Three of Cups, Meaning, Symbolism and More!

The Rider-Waite version of the Three of Cups shows three beautiful women holding their cups high, dancing, and celebrating in a garden. A simple scene, free from much symbolic and emotional weight; still, we have a lot to discuss.

Let’s take a closer look at the card’s meaning, origins, and possible interpretations in various readings.

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Three of Cups Symbolism

A combination of the Ace and the Two, the Three of Cups is about community, merriment, and celebration. It could represent festivities at the end of the harvest season or a celebration of victory.

In the book of Thoth, the card’s name is “Abundance”; indeed, nothing is lacking in this garden of earthly delights. It’s one of those moments you wish could last forever.

Three is the number of syntheses, creation, and destruction. The Cups, in their good-hearted nature, appeal to the former.

Three maidens in colorful dresses and with flowers in their hair are dancing around a blossoming garden and toasting to a good harvest; one of them is holding a bunch of grapes; there’s fruit and a pumpkin around their feet.

A picture that radiates euphoria and bliss, full of life, joy, and hope; a deeply emotional and rewarding experience both personal and collective.

Notice the intertwining of the maidens and the harmonious way in which the three figures support each other, forming a single body, a triad. And because the Empress rules the 3rd degree of the Tarot cycle, this is first and foremost a celebration of feminine energy, freedom, beauty, and fertility.

With the Ace, we caught a glimpse of total love and fulfillment; in the Two, we found a partner to join us in sickness and in health; with the Three of Cups, we begin to understand the true meaning of love.

So, whether a crisis has been overcome, or we can finally enjoy the sweet taste of the fruit of our labor, this calls for a celebration!

Throughout humankind’s history, celebrations and festivals were not just parties whose sole purpose was to unwind, mingle, and have fun; they were ceremonies meant to thank the gods for a bountiful harvest or appease their anger in times of drought and tragedy.

Their ultimate goal was not only to bring the people closer together but also to establish a connection, a form of communication between Earth and the realm of the immortals.

Since the Two of Cups carried strong mythological connotations, we can likewise interpret the Three of Cups through the lens of folklore and ancient or neopagan traditions. The fair maidens are nymphs, personifications of nature, forest fairies, and spirits of the rivers…

Of the many divinities and mythic creatures across different cultures, they were the most well-disposed toward humans, even though they could cause trouble and harm to the foolish mortal who would approach them without consent; such is the power of great natural beauty and seduction.

Regarding their colorful dresses: In nature, vibrant striking colors are sometimes a warning to predators that a creature is venomous and quite dangerous.

We can see another interpretation of vital importance here, that of the Triple Goddess: A divine trinity symbolizing the female life cycle (Maiden, Mother, Crone), the three lunar phases (waxing/waning, full, dark moon), but also the three planes of existence (Heavens, Earth, Underworld).

The threefold female deity is an ancient archetype whose mysterious origins we can partially observe in Greek mythology.

Hecate, the Triple Moon Goddess of witchcraft, magic, and the liminal realms beyond the world of the living was portrayed as having three bodies or three faces; “ambivalent and polymorphous,” the three-formed sorceress-goddess is still very popular among Wiccans and neopagans.

The Fates (Moirai) also come to mind: Clotho (the spinner of life’s thread), Lachesis (the measurer, the latter), and Atropos (the inevitable, the cutter).

Daughters of Nyx (night), their role was to make sure that every being, mortal or otherwise, would fulfill their destiny as ordained by the laws of the universe, symbolized by a thread that they would weave, measure, and cut when the time was due.

The three Graces (Charites), akin to the Muses, are perhaps closer to the meaning of our Tarot card. Goddesses of beauty, nature, fertility, and charm, and attendants to the Olympian gods during festivals and dances, their names were Aglaea (Radiant), Euphrosyne (Joyful), and Thalia (Blooming).

Ethereal witches from the realm beyond, weavers of destinies, or personifications of intoxicating natural beauty and life itself? Could these be memories of a matriarchic society?

At first glance, the Three of Cups seems down to earth and easy to understand; be that as it may, the inspiration for the card might have been ancient and charming, but also formidable, goddesses “from whose eyes as they glanced flowed love that unnerves the limbs: and beautiful is their glance beneath their brows…”

What does the Three of Cups Tarot Card mean?

With the Three of Cups, life is good! It means that you are surrounded by friends and family who love and support you and who will always be there for you. The card may accompany a small success or victory and the celebrations that follow. A conduit of feminine energy, it is an especially good sign for women.

