How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman

In this article we’re going to tell you the tips and tricks to properly talk dirty to a Sagittarius woman, if you’re looking to spice things up with your Sagittarius woman and sexually charge him in bed, you’re in the right place!

When you’re talking dirty to a Sagittarius woman you must be wild and fun in your pursuit of her, she loves to chase and be chased, and being extra sensitive to her pleasures enhances her sexual arousal, keep it fun and casual, try to be upbeat and friendly in your approach to her, any seriousness should be prohibited.

Sagittarius women are the adventurous women of the zodiac, incredibly wonderful to be around and lively, these women treat sex like an adventure and a new way to explore the part of themselves that are still unknown to them.

With that said here is how you can be able to fully talk dirty to a Sagittarius woman when you’re with her or if you’re talking to her through text…

Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Sagittarius woman with words?

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman

When you’re talking dirty to a Sagittarius woman you must be able to mentally stimulate her because she is naturally curious and adventurous with a knack for traveling…

Letting her think of what you might do is a great way to keep the tension on with her!

Mentally challenge her by teasing her and friendly arguing with her while keeping the conversation fun, upbeat, and light. Be a mix of freaky and casual, she will surely love it when you do it with her.

During the duration of the arguing, you can try to sexually charge things up by doing something spontaneous like undressing slowly or by touching or caressing her skin or any part of her body where she feels ticklish.

Because your Sagittarius woman is a mutable fire sign, she can be changeable because her fiery passion fluctuates at different times, it is best to suggest to her things that she’s never done before in bed.

Telling her you want to do it in the most random of places makes her more engaged in the conversation.

The key is to make sure the fun and spontaneity are there at the moment and surely he will love it and will be madly in love with you!

7 Ways to talk dirty to a Sagittarius woman through text…

Send her moans and orgasms voice mails 

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman

When you’re talking dirty to your Sagittarius woman, it is great to send her moans or dirty messages of you, much better if it’s you coming or moaning, the hearing stimuli makes her insanely wild and aroused.

She’ll surely love it!

Sexual pickup lines work well

A fun but humorous sexual pickup lines work well with your Sagittarius woman because she is naturally detached and far-fetched in romance, trying to be blunt by telling her your dirty motives directly is a great way to arouse her and make her more attractive to you.

It doesn’t matter how cheesy or wildly freaky the pickup line you might get, the more you incorporate it into your dirty talking stage brings the more heat and passion inside your relationship. 

Tease and Argue with her

Friendly fights and debates are a natural knack of your Sagittarius woman, as such picking up a friendly fight with her or arguing with her will surely enhance the heat inside the both of you…

You can do these by trying to send her messages like “I bet you couldn’t even top me when we’re together already” or “You probably suck at doing the dirty deed”.

Anything that mentally challenges them and forces them to speak out their truth ignites the fiery passion inside them, such teasing with a mix of arguing is a great tool to keep her aroused, however, do not make fun of her flaws as she might take it the wrong way.

Keep it friendly

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman

When talking dirty to her keep making the dirty talking casual and “fling”-like, do not try to get too overtly emotional or clingy, keep it light, be fun and casual when talking dirty to her, you must keep a friendly vibe to her when you’re talking dirty to her.

Try seducing her by asking her to do it in public places

This mutable fire sign is known for having wild and raunchy sex outdoors, as such teasing her and trying to suggest it to her while you’re talking dirty to her will surely make her extra wild and horny!

However, when you’re doing this be sure to make it happen in person, your Sagittarius woman doesn’t like being talked shit, anything you try to say to her that you’ll do to her in the bedroom should be done, no excuses.

Send sexy photos

Send her sexy pictures, make sure to make it random and not make it seem like you’re trying too hard, for example instead of sending a sexy gym photo, try sending her a sexy photo of just your arms or your abs.

Cropped photos are best, these enhance the imagination of your woman and will make her want to see more, when you see that she’s wanting for more, do not give in, be a chaser and make her wait.

When texting try using minimal emojis that work well

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Woman

When talking dirty to him through text make sure to use the right amount of emojis and the type of emoji you should use, especially when you’re doing dirty pick-up lines with her, adding raunchy emojis enhances the arousal.

Do this and in no time you’ll keep her under your wraps in no time!

Talking dirty to Sagittarius women’s final thoughts…

When you’re talking dirty to a Sagittarius woman you must be fun and spontaneous, you must be able to match her wild and great side.

When talking dirty try to keep it light-hearted and carefree, try to make the energy fun and dynamic as much as possible.

Her mutable and fire nature makes her incredibly passionate and then detached, she can be extremely changeable, as such, trying new ways to pleasure her and yourself in the bedroom can be great topics to discuss with you Sagittarius woman…

Be fun and adventurous and she will surely love you!

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