Tarot Cards Over the Phone: Here’s What You Should Know

Tarot card reading over the phone, what to know

I’ve had discussions lately about tarot card reading over the phone or online or via video and this is an interesting topic. People have been getting tarot card readings for centuries, since the late 14th century.

We read our cards for direction, insight, and answers about life and the people in it. As technology advances, we gravitate towards doing things online and over the phone, why would our tarot card readings be any different? Tarot cards over the phone: Here’s what you should know…

Tarot is always what you make of it. A skilled reader will be able to give you the same experience with a distance reading or a face-to-face session. Tarot readings over the phone or online have grown in popularity simply because we enjoy the convenience.

Though tarot won’t change your future, it will give you a sneak peek into what the future holds for you. Readings from home are growing in popularity. Get more acquainted with the process and benefits of tarot readings via phone/internet.

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Can Tarot Cards Be Read Over the Phone?

Can tarot cards really be read over the phone? Yes, they can! Absolutely!

Some people may be preparing for their very first card reading, whereas others get a reading every month. But you may never have had your cards read over the phone. Skepticism may play a part in your decision to stick with in-person readings.

You may also feel some fear of a disconnect between you and the person reading your cards. Or, simply fear or mistrust of the unknown. Isn’t that what tarot is about, though? The potential of the unknown?

Do Distance Tarot Readings Yield the Same Results?

Just because you can’t see the cards being pulled, that doesn’t mean it isn’t working just the same as a reading you would get if the tarot reader was right in front of you. We do so much over the phone these days. Are we not drifting further and further away from one on one meetings?

The beauty of tarot if the power it holds. So, even though you may be miles away (or even on the other side of the globe) the strength of the tarot can transcend space and time. There are many reasons that you would think about trying an over-the-phone reading.

Things that affect your ability to meet face-to-face include remote living, illness or home-bound status.  Perhaps you’ve exhausted the possibilities of using local readers in your area or simply wanting to have the privacy, comfort and hassle-free aspect of not having to drive somewhere.

Add Video Chat to Your Phone Tarot Readings

If being able to see your reader’s face during your session, look for people that offer Skype or an interactive webcam instead of over the phone.

Taking this route gives you the ability to not only see your reader’s face, but also see the cards as they are being pulled, flipped, and exposed.

Though it can be one issue of concern that through a phone or skype reading you won’t be able to physically pull your own cards, you may be able to direct the reader in which card to pull.

Suppose you were recommended by someone that you trust and respect to speak to a card reader that was across the country, or in another country. Would you disregard the recommendation simply because you couldn’t sit face to face with the person? I hope not.

Many tarot readers and mediums would argue that there is little to no difference between distance vs in-person readings.

I’ve recently started working with an online psychic reading company and I’ve received some great feedback. I’d love it if you could try them out and let me know your experience.

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How Do Tarot Readings Work?

Whether your reading is done over the phone, over the internet, or in person, the process is the same. First of all, no tarot card reading should be expected to produce 100% accuracy. Tarot is simply a glimpse into possible outcomes of the future.

  1. Before the reading even starts, you should be seated with your feet firmly on the ground and have a clear open mind. This is called “grounding.” Situate yourself in a quiet room without distractions so that you can focus on your reading.
  2. The reader may begin by asking you if you are wanting to ask a pointed question or pull cards based on a certain topic or person in your life – this is referred to as the “subject.” Or, you may just be curious to see what the cards have to say without a specific question in mind. In this case, you are in search of general reading.
  3. After you have discussed the reason for the reading, your psychic will shuffle the deck of cards. While they are shuffling, you may be encouraged to relax and focus on your question at hand, or just focus positive thoughts on the cards and their outcome.
  4. Your reader will choose a style of card layout. Depending on the nature of your reading, and upon the reader themselves, your cards will be laid out a certain way. There are many different options, and all of them have their own special meanings and approaches to getting an outcome for you.
  5. Cards are arranged in different patterns that depend on the timing, placement, and direction the cards are facing to translate to different meanings. Should you want them to go further into detail about the outcome of the flipped cards and what they stand for, there will be various methods they could use to go about it.