Rejoice and celebrate! The Three of Cups will often show up along with good news; it might be a financial success, time to make a relationship official or your best friend’s birthday party. Either way, celebrations are in order.

Material goods are abundant, you are loved and have the support of your people, and you may feel particularly creative, festive, and social.

The card means so much more than that, however, the point isn’t the meaning, it is the experience. This positive energy is directed toward a common emotional goal; it is about coming together, feeling good, and finding ways to express oneself through thoughtful and graceful actions, it’s about community, friendship, and solidarity with and between women; about essential feminist values, common good, beauty, and the joy of being alive and free.

So it is not just a party, is it? One could discern a coven of witches here, a sisterhood of like-minded women who decided to pave their own way in a man’s world; or a ceremony meant to express gratitude to Mother Earth herself for the gift of life and an abundant harvest.

On a personal level, the Three of Cups brings joy and euphoria. Only good feelings here. It is a special and happy moment; make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

So far, the Cups have been rather timid and reserved, perhaps a bit uncertain as to whether what they symbolize belongs to reality or imagination. Now, who could argue that this body, flesh, and soul, aren’t real?

Three of Cups Keywords

  • Celebration
  • Friendship
  • Community
  • Beauty
  • Positive feminine energy
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Sisterhood
  • Support from friends and family
  • Social gathering
  • Collaboration
  • Sensuality
  • Success
  • Solidarity
  • Grace

What does the Three of Cups Reversed mean?

The reversed Three of Cups could mean that perhaps you have been having a bit too much fun lately, indulging in pleasures of the senses, and you need some alone time to ground yourself. The card might also indicate problems in your social life and strange emotions.

On the dark side of the Three Cups, we see hedonism and gluttony, lust, and the chase of pleasure. This lifestyle, despite its prestige and all the fun it entails, is a slippery slope and certainly not for everyone.

Let’s not address the problems it creates in the long run, for the card is an indication of a fledgling tendency to over-indulge and, thus, a warning to take it easy; all in good measure.

Depending on the context and the rest of the cards in the reading, the Three of Cups will denote problematic relationships and confusing emotions. Is it love, or is it lust? Is it excitement or unease?

You might feel like you are not getting all the support you need or deserve from your friends and family; it might be so, but consider the possibility that they cannot and should not be there for you all of the time.

You can make it on your own, and from a state of total independence, you will know for sure who is on your side and who was only pretending.

On rare occasions, the card in reverse may suggest that someone is engaging in toxic femininity; yes, that’s a thing!

Like misogyny and repressive masculinity, toxic femininity is when a person’s behavior reinforces the conditioning of harmful and unwarranted gender stereotypes, e.g., when a woman says to another that she must learn how to cook or men will not find her attractive, the belief that all men are pigs, beauty standards and body shaming, over-sexualization, etc…

Three of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Friends are not supportive
  • Failure in relationships
  • Loss of happiness and connection
  • Lust
  • Hedonism
  • Partying
  • Disillusionment
  • Alone time
  • Independence
  • Love triangle
  • Strange feelings
  • Gossip
  • Indulge
  • Capricious

Is the Three of Cups Tarot Card a Yes or No?

For simple questions, the Three of Cups is a joyful and enthusiastic “Yes!”  When reversed, however, the card’s answer is more likely, “I’d rather not.” 

Don’t think twice about it; the Three of Cups is definitely a “yes” card with a lot of positive energy. But, if the card is reversed, some kind of problem is bound to ensue, and the answer will be negative.

What does the Three of Cups Tarot Card mean in Love?

Love is in the air! The Three of Cups affirms that a relationship is going in the right direction and could symbolize dating in general, the celebration of an anniversary, or a sensual romance. It’s about the healing and creative powers of love. Sometimes, the card might denote a polyamorous or open relationship.

The Three of Cups means threefold satisfaction in terms of love: Good thoughts, physical pleasure, and emotional fulfillment. This relationship can only blossom and grow, and with time it will get even better and stronger.

When a couple falls in love every day is a celebration of life, especially during the early stages of the romance.

For single people, the card is a reminder that somebody out there is looking for someone like you, just as you are looking for them. Its advice is to act; do not be afraid to show your feelings. Love is only natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Three of Cups might otherwise describe an open or polyamorous relationship, where the participants are free to date others and can even be involved in two or more ongoing serious relationships with different partners, provided that there is honesty and mutual understanding.

