How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart? (7 Ways)

How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart

If you want to win over a Leo man’s heart then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re showing you the ways to win over your Leo man’s heart and make him fall hard!

To win a Leo man’s heart, admire him fervently, do not fake or give him shallow compliments, instead go to what really makes him attractive and fun to be with. Offer genuine compliments. Be a strong and confident woman.  He admires an independent woman.

The Leo man is the King of the zodiac! Incredibly benevolent with a strong and magnetic personality, he is seen as the leader and he knows it, his self-confidence and assurance accompanied by his fixed nature make him incredibly outstanding to be with!

Compared to the other fire signs, The Leo man has intense inward fire, a fire that lasts, this makes his drive and passion long-lasting, and with that he can succeed in any undertaking he has, most especially if he is fond of the theatrics and drama!

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Leo man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes Leo Men special?

How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart?

Take Note: This applies to men born in the Sun sign of Leo or men with plenty of Leo placements in their birth chart (moon, rising. Mercury. Venus, Mars) along with the Rising sign, they are the head topic of this article.

The Leo man has an inward bright orange fire that grows and spreads! His fire and energy create a bright light that everyone admires and is inspired by, some people might even fear him because of the confidence and bravery he has, the king of the jungle, as they say, this man is incredibly strong and masculine!

However, this isn’t what makes him extremely special, what makes him so special is his ability to bring life and vitality into the people and his surroundings either through his creative passion or by actively engaging with them! As such he can be recognized very well in entertainment, drama, and creativity!

Have you noticed that a lot of famous celebrities and influencers are born in the sign of Leo? It is no coincidence, The Leo man you’re with has great creative power, because of this he can be incredibly expressive, he has a healthy ego and it shines brightly all throughout his lifetime!

Because he is ruled by The Sun and is a fixed fire sign, he can be stubborn to get what he wants, his fiery temper can be a problem but he means well, this man has a lot of fire in him that he wants to express although nothing beats his loving and generous heart.

The Leo man when he expresses his passion at his highest essence can be extremely magnetic and admirable, he is charismatic and his overall energy and personality brightens and inspires everyone around him.

This is what makes a Leo man special and loveable in the first place, The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep, he moves on his own, he knows his own strength and abilities and he knows you have it in you too – he is inspiring and pushes you to achieve great lengths too!

The Leo man is a truly inspiring leader, honorable and assertive, he is straightforward and uses his drive to succeed, this can make him a good friend to his peers and a great dynamic lover to his partner!

That’s what makes a Leo man special!

What are your chances with a Leo man?

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7 Ways to win your Leo Man’s Heart?

Admire him in a sincere way!

How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart?

To win him over, you must show him that you admire his creative pursuits or passion, show him that you truly are happy and supportive of him, and that you are incredibly amazed by his talents whatever it may be!

When you have the chance, ask him about his passion and endeavors, you’ll surely see the brightness in his eyes when he does share important matters with you, do these whenever you’re around him or when you’re interacting with him in the same room and he’ll definitely be engaged with you too!

Don’t forget genuine compliments

Don’t forget to shower him with compliments and positive words of affirmation, this turns him on and gives a positive outlook on you and your relationship with him! Be fun when complimenting him, and try being seductive when doing so…

The mixture of sincere compliments accompanied by playful banter and seduction will surely make him fall in love with you like no other!

Be a Strong, Confident, Independent woman yourself!

Show him your inner power and strength!

Your Leo man is insanely attracted to free-thinker, independent and blunt types, as such incorporating good body language and self-confidence in your way of speaking is a surefire way to make sure he sees you as wifey material!

Your Leo man is looking for a match! He doesn’t want the dainty types, he prefers his woman bold and courageous like him!

Live life with passion!

How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart

Travel, creatively, and freely express your talents and passion, go create a group work for a cause, party and hang out with your friends more…be fun and lively!

When he knows that you’re living your life vividly like the main character in a rom-com movie she’ll be insanely attracted to you and the life you project! Living life with passion gives him more energy and drive to live life the same as you.

The more you’re inspiring him, the more you’ll win his heart over!

Be generous when you’re with him

Give him nice gifts, preferably gold jewelry that complements his energy and aura will surely melt his heart, if you’re out of cash, a simple treat or sweets will do, this will make him remember you as you’re the first person to ever give him something.

Be Blunt!

Speak your mind! He doesn’t like a woman who is too afraid to speak her mind, be wild and free! Get your blunt side more often, he’ll appreciate it more and he’ll be more into you if he knows deeply that you too are entirely similar!

Be supportive of his goals and plans

How To Win A Leo Man’s Heart?

Last but not least, be supportive and be a good friend and listener when he’s sharing anything important to him especially his goals and aspirations in life when he needs help offer solutions to him, if he’s feeling down be sure to be there to him to help his sad heart warm up.

Surely in no time, he will fall for you hard!

Get more details about your Leo man!

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Win a Leo Man’s proud, magnetic, and confident heart, final thoughts…

Dating a Leo man is not for the faint of heart, he has one of the strongest and fiercest personalities in the zodiac sign, with that you gotta be prepared for the heavy emotional rollercoaster with him because once you get his trust and love, he will be your ride or die until the end!

Applying some of the things mentioned above to get close or even strengthen a relationship you have with your Leo man is a surefire way to keep the relationship good and long, remember that this applies to men with their Sun in Leo or who have plenty of heavy Leo placements, especially in their inner planets in their birth chart.

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