The Strength Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

Strength Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

The card of Strength shows a beautiful woman petting a lion. She’s dressed in white and adorned with flowers, standing in a field under the golden sky.

Strength speaks of courage. She is the inner strength that allows a person to accept and express the instinct, and to defeat fear. She has the ability to tame the wild beast that is the heart of man.

The symbol of infinity hovers above Strength’s head, revealing a connection to the Magician. We could say that the Magician’s objective is to attain her values, to have the courage and bravery to prevail over life’s challenges.

The original Marseille card is numbered 11, suggesting the beginning of a new cycle, while the Rider Waite card bears the number 8, having swapped places with Justice.

In this comprehensive guide to Strength, we shall interpret what this card could mean in different readings and explore its symbolism.

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Strength (Thoth Tarot Deck)

What does the Strength Tarot card mean?

Strength expresses courage, self-discipline, recovery from trauma, inner strength, and a triumph over life’s obstacles. The figure in the card has tamed the wild instinct and defeated fear. She’s ready to face any challenge and succeed because she’s in control of her life.

The Strength card is about knowing you can endure life’s misfortunes. Not just believing, not trying, but knowing it in your heart that despite adversities and failure, your voice will be heard, you will succeed and thrive in the end.

This radiant woman has achieved the impossible; in the classic parable of the beauty and the beast, she has tamed the lion, the king of animals, with her bare hands. A symbolic gesture of bravery and fearlessness, it refers to a subtle control over the animal instinct. Even the savage beast can learn compassion and friendship, and even the most reasonable among scholars listen to their gut feeling.

Whereas her counterpart, the Magician, works from the waist upward, exercising his intelligence, Strength works from the waist to the earth, establishing communication with the instinctive forces that emerge from the depths of consciousness.

Strength has realized harmony with the environment and the soul. Her lesson is that, while we should listen to our gut feeling, acting on impulse alone can be destructive. One should recognize the compulsion and learn to delicately control the wild emotion, instead of giving in to them.

She’s beautiful, sublime, eternal and full of vital energy. She’s not imposing her will upon the beast; she’s not forcing or holding it back, but rather nurturing and pacifying it.

One could say that Strength is opening the lion’s mouth, enabling it to speak. A modern interpretation would be that of the female voice and feminist values. The empowered woman has now conquered her rightful place in the world. Her voice can finally be heard, her struggle for independence and equality recognized.

The lion, a symbol of raw power and animal instinct, is allowed to express itself for the first time in a way that was not possible until now because words could not describe it. Now that it has been acknowledged, courage and discipline can be forged through a relationship of respect and understanding with oneself, others, and nature.

Sometimes the card can refer to physical strength, building stamina, and sound constitution. Not so much related to health issues, but to successful recovery and endurance.

If you have been struggling with trauma and repressed feelings, the Strength card will appear when you are ready to face your fears and your inner self.

A definite sign that you are stronger than you thought you were, and that you can embrace the trauma instead of pushing it away into forgetfulness, this card will teach you how to resist the destructive urges, an insatiable appetite for example, and how to control them without denying them and without neglecting your well-being.

Finally, the lion’s primal roar amounts to the ability to express oneself clearly and without any doubt. It can even refer to a mating call, and the acceptance of the sex drive as a natural urge inherent in all beings.

What does the Strength Tarot card mean reversed?

Reversed, the Strength card can indicate inner conflict, cowardice, and feeling vulnerable by ignoring your true potential and how strong you really are. This lack of self-confidence and discipline is likely due to repressed emotions, unresolved trauma, along with a difficulty to communicate.

Since this card signifies courage, its upside-down meaning refers to letting fear, insecurity and anxiety get the better of oneself. In that case, the querent has repressed their emotions, views their instincts and urges in a bad light, or has developed a weak, codependent character.

It can be a sign of impulsive behavior, unjustified fits of anger, depression, and denial.

Here, the lion is either muzzled, and therefore silenced, left unattended to wreak havoc, or forced to do something against its will. The repressed instinct becomes a needy, hungry fire that can only be stopped with compassion and openness. Strength achieves that with the gentle acceptance of the hurtful memory or behavior, yet with a powerful conviction that this negative cycle has run its course and can do no more harm.

It can sometimes be a sign that the querent is looking for strength and validation in others, and that they depend on external factors instead of believing in themselves. The lion turns to a fearful housecat, incapable of fending for itself, waiting on someone else to take care of its needs.