Who are we to judge? All’s fair in love and war!

What does the Three of Cups Reversed Mean in Love?

The reversed Three of Cups reminds you that lust is not love. It could describe a relationship based on hedonism and shallow feelings, a failure to connect and communicate, or a love triangle. Perhaps you should spend some time alone with yourself until you figure out what you want in life.

Maybe your partner is not as supportive as you want them to be, you feel somewhat empty after the initial excitement faded, or you found out that you cannot communicate that well and connect at a deeper level.

A relationship based exclusively on having fun is no good for most people and will likely fail sooner rather than later in the absence of true love.

You don’t have to stay with someone you don’t love or who doesn’t love you back.

What you might have hoped for when the relationship began was a fleeting daydream, and now you are disappointed. If you are single, this could be a sign that your crush doesn’t have romantic feelings for you, and you may have been friend-zoned.

Finally, the card might also denote a love triangle, an affair, or that someone wants to date other people. Be very cautious and think for a moment if it is even worth the trouble; infidelity and secret affairs, sustainable only through dishonesty by default, cause irreversible complications and sadness.

What does the Three of Cups Tarot Card mean in Friendship?

The Three of Cups is a great card to see in a friendship reading, especially for women, denoting a sense of solidarity and belonging. It means you have got all the support someone could ever need. The card will often accompany a social event, like a graduation or birthday party.

A sign that everything’s going pretty well in your social life, the Three of Cups is an affirmation that your friends got your back anytime, anywhere.

The maidens of the image are lifting each other up, joining together for an emotional experience that is profoundly meaningful on both a personal and a collective level. That is the foundation of a community, a tight-knit group of companions; intimacy comes naturally and everyone feels at ease, and comfortable acting and expressing themselves freely.

The card will sometimes refer to a gathering or a social event; a concert, a party, or a night out with your best friends. There’s only positive energy here, the feelings are mutual, and good times await.

What do the Three of Cups Reverse mean in Friendship?

When the Three of Cups appears reversed, you may be feeling like your friends have abandoned you or that they are not being very straightforward with you, and you are not getting the emotional support you need. You are missing out on social gatherings, but perhaps it’s for the best to stay solo for a while.

The card in reverse denotes hiccups and roadblocks in relationships, if not an outright failure to connect.

Perhaps a close friend gave you the cold shoulder; a group you thought you belonged to spreads rumors about you behind your back; or you just feel like you don’t have anything in common, experiencing dysphoria whenever you try to socialize.

On one hand, you might not be compatible with these people, or the whole process of socializing, small talk, and whatnot, feels boring and pretentious. No point in trying to force intimacy; and if you find that you struggle to get people to like you, ask yourself why it is so important to get validation from them.

On the other hand, maybe some of your good friends have moved forward, entering a new phase in their lives, and you feel left out. The same applies here; if they don’t want you around or just forgot to invite you over, why even bother?

The Three of Cups, upright or reversed, always presents some kind of silver lining. There are other people in your life who care about you and deserve your attention; reach out and see for yourself.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as Feelings

The Three of Cups is about joy, euphoria, and all the good feelings derived from pleasure and companionship. To appreciate life and enjoy the little, simple, everyday things; to be part of a group and work together in unison; to celebrate the good days and support each other during the bad ones.

“That is one of the secrets of life—to cure the soul by means of the senses, and the senses by means of the soul.” Oscar Wilde, a connoisseur of theatre and pleasure, was kind enough to reveal this secret to us.

He might have led a troubled life, but we can certainly agree with him on that one; what pleases the senses is helpful for the soul and vice versa.

The Three of Cups denotes wonderful feelings of bliss and delight, satiety, completeness, and immense joy.

But what is most important here are the healing and creative powers of those emotions. Indeed, a soul can heal through pleasure and satisfaction, just as the absence of good feelings can be treated with a spiritual and aesthetic journey.

Of course, one must tread lightly; too much of a good thing leads to other problems.

In terms of interpersonal feelings, the card is naturally about love, be it familial, friendly, or romantic, solidarity, empathy, and satisfaction, but also about gratitude, kindness, and the joy of belonging to something greater than oneself.

Three of Cups Reversed as Feelings

In reverse, the Three of Cups may denote strange and confusing emotions that are difficult to define and deal with. It may also signify lust mistaken for love; a loss of happiness; over-excitement that will quickly fade; or craving an object of pleasure to avoid confrontation with the true underlying feelings.

