Personalized Psychic Reading

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We ask…

That you provide 2 or 3 questions that you would like more information from our psychic.

What you receive:

An MP3 recording of your reading with our Psychic who will answer your questions and provide you with insights that she received about you.

The recording will be 30 – 40 minutes in duration depending on your questions.

You will receive a link to a google documents mp4 file that you can download, listen to and keep forever.

Schedule a time with our psychic:

Once you have paid for the reading, you will receive an email with options to schedule your 30-minute reading. You will also be asked to provide some details about yourself so that your psychic can connect with your energy before the reading. This will help you to get the best out of the information you receive.

During your reading you can ask questions and clarify as you wish.

This Service has a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied in any way with the reading, you will receive your money back.

What we need to get started:

Please provide the following information to ( with your payment receipt:

  1. Your full name at birth (first, middle and last names). Note, if you have changed your name since birth for any reason, it’s your birth name that our psychic needs. You can also provide your current name, so that she can speak to you (but please let us know which is which)
  2. Include the city that you are currently living in
  3. Include your date of birth
  4. Include the time of birth (if you know it)
  5. Include the location of your birth (City, State & Country)
  6. Include 3 to 5 questions that you would like the answers to.

Price: $120, Now! $60 USD

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