Thus, the querent succumbs to the others’ demands and whims, however irrational, to ensure they will accept their submission and compensate for the weakness of their spirit.

Often, the reversed Strength card reveals a difficulty to communicate and express the innermost feelings. A reserved, conservative upbringing and serious psychological (or physical) trauma can do that to a person, and this may be the cause of a weak character, sexual hang-ups, and a lack of trust in oneself, as well as other people.

There’s also a possible indicator of a power struggle, where two or more people (or institutions) fight and argue to establish their points of view and debunk the claims of the opposing party.

Ultimately, the negative aspect of Strength is neglecting what makes you human, and trying to force things, trying to impose your will upon the world instead of choosing a natural and unifying course of action. Pride comes before the fall, and likewise a false sense of power, or weakness posing as an excuse. Domination can only reinforce injustice while surrendering to inaction, silence, and fatigue will quickly disable the soul and mind alike.

The Strength Tarot Card Keywords

  • Inner Strength
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Noble Heart
  • Beginning of an Activity
  • Animal Nature
  • Friend
  • New Energy
  • Determination
  • Endurance
  • Voice
  • Fortitude
  • Persuasion
  • Consciousness
  • Compassion
  • Emotion
  • Touch
  • Beauty
  • Purity
  • Instinct
  • Sexuality
  • Repression
  • Anger
  • Impulse
  • Discipline
  • Beast
  • Force
  • Communication

The Strength Tarot Card as How Someone Sees You, Thinks of You, or Feels Towards You

Strength can indicate that you make them feel strong and secure. Your company inspires them and brightens their mood. It can also mean that you hold some kind of power over them.

When the Strength card is drawn to describe what someone thinks of you, they think you’re strong, passionate, and beautiful. Your presence is an inspiration that allows them to express their thoughts, and they trust you to be an independent, confident person they can rely upon.

Whether we are talking about a friend, an acquaintance, or a partner, this person admires and respects you for who you really are. Maybe they feel more alive, spontaneous, and grounded to the present moment when you’re around and their troubles suddenly seem unimportant.

What they admire most, however, is perhaps your ability to conquer your fears and achieve what you desire. They can discover their own strength by following your example.

As far as feelings go, you might not be surprised if you realized that, beside admiration, this person feels attraction towards you, and even romantic passion. They likely wish to be subdued and tamed by you, to find comfort and acceptance in your arms, where the noise of their thoughts subsides.

That may not always be the case. Reversed, the Strength card in this context can indicate that the person of inquiry considers you to be abusive, a brute, or a weakling. You may want to think about what actions led them to believe that, if this point of view is justified at all, and in what ways you may have influenced them in the past.

Strength reversed sometimes implies struggle and conflict. It may indicate that you seem like someone who’s looking for trouble, someone who is always trying to dominate the conversation by being the loudest person in the room, and accepting no opinion other than your own.

In this light, others may think that you need to be disciplined and taught how to behave, because they see you as a lesser being. Their opinion may not always be justified, and maybe trying to persuade them that they’re wrong will get you nowhere so consider if it would be better to keep your distance before they hurt your feelings.

Nevertheless, this card usually speaks of trust and mutual respect. Two equal beings join forces, one inspiring and strengthening the other, allowing for the emergence of a new and combined consciousness.

Strength (Marseille Tarot Deck)

The Strength Tarot Card as a Place

The Strength card can direct to a place where you build physical strength, like the gym, or a location where wild animals can be found, the zoo, or some natural habitat. It can also refer to any place where you feel strong and confident.

In the Rider Waite card, the figure is standing in an open field, suggesting someplace in nature where one could feel reinvigorated by the fresh air and splendor of the trees and mountains.

Of course, we have to consider locations in the wilderness where wild animals roam free, or any other place one might find them, e.g. a zoo, a circus, or even a natural history museum.

However, the Marseille Strength card shows a plain white background, implying that Strength resides out of space and time. It could just be a place existing solely in imagination, a thought given dimensions to boost one’s mood and confidence.

It can just as well indicate any place where you feel stronger and in touch with your inner self. From a psychologist’s office to a park where people relax and unwind, this card in this context is open to personal interpretation.

The Strength Tarot Card in a Career Reading

A positive omen for employment and financial issues, Strength’s advice is to seize the opportunity and make bold moves. Do not let emotions cloud your judgment. Think rationally and competitively and you will succeed.