Some people seek refuge in hedonism in order to escape reality, and they crave the feeling of euphoria this chase of pleasure creates; that is like taking medicine after one has healed, and the emotions that stir within them are false and bound to turn sour.

Likewise, this might refer to raw lust and excitement mistaken for love; these feelings will start to disappear once the person’s needs have been satisfied. And what’s left then, if not disillusionment and further confusion?

All the more reason why we should heed the aphorism saying that all good things in life, regardless of their pleasant taste, should not be trusted.

Finally, the reversed Three of Cups may indicate strange feelings that, like the call of the mythical sirens, enthrall, hypnotize and misdirect the seeker; or the loss of happiness and subsequent fall from grace following a breakup, a traumatic event, or the end of a golden era.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card is How Someone (He/She) Thinks of You

When someone sees you as the Three of Cups, they think you are… very cute! They are charmed by your appearance and the warmth of your personality, and it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. They think of you as a graceful and charismatic friend who brings joy into their life.

Chances are you are the first one this person will call to hang out with on a Saturday night!  Always happy to see you, they think of you very fondly indeed and enjoy spending time together.

Three of Cups Reversed as How Someone (He/She) Thinks of You

When someone thinks of you as the reversed Three of Cups, they are not very fond of you. Perhaps they are jealous, thinking you’ve had it easy while they struggle with personal problems; then, again, they might see in you a shallow person who doesn’t care about much other than having fun.

This one thinks you are a libertine! Or, worst case scenario, they think you are naive, superficial, and not that fun to be around.

We can’t please everyone; whether that view is based on facts or they’re just jealous of you, there’s no point in trying to convince this person of your good nature. Might as well have a laugh at how annoyed they got!

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

When denoting one’s intentions, the Three of Cups means they… just wanna have fun! While the card is a good omen more often than not, in this case, your safest bet is that the person’s intentions are good enough but not very serious. Even so, everyone needs to love and be loved.

For example, this might refer to someone who likes you and wants to get to know you better but will not go out of their way to help you in a time of need.

Their intentions are good enough, yet they are mostly thinking about themselves, and even the best intentions can cause lots of trouble under certain circumstances.

There’s an air of light-hearted naiveté in the Three of Cups, like the inexperience and curiosity of teenage years; when symbolizing what someone wants in their life, it implies that they either desire a fun distraction to pass the time, that they don’t fully understand what is good for them, or that they ask for something they do not really need.

Eventually, the desire can be liberated from sense objects, and experience and age will teach the individual that there is more to life than personal wants and needs.

However, the card also talks about wholesome, unbridled, and honest love. It is everyone’s deep desire to love and be loved, it is our way of expressing the universal will to survive and grow.

Three of Cups Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

The reversed Three of Cups, as a card about intentions, can mean either of three things:

The person in question has had just about enough and wants some peace and quiet; they want to party and meet new people; or they desire something abstract to feel complete, but do not know what that is, or it is nowhere to be found.

That’s a tricky one; the card’s meaning might change depending on the rest of the cards and the seeker’s background. A first guess would be that they want to stay alone for a while; social interactions can be draining, and it is far better to strive for independence than lose one’s sense of self in the crowd.

Then, this person’s main concern in life might be the location of the next party or bar; even if they seem cool about it, lust burns in their chest, and it is a great thirst that drives them.

Finally, they may not know what they want exactly; driven by nostalgic absence rather than desire, they are searching for something (or someone) they lost long ago.

What does the Three of Cups Tarot Card mean in Conflict?

The Three of Cups means that a conflict is nothing too serious and can be resolved with a little bit of goodwill. It is more likely that the card will show up after a conflict has ended or a crisis has been averted.

The worst form of conflict the Three of Cups can denote would be a mild lover’s quarrel or a dispute between good friends; there is no reason to exaggerate or hold a grudge, and it will sort itself out once everyone has calmed down.

A card of merriment and celebration, the Three of Cups is usually a sign of good times after the resolution of a conflict or crisis.

If, however, the responsibility to settle a disagreement falls on you, search your feelings for an appropriate response, think about what benefits the group and the common good, and act accordingly with kindness, sensibility, and grace.

What does the Three of Cups Reverse mean in Conflict?

