Is The Gemini Man Controlling?

If you have a friend or a boyfriend that is friends with almost everyone you can think of, he is definitely a Gemini man. And if you are wondering whether he is controlling or not, then you stumbled upon the perfect article to answer that!

A Gemini man is not controlling because he is very independent. He respects your independence as well.

He knows that individuality still needs to be valued in every relationship. Another reason can be he cannot commit. He knows that he cannot be controlling. Lastly, he avoids serious problems like deep-rooted jealousy.

If you want to know more about the red flags of a Gemini man and the reasons why a Gemini man is not controlling, then read on!

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Red Flags Of A Gemini Man

When I think of a Gemini man, I think of someone fun and careless. He is very the type to be friends with everyone at a party. This makes sense because he is ruled by the planet, Mercury which is the planet of communication.

However, because of how careless he is, he can also be irresponsible with a lot of things in his life. He is not the type to be planning his life out and executing them. He is the type to go with the flow.

Another red flag that a Gemini man possesses is that he constantly changes his mind. This instantly happens when he is presented with something cooler or nicer.

This is also something that you should be aware of when you are in a relationship with him because he can never make up his mind, and this can mean that he can love you this time but cannot the next.

Is The Gemini Man Controlling?

Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Gemini man is the least likely to be controlled because of their very independent nature.

He is also very friendly and does not want to be tied down just yet while he is still having fun. If your Gemini man is still not over his younger years, then he might not be ready for a serious commitment yet.

Even though he is committed to someone already, it is rare for him to want to try to control a situation or a person because again, he goes with the flow and likes to just have fun.

It is also very hard to make a Gemini man jealous because he is a little bit flirty himself. He is also not the type to really push what he wants to happen. That is just not him.

Signs That A Gemini Man Is Not Controlling

He is very independent

Apart from being friendly, one thing that a Gemini man takes pride of his independence. With that being said, he is also very respectful of your freedom. He is not possessive because he understands that everybody needs their own individuality and identity apart from her relationship with her partner.

As I have said earlier, a Gemini man loves to have fun, and he certainly wants you to have fun as well.

He is very social and does not like to be with his partner all the time. I do not mean this in a bad way. I just mean that he likes to hang out with people he considers his friends – and sometimes, just people he wants to get to know more of.

He cannot commit

When a Gemini man is not yet mature, there are tendencies for him to continue to be having fun. He likes to keep his options open and continuously seek the person he really wants to be with for the rest of his life. And if you are someone who does not like to be committed as well, a Gemini man is perfect for you.

This is a sign that he is not possessive because there are high chances that he will allow you to keep your options as well. You will know that he does not want to commit because he tries his best to dodge the topic. He will not make the effort to really tell you how he feels.

You do not need to hear the exact words from him. You just need to feel it.

He avoids serious problems

This can be a little bit cute, but when a Gemini man really likes you, he will get jealous.

What makes this cute is that he hides his deep jealousy by being a little funny and flirty about it. He may be telling you that he is jealous in a joking manner. This all boils down to the fact that he does not want to talk about something serious.

A Gemini man, being the charming and fun guy that he is, does not want to engage in serious problems.

He would rather forget about his jealousy rather than talk about it. Yes, he is good with communication, but these are topics that he certainly avoids. So, if you feel like your Gemini man is getting a little bit jealous, just reassure him.

Ways To Handle A Gemini Man

If you are enjoying your time with a Gemini man too much, then you might want to read this part right here.

Here are a few tips to keep up with your Gemini man. First, you need to be spontaneous. He likes to be surprised, so you need to make sure that you have little random surprises here and there just to make his day.

You also need to make use of the advantage of his non-controlling behavior. You also need to make sure that he sees that you are independent as well.

Again, he is not the type to be clinging to you 24/7. He likes to do his own thing because he is just independent like that. So, you need to show him that you do have your own thing going on and that your world does not revolve just around him.

Show him that you are your own boss and do not need a man to feel loved, valued, and cherished. He will be more attracted to you than wanting to be with him all the time. Allow him to see you being on your own lane, minding your own business, and working on your future.

Go with the flow. If you are in a situation with a Gemini man, then you must be strong and nonchalant with regard to being in a committed relationship with him because even though he is sweet and charming to you, he can change his mind instantly.

You need to be able to handle the hurt if he decides not to be with you. It is a perfect setup if you are not looking for a committed relationship at the moment.

A Gemini man is very communicative, and so, if you want to keep his attention, you need to do the same. You need to be able to participate in a playful banter when he initiates it. He likes to learn about interesting topics, so, you need to make sure that you have a lot in store when you go out with him.

On the other hand, when you are in a relationship, be open with your problems and be able to explain them very clearly to him. This shows that you have great communication skills.

Is the Gemini man controlling? Final thoughts…

No, a Gemini man is not controlling because:

  • He is very independent
  • He cannot commit
  • He avoids serious problems



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