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Free Report – Thank You

Thank you for submitting your details to receive your Free Birth Chart and Report. I create these manually, therefore, I will email the report to you within the next day or so.

While you are waiting, you should read about my experience with an online Tarot Reading site. I tried out several psychics and I’ve ranked them based on my experience. I also have some tips that I wish someone had told me before I spent money on an online reading… Read more about my experience here!

Talk to you soon.


Did you know that I’ve published a couple of books on Amazon?

Paperback Books

Manifestation Journal

I have been honing my manifestation skills for many years, but I stumbled upon a process that had given me better and more consistent results than I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve shared my process with a mastermind group that I belong to and they are also experiencing manifestations quicker and easier than ever before.

Based on my success, I decided to share my experience and create a notebook (journal) that you can use to manifest your every desire. Here is the book. (View on Amazon)

You can also read more about my experiences and manifestations here: Manifestation Journal