In a career reading, Strength indicates that it’s time to prove your worth. The talent, skills, and opportunities are available to you, and if you dare to make the brave and smart move, a promotion or a financial success is possible. Remember that sentiment has no place in business.

Have you been thinking about launching a new business plan? Do you think it’s time for a promotion or maybe a promising investment?

The Strength card is a reminder of the ancient lesson that fortune favors the bold. Leave your feelings out of the workspace, the weak are too often left behind. In the modern, highly competitive financial world, only the bravest and the smartest claim the rewards.

When Strength is drawn for career matters, there’s a great potential for success. You should not rest in this affirmation though, because this card suggests action and a careful, yet brave attitude. If you know you’re good at what you do, dare to make a difference and don’t settle for less than what you desire. Invest in self-mastery and independence.

Think about your plan thoroughly, listen to your gut feeling, and try not to act on impulse alone. What seems like a dangerous, risky gamble for some people is simply in a day’s work for someone who knows what they’re doing.

Reversed, this card can point out that you’ve been careless, impulsive, or that you’re not the big fish you thought you were. You may have adopted a defeatist attitude, and that’s just not the material that winners are made of. You may experience some kind of setback or financial loss if you don’t play your cards right.

Consider a more careful approach and find the courage to work harder, demand what you deserve, and learn from your mistakes. Trust in yourself and believe that you’re capable of success.

The Strength Tarot Card in a Love or Relationship Reading

The Strength card in a love reading indicates passion, confidence, and mutual trust. It may suggest a fiery new relationship with intense feelings and excitement. However, it’s advisable to proceed with caution, because wild romance tends to be unpredictable.

A sign of a strong bond, Strength is desire at its best. You may experience intense feelings and new sensations. There is exceptional beauty here, and remarkable grace.

You have possibly found a great, elegant partner, and your relationship is one of compassion, trust, and magnetism. You accept each other for who you are. Fear and doubt have no place between the two of you and you can freely speak your mind, knowing that you’ll be met with understanding and support.

And if you’ve been wondering when you’ll get to meet someone new, Strength can be a sign that soon enough an exciting affair will appear in your life. Have confidence in your charm, dare to make the first move and talk to that cute stranger across the bar who’s bashfully glancing at you!

The Strength card implies an active and healthy sex life. The animal instinct is allowed expression in the greatest, most beautiful way possible, thanks to a strong foundation of trust and security, or spontaneous passion and fateful attraction.

Don’t get carried away though, better be safe than sorry. The fiery nature of the lion is unpredictable, stubborn, and sometimes even aggressive. It may even refer to a sexual predator.

When this card appears reversed in a love reading, it may suggest emotional abuse and some kind of power play. One partner is pushing the other, demanding too much, or disrespecting boundaries, making them feel weak and overwhelmed. This deviant behavior creates a sense of insecurity and fuels codependency.

Maybe emotions have been repressed and ignored and this relationship is one of carnal desire alone. Not necessarily a bad thing, however, consider if that’s what you want from a romantic affair, especially if you feel overwhelmed and your energy levels drained.

Strength teaches you to know when to hold back, and when to be silent. Indulging in pleasure with every chance you get and letting the instinct control your actions can sometimes have destructive consequences. The lion will bite if you let it be in charge!

In case you find yourself occasionally arguing with your partner, this card suggests calming down and finding the root of the problem together. Fits of anger are ordinary and can be managed if you approach the incident with empathy. Other than that, the troubles of the past have brought the two of you closer.

Finally, should you be looking for a partner and the Strength card is drawn reversed, it can be a sign of low self-esteem. You let others walk over you making it difficult to earn their respect. Try stepping out of your comfort zone, and remember that you will find true love when you learn to love yourself with all your imperfections.

The Strength Tarot Card as Desire or Intentions

Have you ever wondered about what someone else wants from you or what their intentions are, and the Strength card showed up?

Strength represents the want for courage, passion, and acceptance. Someone might want to get close to you and get to know you better. They may also desire attention and support from you, and a strong connection that will stand the test of time.

The aspiration to be courageous is the most significant aspect of Strength. It is the intense desire to live a passionate, fulfilling life.

If this card refers to another person, they may want to either stand close to you and grasp the air of majesty they see in you or wish to find acceptance in your arms. Maybe they require a strong, independent friend or partner who will inspire them to be better and overcome difficulties.

Depending on somebody else to feel stronger instead of cultivating confidence can be tricky; however, some people need the example of others to move forward. There are a lot of ways you could persuade such a person to discover their strengths and validate their character without making them dependent on you.

