lion, so, you know what will happen if he does not get what he wants.

Another thing that is very obvious about your Leo man is that he is extremely passionate about the things that he does. Again, he takes pride in everything that he does because he puts so much time and energy into these things.

Remember that you are dealing with a fixed sign, and you can expect that his passion is infinite. He does not let the things that he works on go just yet. He does not give up on these things very quickly. This also applies to the person she loves.

Dating A Leo Man

A Leo Man oozes so much masculine energy. When he sets his eye on somebody, expect him to make the first move. If he likes someone, he will do anything to impress that person and make him what to come to him.

Another possibility is that he will be the one to approach that person and start talking to him or her. Again, he is a fixed sign, so, he will start slowly and go full force near the end.

What I mean by this is that it can take him time to fully commit, but if he does, you’re a lucky man or woman!

He is the lion, and he knows that he is the king, so as king, he can be very forgiving and gives people a lot. As a lover, he is going to be very affectionate and giving with his feeling despite his huge ego.

He wants to express love by being playful with his lover. He is going to stay for the long run and will not change directions.

Another thing to know when you are dating a Leo man is that he is very grand and generous about the things and feelings he has for you. He can shower you with affection, and this is definitely a sign that he is indeed very into you.

If he is no anymore showing it, it may be because the fire is dying. When in love, your Leo man will demonstrate and do grand gestures for you.

You can expect him to do the things that you have been longing for a man to do for you like give you flowers, hold your hand, and maybe propose to you in public.

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

Pet his ego

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

If you have read the content before this part in the article, you will realize that there is one thing that stands out in your Leo man, and it is their huge ego. I have mentioned that your Leo man has the biggest ego of them all.

To take advantage of this to make him want to commit, that is to constantly feed his ego. Your Leo man has a very centered energy as it is ruled by the sun.

Another thing to know about your Leo man is that he rules the heart. Again, he is very passionate, and when he has passion, he is going to put all his heart and soul into it.

What you can do is acknowledge how he shines but make it very particular and genuine. He does not go after things that he does not love, and that is something that can be appreciated.

Focus on yourself

If you still have not noticed, your Leo man is all about image. He is all about looking good and shining through who he really is. He is all about being recognized in the public sphere.

One thing to remember about your Leo man is that he does not want to be with someone who is beneath him status-wise.

What you need to do to let a Leo man commit to you is simply put your energy into yourself. Adapt the energy he has to yourself. He wants to be part of a power couple. He wants someone to be the same as him.

Show him that you have a lot going on for you and allow your light to radiate. Be ambitious and go after what you want.

Let your inner child guide you the way

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

Just like your Leo man, you also need to be someone different. Wear something different that catches his eye. You can wear something different or have a very unique hobby.

Take him out to a show or a play that will catch his attention. You can take him on a date that does something that he loves so he can show off.

The key here is literally to let your inner child shine through. Allow yourself to have fun and do things that are silly and playful.

He is all about creating, so, you need to keep things light and fun. Subtly advertise how fun and enthusiastic you are. You should take him on dates that are unique and super fun!

Be Social

Your Leo man is known to be very sociable. He likes to be with his friends, and he would appreciate it if you can also get along with his friends just fine. It makes him think that you are outgoing as well. He likes to do things with his friends as well.

So, just be prepared to do things out of the ordinary. Now, if you are not up for that, then, a Leo man is not the man for you.

Pamper him

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Commit To You

Just like a king, he needs someone who can cater to all his needs. He needs someone to literally treat him as a king because this is something that he truly values. He is also of a very loving nature, so don’t feel too bad if you do this for him because he will definitely do the same for you.

Consider cooking for him and running the bathwater for him. Do anything that will make him go, “I want to the wife that woman up!” It is really easy to make this Leo man commit because he commits when he falls in love. He is going to be loyal.

5 ways to make a Leo man commit to you, final thoughts…

To make a Leo man commit to you:

  • Pet his ego
  • Focus on yourself
  • Let your inner child guide you the way
  • Be Social
  • Pamper him



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