How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

If you are pursuing a Gemini man it is best to know the best ways to do and how to communicate in order to securely win this flighty and detached man’s heart, in this article we’re going to show you how to win over a Gemini man’s heart and get close to him in a deeper romantic level!

In order to win the heart of a Gemini man you must be intellectually stimulating in everything you do with him, don’t be clingy or show any emotional intensity as it he might not know how to handle it, instead be approachable and fun, match the social butterfly energy he has while still keeping your unique identity.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Gemini man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Gemini man special?

How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

Please take note that these apply to men born with their Sun in Gemini as well as men who have heavy Gemini placements in their birth chart most especially the inner planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter).

If you don’t know his birth chart it is best to find out by asking about his birthday and his specific birth time to find out his Rising or Ascendant sign.

The Gemini man thinks fast and thinks with wit and cunning, ruled by the quick Mercury, the messenger of the Gods!

Your Gemini man is incredibly smart and quick-witted, there are so many thoughts and ideas running in his head that it can be quite chaotic if people can just see it.

Being ruled by Mercury and having air as the ruling element accompanied by the mutable modality of this man’s sign, he is extremely lost in his own mind where plenty of wonderful and terrific ideas kick in, this is what makes a Gemini man – he is extremely intelligent even to the extent of being cunning.

Because of this many people might admire the different talents and skills of this man, he will also have incredible social skills that will make him charming and popular to others, alongside that he also has a way with words so expect him to be a smooth talker and get away with things without people noticing.

The Gemini man exhibits the jack-of-all-trades mentality and energy, he will always have a snippet of knowledge in just about anything you can imagine, this makes him hard to fool, and more likely he’ll be the one who has the tricks under his sleeves.

However! Do not be scared of your Gemini man! He can be extremely wise and cunning in all sorts of areas of life but this man doesn’t inherently use his brainpower for trickery and deviant things…

In most cases, The Gemini man is a man who has a brain of a sponge, he wants to soak in all information in his environment because he simply wants to, that’s how his mind works, and for the most part, this can make him open-minded and understanding to people.

This can make him extremely likable among different peers and social circles, he’s not two-faced, he just understands deeply the varying personalities of different people, he can mix and match and with that, he can help get along with them and understand them completely.

Overall, this man is naturally inquisitive with a sharp mind and tongue, he is social, a great multitasker and charming which makes them special, aside from that, the natural light and easy-going energy of this man can attract many potential partners…

With that said, there are important ways that you can do to win over his heart and make him attracted to you like no other!

What are your chances with a Gemini man?

Before we get into how to win your Gemini man’s heart, it’s probably a good idea to check how compatible you are with him…

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Let’s jump right into the ways to win a Gemini man’s heart!

7 Ways to Win a Gemini Man’s Heart?

Be funny!

How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

Overall, it is really hard to build your own sets of skills in making people laugh and be light-hearted around your company, as such, it is best to build your personality and have some kind of humor with you!

No matter what kind of humor you’d like to put up in front to make him giggle, it is always important to have this sense of fun whenever you are around him…

Seriousness and gloominess are some of the pet peeves of this man so avoid being devoid of logic and fun!

Match his energy or the mood he’s in!

Your Gemini man is extremely changeable and unhinged because of his mutable nature, his mood swings will always be apparent and very noticeable, as such making sure that you can match whatever energy he’s displaying is a surefire way to win him over!

Show him you’re just as crazy as he is and he’ll surely be around you for more fun and excitement! 

Tease him

Whether it is debates or mental challenges, a great way to surely win him over is by teasing him, not only the teasing could lead to a more freaky night with him, but this also notifies him that you are the kind of woman he wants – the one who’s game for whatever exciting challenge there is.

Be the decisive one in your relationship

How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

Beer or wine? Or scotch? Or vodka?  Even during night-outs with him, he can be indecisive with what he wants, as such showing a strong arm and letting him go with the flow with whatever you want is a sure way to turn him on and make him fall in love with you…

Not only he’ll be insanely attracted to you, but he’ll also see the fact that you are wild and adventurous, even more so than him! 

Be Mentally Active and Stimulating

A nice romantic and sexy relationship is nice for a Gemini man but if it lacks the mental stimulation he simultaneously craves 24/7 he will find it boring and might look for the next one, as such be mentally active and stimulating.

Read more books and other sources of knowledge and share with him all the interesting stories or pieces of information you might know, this will make him more in love and he’ll surely give his heart to you without you even asking for it.

Compliment him

The Gemini man takes great pride in his intelligence, with that you must compliment his intelligence (primarily) and other intangible traits rather than the physical body you see, this makes the compliment more sincere and genuine rather than complimenting him because he looks handsome.

Don’t fake the compliments, it takes time to get to know him personally, and if you know any passion that he’s into you can also complement it and be supportive to him!

Put extra effort…

How To Win A Gemini Man’s Heart?

Dress up, look beautiful and sexy, work on your posture, and tap on your feminine side, it doesn’t hurt to put up extra effort to win over someone you really like, when you do this, it reassures them that you really like him for what he is.

If you get close enough to him on an intimate level it is best to be truly genuine in your thoughts and attitude, tell him how much you care for him and how much it excites you that you’re in his presence.

He appreciates it, if the moment is right, he’ll be more likely to set aside his detached nature and open up to what he is really feeling, this will be a win-win situation for both of you.

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To win a Gemini man’s fast and unpredictable heart, final thoughts…

Intelligent beyond his years and extremely charming to everyone he is with, your Gemini man is a true boy next door of the zodiac, he is fun to be around and extremely versatile, and in order to win his heart you must match his social butterfly energy and be up for long and meaningful conversations.

Remember that his sun in Gemini makes him talented and witty, because Gemini is a masculine air sign, the sun, and is in a favorable position, expect him to have bright and shining qualities that will attract plenty of admirers.

Nonetheless, it is best to fully know his birth chart and look for his Mars and Venus signs to fully know his love language, what he wants romantically, and how he likes to make love to his partner.

For more information about the zodiac signs, click the link down below for more information!



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