Reversed, Strength as a desire can be a malevolent influence. There’s a chance somebody wants to take something from you without your consent or desperately tries to prove they’re better than you, and anybody else for that matter. Stay away from people who revel in demeaning others, because their toxic, narcissistic power trip will sooner or later turn against them and devour all that is good around them.

Here’s another way to look at Strength in this context: someone who expects everything to be done for them by you because they feel weak, insecure, or simply bored. They will abandon all responsibilities and attach to whoever makes them feel safe for now.

In any case, the Strength card reveals a strong desire for either connection and communication or conflict. It’s best to approach these situations like the figure on the card, namely with consideration of the power structure between the people involved and with a gentle, yet firm touch of courage and assertiveness.

Is the Strength Tarot card a Yes or No?

The Strength card is a loud YES! However, your goals may not be so easy to accomplish. Strength calls for self-improvement, bravery in the face of danger, and knowing when to stop. Only when these requirements are met will definite answers and clarity appear.

When it comes to Yes or No readings, Strength indicates a positive sign. You should, nonetheless, bear in mind that this is fragile stability and that it all depends on how you proceed.

For example, if you’re asking “will I pass my courses this semester?” and you draw the Strength card, it simply means that you will pass with flying colors, as long as you study hard and have confidence in your abilities. Take a rain check on that night out with your friends and focus on your goals without neglecting your well-being and peace of mind.

The remarkable act of taming a lion points to the belief that anything is possible, however improbable.

While the answer may be positive, this card can imply that an unknown factor will emerge. What you’re asking for could be dangerous, or requires of you to be exceptionally attentive.

Should you receive Strength reversed for such a question, then the answer is quite possibly no. Maybe you lack the conviction or confidence to achieve what you desire for now, or you’ve been wasting your energy in the wrong direction.

Better think this through; forcing your way is not the solution and will probably result in fatigue and disappointment. Perhaps a break to focus on self-care is in order.

For more detail about asking tarot Yes or No questions, read: How to ask tarot for yes or now answers (10 Examples)

The Strength Tarot Card as a Situation        

Strength describes a situation of joy and inner calm. The troubles of the past have made you strong and wise, and you can now face daily life with an air of confidence. This card encourages you to seize the day and trust your instincts.

This card brings the realization of new-found strength. Dark times may not be over yet, but you’re ready to face any obstacle that lies on the road ahead.

The figure on the card is in control of the situation. She has achieved that through compassion and understanding, not by imposing her will. She has defeated fear and embraced her trauma.

This is what allows one to enjoy life at its fullest without losing self-control, and signals a time of spiritual and mental growth since the inner being is content. Events have unfolded in their natural course.

Strength speaks of a permanent boon, like receiving indispensable knowledge or acquiring a helpful skill. However, new challenges could appear to test our mettle. It would be wise to stay vigilant and awake; as we’ve said before, the lion has a tenacious and unpredictable temperament.

Reversed, Strength can indicate failure to handle a volatile situation correctly, or that you trusted a hunch that got you nowhere. When the whole universe seems to stand against you, there may be a good reason for that, and all the power in the world won’t change a thing. Don’t push too far! It can also be a sign that you have lost faith in yourself, that you feel weakness, fear, and shame. Can you do something about it, will it pass and heal with time, or is it just in your mind?

The Strength Tarot Card as an Obstacle

In the obstacle position, Strength indicates that you may have been trying to achieve something for which you’re not ready yet and that you let your emotions control you. Persistence and training can help. You may also appear to others as too strong for your own good, provoking jealousy and enmity.

To fight a mighty lion, now that is a challenge indeed! The beast is, of course, a metaphor. It is the inner beast that we have to face, that part of human consciousness that does not listen to reason.

It can take on the form of rage, fear, and hunger. This battle is a personal one, and others may not comprehend what you’re going through. Your environment may cause trouble for you because you seem either too weak to persevere, or so mighty that others can be jealous of your beauty and power.

You likely have to train and become mentally and physically stronger to accomplish what you desire. It won’t be easy, but then again no great venture ever is.

In case you‘ve been trying too hard and not getting anywhere, Strength suggests that you’re trying to force things in an unnaturally or prematurely. You have the persistence and determination, but you’re too eager and impatient, like a little child who hurt its leg while running for that ice-cream.