When reversed, the Three of Cups denotes a conflict whose cause is either jealousy, poor communication, or a love triangle. Gossip, selfishness, and bitter feelings muddy the waters. It is a rather toxic situation that does not deserve your attention; no love is lost here.

The best example here would be that of two friends who both have romantic feelings for the same person. This can ruin friendships in the blink of an eye, even if the person whom the competition is about is oblivious to it and not interested at all in the “suitors.”

If that is not the case, you may want to check what the people in your circle think about you and who is only pretending to be your friend.

Someone is gossiping or making fun of you behind your back, but they do not have the guts to show their true colors face-to-face. Unless a confrontation is necessary, you should ignore such nonsense; envy and spite, products of their insecurities, will eventually catch up with them.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as Action

As an action card, the Three of Cups tells you to join the dance of reality. It’s time to stop thinking about it so much, and act; talk to people, throw a party, go places, and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Start with the little things that make you happy, and you’ll figure it out as you go along.

Easy to say, but how many among us actually do as they please and live the life they want without overstepping on the lives of others?

Not nearly enough, I would say. People change as days and seasons go by, but there is no place and no time like right here, right now; it is best to regret something foolish you did out of enthusiasm and kindness than to regret not doing it and then wondering, “What if?”

It may sound cliché, but the Three of Cups is about being part of the changes you want to see in the world. In a sense, the Universe will return the energy you offered to it back to you. That is the Wicca Rule of Three, a simplified karmic system:

The positive or negative energy you put out into the world shall be returned to you threefold in the same manner. So, what would you like to change?

Always remember that what is good for the community is good for the individual and vice versa; start by making your daily life a bit better while also thinking about how you can best serve the common good and your loved ones, and soon you will have many a reason to celebrate!

Three of Cups Reversed as Action

The Three of Cups in reverse would recommend inaction. Just stay back and look after yourself; it is not the time for bold moves or socializing, as you are going through changes and not thinking straight. Any kind of action right now, spontaneous or well-planned, is bound to cause complications.

There is something amiss, something difficult to put into words; you may experience cravings, discomfort, and feel the urge to indulge in temptation, proof that you still have a lot to learn.

Craving comes from confusion. To act on impulse would temporarily satisfy one of your needs, but then what? You are not thinking rationally at the present moment and may feel like you have to do something out of peer pressure or habit. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right.

In life, there is a right, appropriate moment for all things; but all it takes to ruin everything is also one bad moment. You cannot convince a butterfly to emerge from its cocoon before the appropriate time, just as there can be no spring in winter.

When in doubt, when you are confused or overwhelmed, the best course of action is to stand back, take your time, and make sure you understand what is going on in your mind and happening around you. There’s no rush, and the safety of the crowd can be deceptive.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as Advice

As an advice card, the Three of Cups is about enjoying the present moment and keeping a positive mental attitude. Don’t be afraid to feel; give in to your emotions, appreciate the beauty all around you, and celebrate this good life every day.

The Three of Cups is about community and strong feelings that bring people closer together. There is always a reason to smile and be kind to each other; in the chaos of this modern world, a warm and gentle heart can make this place a little bit better.

Cherish your loved ones, and do not take them for granted; for a man without friends loses touch with reality and gradually descends into sadness.

The card signifies abundance; an abundance of emotions, material goods, friends, and love. It means you are in a very good place right now, and you’ve got the potential to do even better. Every day is beautiful, everyday matters, and it’s the small, simple things that make a difference.

Three of Cups Reversed as Advice

When reversed, the Three of Cups would likely advise you to keep to yourself for a while. Maybe someone close to you is a bad influence or you just feel uncomfortable in a group; in any case, take a step back to gather your thoughts, and you will feel better soon.

Perhaps you are having mixed feelings about a person, a group of friends, or a general situation; better keep your distance and see the bigger picture. Is this helping you in any way or just distracting you from more important things?

A reversed Three of Cups suggests that your social life is problematic and you don’t know how to feel about it.

Then, maybe you are seeing problems where there are none, or you are hanging out with the wrong bunch. It’s an ugly thing, to feel lonely when surrounded by people.

Try to simply recognize and identify the different feelings when they arise, as well as the stimulus that provoked them, and to not be confused, lured in, and confined by them.

Finally, when attending parties, always go late and leave early. It may sound silly, but you’ll thank me later!

What does the Three of Cups Tarot Card Mean in a Career?