No two readings are ever the same, so the length of the sessions may vary, as well as the price you are charged for the reader’s fee. Most readers will have a fee-based on time spent on a session and depth of detail that you want them to go into.

The more you ask for, the more likely the price will rise. If you are concerned about how much you can spend, discuss that with them before the reading so that they are aware of your budget for the session.

Here is an article that talks about the best questions to ask a tarot reader: What are the best questions to ask in a tarot reading?

Choosing Your Tarot Card Reader

How do you choose your Card Reader? Sometimes you don’t choose them, they will find you. That might sound silly, but isn’t that how the best things in life often happen?  When a relationship is meant to be, it doesn’t really matter how you find each other.

If you do not have psychics falling into your lap, you may have to do a bit of searching. Where are they hiding?

Ask around! Do you have any family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues that can recommend a card reader to you? Getting a personal recommendation when you can be always a favorable way to find a service provider. Someone you know and trust has found someone that they trust, and they are willing to share them with you. Take the gift.

If you feel that you don’t need a trusted personal connection with your card reader that has good vibes, that is absolutely up to you. Perhaps you would rather have no connection or attachment at all to your card reader. In this case, your search will most likely be much easier than that of one that wants something deeper and longer-lasting.

A good card reader will earn your trust in order to have a lasting quality relationship with you. They want to see you as a returning customer!

Tarot Card Readings: Faith or Fact?

To have faith in something is to have blind confidence or trust. Belief without proof. For those that need tangible proof to believe, tarot may not necessarily result in the way one would hope. Tarot is one of those things that you have to feed positive energy and put your trust into. It is what you make of it.

Some would say that it’s all a hoax, waste of money, or work of the devil. Well, I guess they may never know the joy of having a quality card reading, will they?

Seeing as a tarot reading is based on you, and the guidance of your inner wisdom whether or not you can believe in the cards depends on you.

Should You Accept a Free Tarot Card Reading?

We love free stuff, most people do. Not everything that is free is worth having, though.  You may see an advertisement for a free tarot card reading and wonder if it really would be worth your time, or if it would be a big waste of time.

Do some research before you commit to a reading with a reader you haven’t worked with before. The same as you would before making any big decision. And, taking a detailed look into your future is a big deal. Don’t you think so?

When doing research on a tarot card reader is part investigator, part common sense, and part intuition. Trust your gut! If you are scanning over their website page and are getting a bad vibe or feel like it may be some sort of gimmick or fake site, move on. There are plenty of legitimate readers out there not to have to waste time on imposters of any type.

Take your time when sifting through the free tarot reading offers, you don’t want to miss the good ones! There will be those sites that you come across that you know immediately are not what you are looking for, then there are sites that make you stop and take a closer look at.

Are they advertising to give you the opportunity to try them and their services out, before you buy? Or, are they throwing around false advertisements to try and lure you in under false pretenses so that they can hopefully get you to spend some money on their illegitimate services?

Don’t get suckered in by the untruthful or unethical in the world of tarot. They are not true tarot card readers and give the tarot a bad image.

For a psychic, card reader, or medium, there is no amount of distance between the two of you will make a difference. Cards can absolutely be read from anywhere in the world!

Myths About Tarot–Busted

There are many myths out there surrounding the world of tarot cards and readings. For some people tarot may seem taboo or satanic, that is simply the fear of the unknown.

Psychics are the only people that can read cards.

This is false.

Anyone can shuffle, pull, and read cards with a guidebook or instruction. But there is a certain level of knowledge and wisdom and intuition that a card reader can bring to the table.

Tarot is magic or evil.

This is false. Cards are neither magic nor evil, so this myth isn’t true. Psychics or card readers use cards as a tool combined with enlightenment to provide you with a glance into your future.

I wrote an article about this specifically! Are tarot cards magic?

Card readings are always right.

False. The cards that are pulled for you are not always necessarily right. There is an element of getting out what you put into the reading.

