Is The Libra Man Controlling?

Of all the signs in the zodiac, a Libra man is the least likely to fit in the description of being too controlling. If you are trying to find out if your Libra man is controlling or not, you have come to the right place.

A Libra man is far from being controlling because he tends to go with the flow. He doesn’t feel the need to be in control and would prefer if you were the one trying to control the pace of the relationship. Instead of trying to take control, a Libra man would rather have his space.

Read further to learn about the signs when a Libra man is controlling and how to break up with him!

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Red Flags Of A Libra Man

A Libra man will use every effort to maintain peace and harmony in his daily life. No matter how hard he tries to ignore and avoid it, the conflict will still arise. At some time, a Libra man will try to avoid confrontations and emotional conversations about the problems arising in your relationship.

A Libra man doesn’t want to confront you about the problems in your relationship and runs the risk of offending you. He despises disagreements and he won’t want to truly talk about whatever he’s done to you if you try to talk to him about it.

A Libra man will dismiss it and he can downplay the issue or simply say what he believes would appeal to you.

A Libra man is a big believer in taking advantage of everything life has to offer. He seeks happiness and only concentrates on what gives him pleasure. Despite his altruistic nature and desire to aid others, he can occasionally behave selfishly.

He may come out as egotistical due to his pursuit of pleasure and acting inconsiderately of what others may feel. When this happens, a Libra man could dismiss the opinions of those around him and prioritize his own needs.

While emotional, a Libra man is also capable of distancing himself. This characteristic causes him to think clearly and only invest emotionally when he believes it to be required. When a particular circumstance or person fails to keep him interested, he will disengage and act cold.

A Libra man may appear emotionless to others, yet it helps him in maintaining his mental and emotional well-being.

Is The Libra Man Controlling?

The biggest secret about a Libra man is that he is passive and he won’t mind if you take charge because he doesn’t need to be in charge of his surroundings. He is very simple to manipulate in relationships because of this.

Because he would rather see you happy than take control over you, you can typically get your way. A Libra man is receptive to his partner’s advice, so a strong-willed woman will find this to be great.

You can share your priorities and thoughts with your Libra man, as well as decide which movie to see and where to go on vacation. He’ll gladly take your suggestions because he loves taking pleasure in learning new things.

He does not strive to control his environment because he has discovered that going with the flow rather than pushing against an uphill battle gets him further. In order to please you, a Libra man prefers to be considerate and courteous.

Signs A Libra Man Is Not Controlling

He goes with the flow

A Libra man is adaptable, so he hardly ever asserts himself and demands that things be done his way. He tends to take a passive rather than an aggressive stance because he needs to feel safe, and he finds security by maintaining calm.

A Libra man can be so adaptable that he’ll consider all options and be content with whatever transpires.

A Libra man enjoys giving in to his moods and he has a tendency to overthink things because of his intellect. Together with slowing him down, this prevents him from becoming abrasive or demanding in relationships.

He is laid back and unlikely to assert himself as the one in charge because he prefers to go with the flow. To put it in another way, a Libra man is laid back but he probably won’t put up a fight to keep a relationship continuing.

He doesn’t need control

A Libra man won’t mind if you take charge because he doesn’t feel the need to be in charge of his surroundings. Because he would rather see you happy than take control over you, you can typically get your way with him. A Libra man doesn’t always need to speak last because he is receptive to your advice.

Even if he may have his own desires, a Libra man will set them aside and will put your needs ahead of his own in order to appease you.

Yet, you can make sure he stays interested if you want to keep on maintaining a balance between your interests and his. A Libra man will inevitably give you the reins because he is content with following your pace.

He needs space

In a relationship, a Libra man truly requires a lot of breathing room. He won’t have any say over where you two go, but he prefers to go at a pace that feels natural to him.

That’s why a Libra man will come out as distant. He has no issues bowing down to your authority in the relationship, yet he will occasionally require a break from the relationship since it overwhelms him.

A Libra man is letting you know he needs space when he becomes quiet.

He is not attempting to dominate the connection; he just wants to regain his sense of balance. A Libra man maintains a deep connection in the relationship by doing this because he would much rather give you the reins while creating some breathing room.

How To Handle A Libra Man

Conflict does not appeal to a Libra man because he might feel awkward if you call him directly about the problem when you two get into a fight. Give him some room and let him talk about the problem when he is ready to talk about it. Let yourself take your time as well, and if you must reach out, do it gently.

When something bothers a Libra man, he will start to go into silent mode. His actions are so evident that they will eventually start to pique your interest and change your mood. But you should remember to remain calm and strive to see the bright side and handle the entire circumstance with logic and wisdom.

Contradiction is not something that a Libra man enjoys; in fact, he tends to just flee from it.

Just mention it to him in a non-aggressive manner if there is something troubling you and keep a calm environment. A Libra man will be more than happy to discuss it with you because he will prefer to have it that way than to argue.

As a Libra man who has a strong sense of fairness, he nearly never uses questionable tactics to achieve his goals.

As I have mentioned before, he would prefer to have you control the relationship to avoid conflicts. Remember this if he ever comes off as being shady; it is probably only your imagination as your Libra man will go to great lengths to uphold justice.

Is the Libra man controlling? Final thoughts…

No, the Libra man is not controlling because:

  • He goes with the flow
  • He doesn’t need control
  • He needs space



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