The Three of Cups in a work reading means an abundance of resources, money, and options. Your career could take off, you might get a small promotion, or you will gain an important advantage. The card is also about pleasant work environments, smooth collaborations, and the creative side of a job.

The card is associated with success and abundance; you may not be rich (yet), but you have reached an important milestone, your financial situation is getting better, and your earnings guarantee a certain degree of comfort and stability.

What does the Three of Cups Reversed Mean in a Career?

When reversed, the Three of Cups means you are having some trouble at work, and there is going to be a temporary setback. Maybe a personal issue affects your mood and productivity, you are disappointed with a co-worker, or you are not having any fun at your job.

Perhaps a co-worker or your boss is inconsiderate and unprofessional, and it falls on you to either put up with unwarranted behaviors or make up for lost time; if you don’t see how they could stop giving you a hard time, then it is time for a change.

Alternatively, you may have let a personal problem get in your way and now you are behind schedule, or your job has turned into something you did not sign up for.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as a Situation

When describing the current situation in your life, the Three of Cups signifies emotional fulfillment, a small success, and happy days full of hope. Good times spent with good people.!

The Three of Cups means that life is good; it is time to celebrate. Great moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Maybe it’s a birthday party, Christmas, or a vacation.

Long-term, the card signifies a golden era—the best years of our lives. It may not be extraordinary, but it’s definitely special; make the most of it.

Three of Cups Reversed as a Situation

The reversed Three of Cups denotes strange feelings, problems in your social life, and excess. Happiness is fleeting, and its absence is painful. You may want to clarify your feelings, wants, and needs, and take a look at the bigger picture; what must change for you to feel better?

A reversed Three of Cups symbolizes dissatisfaction and disenchantment. Left unchecked, it can lead to the Four’s apathy and Five’s bitter regrets.

When all’s been said and done, the card means you don’t feel very well; these are bad times for no apparent reason. You are disappointed with the people in your life and perhaps yourself as well.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as an Obstacle / Challenge

As an obstacle, the Three of Cups is about being unable to find joy in life and feel at ease, about social discomfort, and possible issues with your self-image. This is a card of change; maybe you have grown bored of the same activities and the people you hang out with, or you are afraid of happiness.

We could think of a few metaphors for this one. It’s like a fear of heights; you tend to avoid pleasurable activities due to an unreasonable fear of the experience.

You won’t talk to that cute stranger because you are afraid, and you neglect to appreciate yourself because you have learned to observe your image in terms of what others think about you and not how you are or how you want to be.

Drastic or gradual, for better or for worse, the third card of a suit always brings about change. It is one step from passively observing to joining the dance, one decision from feeling sorry for yourself to appreciating and cultivating your good qualities, and one deep breath from melancholy to bliss.

If you feel left out, if you are trying to find some kind of meaning in your relationships but fail all the same, if you keep looking for happiness in the same places over and over again to no avail, then maybe the problem lies within.

The world and its people are not what we like them to be, and sometimes we have to put up with their worst possible versions; still, if you look thoroughly and decide to change things, one day you will have proof that you did your very best to make this world a little bit better.

Three of Cups Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

If you see a reversed Three of Cups in the obstacle position, chances are you are a misfit, and you have trouble making friends. The card in reverse deals with feelings of seclusion and standing apart from the group, but also about seeking comfort in excess pleasure and meaningless relationships.

In times of loneliness, seeing people having fun and enjoying each other’s company can trigger the most unpleasant emotions. By this antithesis, one may feel even lonelier and envious of the more fortunate.

But being alone for some time is liberating.

There is no one to give an account of yourself to, you can do anything you like whenever you want, and you don’t have to keep up appearances. It’s usually the most peculiar and sharp (or crazy) people who have to walk alone, and genius performs far better without interference and distractions.

Finally, the reversed Three of Cups may imply excess in pleasure. Cases like this are usually dismissed the moment they are brought up and never considered seriously, for an addict will seldom admit the full extent of the harm they do to themselves; intoxication has become their natural state.

The Three of Cups Tarot Card as an Outcome

As the forthcoming resolution of a current situation, the Three of Cups is a happy ending and a change for the better. The card guarantees abundance, success, and good times.

You can go ahead and start celebrating; the Three of Cups means good news coming soon! Things are happening and you are going through positive changes.

Three of Cups Reversed as an Outcome

The Three of Cups in reverse fails to deliver on all of its promises. You may be disappointed with the way things turn out and experience sadness, solitude, and conflicting emotions.

