Is The Libra Woman Controlling?

If you believe that you know someone who always maintains perfection that comes by taking control, that someone could be a Libra woman. If you want to know if a Libra woman is controlling or not, you have come to the right place.

A Libra woman is controlling when she feels like everything doesn’t seem to live up to her expectations. She wants everything close to perfection, so she will start to take control and boss you around. A Libra woman will feel uneasy and anxious when she isn’t the one taking control of the situation.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Libra woman is controlling and how to break up with her. Read further!

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Red Flags Of A Libra Woman

Because she desires to look well in front of others, a Libra woman is reluctant to voice a strong opinion or take a side in any controversy, thus her position likewise tends to stay on the ground. She often cares more about what other people think of her than being truthful or standing up for what she believes in.

One of the flaws of the Libra woman is that she may be a little self-absorbed, so when things don’t always go her way, she feels that the world is ending and that everyone is out to get her. Self-centeredness might occasionally increase her likelihood of failing since it keeps her in a negative frame of mind.

Is The Libra Woman Controlling?

Because a Libra woman is the sign of the scales, she tends to weigh things. She will meticulously adjust her behavior to elicit a particular response while constantly shifting, like shape-shifters, and keeping an eye out for other people’s reactions.

If the yearning for harmony becomes excessive, a Libra woman turns controlling, dominating, and subversive. The perfectionist nature of this sign—with the capacity to influence others—leads to her controlling behavior.

As a result of her demand for control, a Libra woman is frequently thought to be bossy. It is well known that she constantly demands harmony and perfection in all facets of her life. She will go to any lengths to shift the balances back in her favor if she believes that something is out of balance.

A Libra woman who lacks control will feel uneasy and worried and will be eager for normalcy.

In order to recover her position as the leader, a Libra woman will be brutally honest with you about how you are undermining her authority and take fast action. If you don’t let her participate in the planning, she’ll feel out of control and start being bossy.

A Libra woman may occasionally take her frustrations out on someone else if she is feeling out of control due to other aspects of her life.

Signs A Libra Woman Is Controlling

She is insecure

The poor self-esteem of the Libra woman will come to the surface when she becomes controlling. She might appear to be doubting herself all the time when she is not the one taking the lead. She frequently fails to express what is genuinely on her mind and the majority of the time, she knows she lacks assertiveness.

A Libra woman tries to take control because she is aware that most people take advantage of those they can manipulate and lack self-confidence.

As it makes a Libra woman feel satisfied with herself, she would desire everyone’s happiness by controlling them. She tends to desire to be in charge since her scales need to be balanced. She will begin to distrust those around her and herself much more when she lacks this control.

As a Libra woman attempts to return to being grounded, she will lose confidence and may regain it back by coming out as being in charge.

She hates being alone

If a Libra woman is controlling, you can be sure that she will want you for the rest of her life.

For her, having a stable relationship is crucial to the point where she yearns for control. As a Libra woman is naturally independent, you will notice her need for control if she is in a relationship where she feels codependent.

A Libra woman craves a relationship with someone who understands her and doesn’t require her to explain himself all the time. Ironically, when she describes himself, she does come off as being somewhat dominant. A Libra woman frequently takes charge, leaving her partner no choice but to follow.

She is indecisive

As an air sign, a Libra woman deals with making decisions. She continues to scrutinize and overanalyze the advantages and disadvantages of each situation in an effort to make the ideal choice.

That makes it challenging for her to come to an agreement because she is susceptible to having her opinions shaped by others around her. Even if a Libra woman only needed to make a modest choice, she would want others to follow through.

Along with this, a Libra woman risks being obnoxious and demanding that others should follow her as she attempts to resolve any problems that come with the relationship.

She may even try to influence those around her to follow her decision because she thinks it works better that way. Hence, even if a Libra woman has the best of intentions, her indecisiveness may lead her to take control of her surroundings.

She is selfish

The Libra woman is strong enough to put up with bad things whenever it happens to her. Despite her love for peace, she won’t put up with anyone who tries to disturb the balance in her life. A Libra woman is aware of this and works on it to develop her personality.

Yet, she can become so engrossed in keeping things peaceful that she becomes controlling towards herself and those around her.

A Libra woman is a big believer in taking advantage of everything life has to offer. She is a happiness-seeker who concentrates on what gives her pleasure. Despite her altruistic nature and desire to harmonize with others, she can occasionally behave selfishly.

A Libra woman may come out as egotistical due to her pursuit of pleasure and perfection. When this happens, she could control the opinions of those around her and prioritize her own needs.

She is impatient

When things don’t go her way, a Libra woman may lose her patience. When she makes a decision, she wants it to take place as soon as possible without any objections. She gets impatient easily, so she tries to control the situation for her plans to get it done.

When a particular circumstance or person fails to do what a Libra woman asked, she will disengage and act coldly.

A Libra woman is skilled at influencing others to work to her advantage. She is skilled in manipulating others to do her tasks, yet she gets impatient when asked to wait. If someone disagrees with her, a Libra woman will quickly persuade that person to follow her demands.

How To Handle A Controlling Libra Woman

The peace-loving nature of the Libra woman is reflected in her romantic relationships. She does not enjoy having loud, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, nor does she like confrontational conversations or arguments.

A Libra woman frequently likes to get to know someone before forming any emotional relationship.

Given this, you should use caution while interacting with a Libra woman to prevent her from fleeing from you. When a Libra woman perceives that you hold her in great regard and respect, she will become more confident and at ease with you.

Note that a Libra woman has the option of choosing respect for herself over love.

Ways To Break Up With A Libra Woman

Don’t give her hope

Be truthful about what isn’t working, but also admit your part in those issues to show respect and thanks and help a Libra woman feel less responsible.

Yet, saying words like “maybe someday” or “I suppose I might regret this in the future” or “For now” instills hope and provides her something to cling to in her mind.

Make it concrete if you are taking action to put an end to your relationship with a Libra woman.

When this sign meets someone else, she may sometimes know right away that she is the one. Nevertheless, many times a Libra woman holds onto threads of relationships because she prefers the thought that there is someone waiting for her.

Be honest

The last thing you can do when breaking up with a Libra woman is to be truthful, even if it necessitates telling her what you dislike about her. She may first feel offended, but it provides her the opportunity to improve for potential future relationships.

Inform a Libra woman firmly and directly that you wish to end your relationship with her. Tell her afterward that while it may sting, it’s ultimately for the best for both of you. A Libra woman deserves to know the truth, even though it can be uncomfortable.

Say it in person

Tell your Libra woman that you want to see her so you can break the news to her in person. Try to arrange a video chat with her if you live too far apart to be able to meet up in person. This will allow a Libra woman to see your sincerity and understand you better.

Breaking up with a Libra woman by text or social media isn’t the most respectful or pleasant thing to do. Consider what it could be like to be in her position and how it might affect you if she breaks up with you indirectly.

Be sensitive to a Libra woman’s feelings because she might find it more difficult to process the news no matter how you say it to her.

Is the Libra woman controlling? Final thoughts…

Yes, a Libra woman is controlling because:

  • She is a perfectionist
  • She needs balance
  • She is bossy
  • She becomes uneasy
  • She becomes anxious



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