If you walk into a reading with a negative attitude and don’t really feel open to it or believing it, you definitely will not get the same result if you were to go in open-minded with a positive attitude.

Here’s an article that talks about this topic… Should I believe my tarot reading? & Tarot readings are not set in stone and here’s why!

You cannot buy your own tarot card deck and do your own reading.

False. Of course, you can buy your own deck of tarot cards. How else are you supposed to receive them and start practicing doing readings and learning more about it?

Here are two articles that discusses this myth! Is it bad luck to buy used tarot cards? & Can you use someone else’s tarot cards?

Tarot cannot be read over the phone.

Most card readers would argue false. Tarot can most definitely be read over the phone or internet. It is even slightly more affordable than a traditional in-person reading. Sweet bonus!

Here are a couple of articles about this topic in more detail:

History and Basics of Tarot

How long has tarot card reading been around? Well, the first deck of cards was handcrafted with 60 cards in the deck between 1418-1425. Then a later variation made with 97 cards! Modern-day decks have 78 cards.

Tarot has also been known by other names over the centuries such as

  • Tarock
  • Tiertarock
  • Trionfi
  • Minchiate
  • Tarrochi
  • Tarocco

Though the games still do exist, most of us know tarot cards only as a means to help us to see what’s in our future. But, back in the 15th-century history shows that the first decks of tarot cards available to the public we used in competitive card games, which was the original purpose when it was created.

It was popular in the 1500s but came back in a big way in the 1800s in European countries. The original decks believed to come from Egypt later adapting Italian and French influences. Now there are four variants of suited deck from Italy, France, Germany, and Portugal.

Tarot Card Games:

  • Scarto
  • Grosstarock
  • Tarok
  • Tarock
  • Partita
  • French Tarot
  • Mitigati
  • Troccas
  • Chiamare el Re

Some of these games are solo play, and the rest are for two or more friends.

I also wrote an article called, “Are tarot cards religious?“, that talks about some of the history of tarot.

Reading your Own Cards

It is a myth that you cannot read your own cards, nor can you buy your own deck of tarot cards. The reasoning behind the myth of not buying your own deck is that it will be cursed, bring bad luck, or never give clear readings.

It is said that your first deck should be given to you, whether bought or stolen. Don’t you think that accepting stolen tarot cards is worse than buying your own?

The myth about reading your own tarot cards actually makes a bit more sense. So, you have a deck of tarot cards and want to practice, or simply see what comes up if you read your cards? Can you read your own cards?

Yes, you can do your own tarot reading, but the idea behind the warning against it is that you may not stick to the book. So, following these guidelines will help you stay in line and do it properly.

Similar to the way you would prepare yourself to have your cards read by a psychic, you will prepare to read your own cards.

Tips for Preparing to Do Your Own Tarot Reading

  • Time. Choose a time of day that you can focus on your reading.
  • Place. Pick a room in your house that is quiet and has the least amount of distractions.

Perhaps set a more relaxing mood with softer lighting, incense, and gentle music. Not necessary, but definitely very nice.

  • Mindset. Once the room is ready, get yourself ready. Ground, Ground, Ground! Place your feet firmly on the ground (best without shoes!) and clear your mind while letting positive energy flow head to toe. One of the main concerns of doing your own card reading is that you will be in the wrong state of mind.
  • Emotional state. Do not read your cards while your emotions are racing. If you have just had an argument or gone through anything traumatic, give yourself time to calm down and regroup before pulling out the deck. Your charging emotions can and will influence the cards in a biased way.
  • Stay on track. Even if your emotions aren’t racing, it is possible to want to be tempted to sway the outcome of the cards, or even bend the rules to have a more desirable reading. Whereas if you got your cards read by someone else, you would just have to take what you get.

Go slow. Start out with simple card layouts until you are more comfortable with more intricate readings.  Reference to a tarot guidebook whenever you need to. They will also give tips and tricks for beginners to advance their skills.

Enjoy your tarot experience!

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