You are hoping and waiting for something, but chances are you will be disappointed, as the reversed Three of Cups feels much like a broken promise. Manage your expectations; an old proverb says, “When you hear about a lot of cherries, carry a small basket.”

The Three of Cups Tarot Card in the Future

Get ready, dress sharp, and put on your best smile; these will be times of beauty and grace. Maybe you will make new friends, receive particularly good news, or reach an important milestone. You have a good opportunity here; don’t let it go to waste!

In the future position, the Three of Cups is a promise that things will take a turn for the better pretty soon. Your social life will certainly improve, and you might hear very good news sometime in the next three days, three weeks, or three months.

Most importantly, your path is leading you to an opportunity. To what end, we cannot tell yet, but you have to be aware and seize the momentum when the time comes. It is an opportunity to synchronize with the energies around you and be part of something special and great.

The interesting detail here is the tradition of toasting: People raise their cups and drink to their health, often exchanging wishes for a better future, one of spiritual or material wealth and success.

Three of Cups Reversed in the Future

When reversed, the Three of Cups in reading about your future means bad times are coming. Nothing terrible will happen, but you will likely have to deal with a disappointing turn of events. Something you are hoping for is just not going to happen, or it will not be what you think it is.

The reversed Three of Cups is a fantasy that could never come true no matter how close you think you get. Maybe you were not looking closely, but the warning signs were there; and happy endings are, unfortunately, a monopoly of fiction.

Disappointment is imminent, and as much as we like to point out the faults of others, we all are responsible for our choices.

Until we manage to clarify our own mistakes, even the right path will lead to a wrong destination, and even if it feels like we are getting somewhere we are only ever revolving around ourselves, lost in the present moment.

The Three of Cups as a Person

The Three of Cups describes a delightful, beautiful person, likely a woman, who always brings joy and positive energy to the table. A beacon of light for their loved ones and the community, they are very creative, love to party, and are always eager to help out a friend, sharing what they have in abundance.

Charming by nature, charismatic, fortunate, and masterful in conversation, an individual who aligns with the spirit of the Three of Cups is quite popular in their circle; they are a good friend, kind, honest human beings, a beautiful soul.

Beauty and grace that make men weak at the knees; a glance full of promise and excitement. Happy to just be alive, elegant, beautiful, and conscious of the effect their charm has on others, they make everything they do seem easy and natural.

They are very social and care deeply for others, be it their friends, the less fortunate, or stray animals, and will likely go out of their way to help those in need.

Three of Cups Reversed as a Person

The reversed Three of Cups refers to a person whose life is not what they want it to be, even though they are trying their best to conceal it. They might be a loner or searching for a way out in the crowd; either way, they are not having much fun and feel quite lonely.

This individual might have a personality disorder, or they are having extreme mood swings and just don’t know how to relax. They look terribly lonely, talk too much or not at all, and feel like they are not getting all the support they need from their friends.

Imagine feelings so strong that they physically disable you and sabotage everything you want to do, and then believing it is your fault to even have these feelings in the first place, despite the fact that you cannot control them.

After a certain point, one starts avoiding even the pleasant things in life so as not to spoil them and disappoint everyone they love.

The sensations associated with the Three of Cups, both the negative and the positive, will come and go. But, even if they are not in a permanent situation, they can easily become a character trait; then, one must learn to live with it, and the same applies to anyone who cares about such a troubled person.

What Zodiac Sign is the Three of Cups?

The Three of Cups aligns with Mercury in the 2nd decan of Cancer. Mercury is otherworldly, adaptive, and imaginative.

It helps Cancerians form a strong creative personality and, as they are protective already, makes them think deeply and never take information at face value because they can sense things others cannot.

Mercury and Cancer are a peculiar combination; communication becomes difficult because of a natural tendency to over-examine and think deeply about everything before reaching a conclusion.

Emotional balance is everything; once attained, the person’s life runs smoothly as if synchronized with the beat of a secret song only they can hear.

They trust their gut feeling and intuition more than anything and adapt very well to different situations and people, though sometimes they can be narrow-minded and exhibit irrational phobias.

Cancerians of the 2nd decan (2nd – 12th July) are good friends, very emotional as their sign ordains, courageous and bold, and can be great teachers or exceptional artists. However, they are a bit possessive and secretive, easily confused, not very practical, and will hold a grudge for a long time.