How To Tell If A Gemini Man Is Lying

Since a Gemini man has a dual nature, looking out for any signs of dishonesty can be a challenge for you. If you want to know the signs when a Gemini man is lying, you have come to the right place.

A Gemini man may be lying to you if he is playing mind games with you and wants to be in control of the relationship. He will also flake out on you and will keep you hidden from his family and friends. Since it’s in a Gemini man’s nature to be secretive, he will be extremely closed off.

Read on to know more about the signs when a Gemini man is no longer interested and how to make him fall in love with you again!

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Weaknesses Of A Gemini Man

It makes sense that others would perceive a Gemini man as dismissive given his quick wit, sharp intelligence, and ambition to obtain what he wants.

He has the propensity to be two-faced and enjoys starting discussions, but he can occasionally find it difficult to keep his emotions going since he becomes bored easily or goes on to other topics. A Gemini man doesn’t mind a little drama, but he will struggle to control his emotions.

A Gemini man can be challenging to keep up with because of his dual nature. He frequently moves from one thing to another without warning and is infamously unreliable and unpredictable.

He will thrive in mentally stimulating situations; if anything becomes monotonous or repetitive, he will rapidly lose interest and move on. A Gemini man can occasionally make rash judgments because of his need for change, which doesn’t always turn out well for him.

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5 Signs A Gemini Man Is Lying

He is flaky

It’s a clue he probably is hiding something from you if your Gemini man frequently cancels on plans with you. It’s common for people to cancel arrangements, but if this behavior becomes a pattern, he probably isn’t prepared to put any effort into the relationship.

It’s an indication that a Gemini man doesn’t really care about how you feel, so make sure to look out for this kind of behavior.

Because a Gemini man can be a busy man who is continuously moving, he might be a flake a lot. Even so, he can just be playing you and dragging you along if there is a pattern of him breaking his promise and disappearing on you without warning.

He is playing you

Your Gemini man might be playing you if you discover that he has been dishonest with you. He enjoys adventure and discovery because he may not be interested in finding a long-term partner. Your Gemini man may thus tell you whatever you want to hear in order to prevent you from learning the reality.

A Gemini man is a cunning and secretive individual whose genuine motivations are frequently challenging to ascertain. You should be alert because he could be sly and deceptive when it comes to his genuine motives.

If your Gemini man isn’t being completely honest with you about his intentions, he might just be having a good time while toying around.

He is closed off

If a Gemini man has never expressed his emotions, he might be afraid to show you what he is really feeling. Keep in mind that he is naturally curious and perceptive, so he can make excellent friends but is not the ideal companion for a committed relationship.

A Gemini man is lying to you if he becomes closed off without any reason to be.

You see, your Gemini man can just be playing with you and enjoying the suspense of the chase and the excitement of being secretive if he isn’t ready to discuss important topics and get to the core of things with you.

His character, though, predisposes him to be this way and he’s not really to fault, though. Hence, you might be better off going elsewhere if you’re hoping for an open relationship.

He keeps you hidden

A Geminis man is a reclusive individual who takes pleasure in keeping things hidden.

It might be that he’s also lying to the people about you and doesn’t want you to know who he really is. Moreover, it could be that he’s bashful and isn’t ready to introduce you to other people yet if he’s attempting to keep your relationship a secret from his friends and family.

A Gemini man might, however, be keeping you away from the public because he may be having an affair with someone else.

If this sign keeps his relationship with you very private, this is more likely to occur. It’s no surprise that a Gemini man will be keeping a lot of things hidden from you because it’s what he does best.

He wants control

A Gemini man might be keeping something from you if he always seems to be in charge of your relationship and wants to make the decisions. In actuality, this sign is a born leader who is drawn to those who respect him and give him the freedom to do as she chooses.

You can become his next victim if your Gemini man isn’t serious about a relationship but still longs for a girlfriend.

Simply put, a Gemini man wants to be in charge and would rather engage in mind games than commit to a committed relationship. Also, he will attempt to defend himself if you catch him lying and he will probably do so by finding someone else to blame or finding an explanation for himself.

Signs A Gemini Man Is No Longer Interested

He doesn’t communicate

A Gemini man’s governing planet suggests that he is gregarious and outspoken. He has little trouble striking up discussions with strangers and is good at making new friends. Even if a Gemini man has no romantic interest in anyone, he goes out of his way to greet and chat with them.

So if a Gemini man entirely avoids communication with you, don’t interpret that as a sign that he’s bashful or even trying to avoid you.

Even if this sign avoids conflict, he will still find a way to make it very apparent that he has no romantic interest in you. One of the most obvious signs that a Gemini man isn’t interested in you is when he runs away rather than conversing with you

He starts arguments

A Gemini man is non-confrontational and despises real confrontations, even though he could love discussing topics from many angles and picking playful banters. You will notice that he will respond in an unusually combative manner if he isn’t interested in you.

A Gemini man will start conflicts with you over trivial issues in an effort to distance himself from you.

A Gemini man initiates arguments to make you realize how different you are from him and to make you avoid being around him. He’s trying to tell you that he doesn’t want to be with you, but he’s doing it subtly to avoid feeling guilty.

Since a Gemini man avoids arguing with the woman he likes and frequently gives in to her preferences and viewpoints, this says a lot.

He avoids you

One of the air signs, a Gemini man is renowned for his gregarious, extroverted, and social nature. Even if he really likes you, don’t be shocked if this sign suddenly leaves and reappears in your life whenever he wants to.

Keep an eye on whether or not your Gemini man makes arrangements with you if you sense that he is withdrawing.

If you want to know how to spot a Gemini man fooling you, listen to his hazy suggestions that you two should get together at some point without making firm preparations. Moreover, a Gemini man will constantly claim to be too busy to see you if he doesn’t like you at all.

How To Make A Gemini Man Fall In Love With You Again

Don’t be scared to switch up the routine because a Gemini man becomes bored easily. That can entail trying a brand-new restaurant for a dinner date, traveling to a place he’s never been to, or starting a brand-new hobby together.

Everything that appeals to a Gemini man’s sense of adventure will undoubtedly be well-liked.

You’ll be sure to attract a Gemini man’s attention if you can discover a method to surprise him with something delightful.

Don’t stress about choosing something pricey; the experience of being surprised is more important than the actual gift. To let your Gemini man know you’re paying attention to him, just attempt to be thoughtful.

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How to tell if a Gemini man is lying to you, final thoughts…

If a Gemini man is lying to you:

  • He is flaky
  • He is playing you
  • He is closed off
  • He keeps you hidden
  • He wants control



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