Finally, this card points to unresolved issues. A traumatic experience or uncontrollable emotions can prevent you from accepting and loving who you are. To master this obstacle, you have to have faith in your powers and let your voice be heard.

The Strength Tarot Card as Advice

The Tarot is, after all, a tool for guidance. Its ultimate purpose is to allow spirit, mind, and body alike to become stronger and better.

Strength evokes indomitable determination. Her advice is to persist, to make bold, yet careful moves, and to embrace your powers and weak spots all the same. Dare to be different and aspire to the impossible. The universe never gives you more than you can handle.

In the advice position, Strength’s message is clear: tame the wild beast that is your heart. Follow it to the edge of the world, but don’t let it devour your humanity.

What is it that you fear? What keeps you from living the life you want to live? Try giving answers to these questions and maybe you’ll soon realize that, whatever projections you had created that placed these fears in the outside world, they ultimately reside within your mind. You are the only one who can face them, and no one else.

This card may also invoke issues concerning sexuality. Whether it’s about repression or unfulfilled desires, it calls for the expression and gentle acceptance of the sexual instinct as a vital element that defines one’s personality.

Remember that emotions, while they hold great power over us, do not always show the right path in life. Accept them, but don’t let them run the show. To experience the whole spectrum of feelings in all their intensity, and yet act with reason and compassion, that is true power.

Perhaps the most important lesson of Strength is to speak your mind when you have something to say. Don’t fall into silence and inaction. Emotions are loud, and thoughts persist because they seek expression. Let all hear what you have to say. Don’t worry about looking silly, what fool will dare to mock the mighty lion?

Do away with naivety; it is great peril in and of itself. The Strength card encourages you to accept the hurt of the past and learn from it; to become better by acknowledging your weakness and by showing humility and diligence even when you are at your strongest.

When reversed, Strength urges you to stay clear of harm’s way, to focus on recovering from a distressing experience. Indulging in ephemeral pleasures and succumbing to defeatism and futility will never resolve any problem, they’re just coping mechanisms. Work on your resilience until you’re ready to face the world again without fear.

The Strength Tarot Card in the Future

In the future position, the Strength card brings the reassurance that whatever’s been troubling you will soon be under control. It predicts a time of self-acceptance, improvement, serenity, and quiet power. You will find joy and fulfillment, as long as you persist and remain vigilant.

The lion does not depend on luck or the turn of a friendly card. Sharp eyes, quick reflexes, and the will to persevere; these are the qualities that define Strength. And yet, should you receive this card when asking about your future, let your heart find comfort in the fact that you will discover a way to survive and finally succeed.

This card does not mean that difficult times are over. Quite the contrary, the challenge has only just begun. But this happens because you will soon be capable of achieving more than ever before. Too often do we realize that knowledge and inner strength

With the instinct pacified and trust in yourself restored, you can almost grasp at the feeling that you can face anything life throws at you. This is what quiet power means, to treat life’s even most unpredictable challenges with respect, as an opportunity to become stronger and better.

You may undertake an intricate task, or find the confidence to attract an exciting romance. Or you may break free from the clutches of insecurity that have been holding you back.

If this card appears reversed in the future position, it may be cause for alarm. Something or someone whom you have ignored may return to show you that you have to be mindful of your words and actions and that you have misjudged your situation. There may be emotional distress. Life can seem unbearable for a while, and a hidden danger will be revealed. Brace yourself, and remember that even the direst of circumstances happen for a good reason.

At any rate, Strength arrives when you’re ready to employ it for the greater good, and when you’re wise enough to accept responsibility for your actions. The future is neither bright nor dark; you will realize that it is simply in your hands, if only you find the strength to guide it.

What Zodiac Sign is Strength?

Strength aligns with the sign of Leo, with its mighty roar and majestic mane.

The fire sign Leo, ruled by the Sun, and the Strength card share the most obvious symbolic connection between Astrology and Tarot: the fierce lion. Leos are charming, confident, warm-hearted, and ambitious, and quite often the center of attention.

Sexy, radiant, and passionate about everything, the proud Leo will never reveal weakness or instability. A generous soul that’s always fun to be around, Leo’s kindness and beauty are only surpassed by their fiery ambition to conquer the world.

Sometimes they may seem arrogant, but only because they’re too self-aware and deeply care about their image. Their greatest advantage is a captivating charm, and the determination to succeed in life no matter what difficulties they will have to face.

Ultimately, the Strength card and Leo represent courage, fortitude, persistence, and a kind heart.

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