How To Make a Taurus Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to tell you the inside details on how to properly make your Taurus man jealous and make him infatuated with you again! Alongside that, we will give you an insight into a Taurus man’s jealousy and how he expresses that emotion in a relationship!

To make a Taurus man jealous you must show to him that you are as luxurious as you can be and that many people are attracted to your elegant, refined beauty. The more he sees you are the most beautiful maiden in town the more he’s gonna be possessive and jealous!

Your Taurus man is the second sign of the zodiac wheel, next to Aries. The fire element moves to the earth element. This sign is of earthy and materialistic nature. Taurus is the sign of beauty specifically physical beauty which covers the aspect of luxurious and refined things such as art.

Your Taurus man himself is gifted with handsome looks and a charming personality!

He is grounded, goal-oriented, stable, loyal, committed, friendly, and sociable to an extent but most love the comfort of his own home and enjoys spending with himself in nature.

Your Taurus man has deep ties to Mother Earth often grounding himself and recharging his energy with the beauty of nature around him.

Slow and steady, he may look innocent and dashing but do not be fooled by his gullible looks! The Taurus man is one of the most ambitious and hardworking zodiac signs and this makes him incredibly successful later in life.

This is where their power resides to him the desire to accumulate material things and possessions is a sign that he has gained power throughout his lifetime.

This can be indulgent to the point that he becomes gluttonous or hedonistic about achieving certain pleasures in life.

He is ruled by Venus after all – the planet of love, beauty, desire, lust, and sensuality. Any kind of pleasure a Taurus man seeks can be deemed shallow because he sometimes lacks the depth to understand his impulses.

In love and relationship, it is the same he wants to feel loved and he wants to feel secure in the relationship, and any staggering efforts to dismantle the fixed foundation of the relationship will anger him. 

Jealousy is a common emotion a Taurus man feels so it is important to keep him jealous only for a certain extent of time. Prolonging the process can make him resentful and unforgiving causing serious downsides in the relationship.

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Taurus man and his overall vibe and energy, let us know the signs that your Taurus man is jealous! How does he express his frustration and jealousy? And what can you do about it?

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How does A Taurus Man Express Jealousy?

Your Taurus man has a cold seething rage that is waiting to explode. He might be slow at realizing things but his anger will also be slow. Unlike Aries who is aggressive and loud when jealous a Taurus man is intimidating and unforgiving. He observes and his anger gets turned inwards.

He bottles up his anger until it reaches a certain point. It will be up to a point where he will be enraged and he do everything in his power to destroy the person he is jealous of! Alongside that, he will be extremely cold to his partner and will most likely not talk to the partner about the situation.

His ego is extremely hurt in this situation but he cannot do anything because he is resentful about the situation he has been put through. Your Taurus man is a secret overthinker. He may not show his anxiety but he will be imaginative about the scenarios in his head.

He might think you’re betraying him or you’re cheating on the way making his jealousy worse.

When confronted he will hastily be hurtful about the things he will say to you. He will tell you exactly the things that will hurt you and you cannot do anything about it. He may not be as blunt or straightforward but his subtle remarks will be painful enough to hurt the relationship even more.

Alongside that, the fixed nature of a Taurus man can make him deeply persistent about not being able to forgive or forget.

Unless he is being talked to properly about the situation. His cold seething rage is menacing because no one would even know he’s angry and no one would know when he would explode…

When you’re cornered to arguing it is best to be understanding and lower your pride with your Taurus man. Seek to comfort him Instead of being argumentative and distant. Try to be as diplomatic about the situation as possible and sort things out with him in a respectable manner. 

Overall, A Taurus Man’s jealousy starts slowly like cancer growing in the body. It actively progresses without you knowing. It will be unknown because his seething rage is inside.

He will turn distant and argumentative towards you but he will be secretive about the jealousy he is feeling toward his friends and family. The anger will be bottled up until he explodes. Like a volcano! His dangerous temper can be likened to those of Aries and Scorpio!

Now that we’ve talked about your Taurus man and his jealousy. Let’s talk about how to make your Taurus man jealous! What are the things you should do in the relationship to take him to notice you again?

How to Make Your Taurus Man Jealous!

Look luxurious, feel luxurious.

Look good, feel great! The best part about living with yourself is that you get to prioritize your self-care more! Your Taurus man is deeply attracted to a woman who has high standards and good taste in art, beauty, and fashion.

Whenever you’re prioritizing your beauty and self-care you are proving that you are a woman with high standards and that you do not give too much attention to other people’s opinions or hearsay. Whether he’s giving you a lack of attention lately is a very important step to make his gaze closer to you.

Treat yourself! Value your time and attention by prioritizing what feels good to you at the moment it could be a spa date alone or going to the mall to buy some new dresses. It could even be treating yourself in a fancy restaurant.

When he sees this he will wonder about you and he will certainly take notice of you!

While withdrawing your attention to your Taurus man it is best to pay attention more to your needs and wants. It is important that you also value your finances because stability is a very attractive trait for him.

Alongside that, you should also prioritize the things which will better your body and your mental health. Hit the gym, and practice self-love through affirmations! The more sexy your body is and the sexier your self-image is the more likely he’s gonna pursue you again!

Subtle seduction to tease him

Make him jealous subtly by saying things that will irritate him.

You can try comparing him to a celebrity crush you have or a man you admire at work or in real life. You can say things like “You know you’ve changed, you’re not the man I thought you’d be” or “Everyone thought you’re sweet, but I guess everyone was wrong”.

You can also say things like “This cute guy at work thinks he can just flirt with me randomly knowing I’m in a relationship” or “This guy invited me over for drinks do you wanna come with us?” the more subtle the teasing is the more jealous he will be! 

Spend more time with yourself and others

Seeing him as he is whenever you have the opportunity to hang out with your friends and family instead of him do it! The more you withdraw your time and attention from him he will take notice of it and soon he will have questions on his mind triggering his jealousy issues like no other!

Subtly tell him other guys are interested in you

Share a story about a boy who randomly talked and flirted with you. Make up the craziest scenarios in your head where a man is trying to get your number. This will infuriate your Taurus man’s possessive and jealous nature.

Along that lines say something like “Oh I’m just sharing I know you wouldn’t care so much about it” This remark will certainly make him go nuts as he is deeply invested in you and the relationship!

Be careful with your actions

As easy as it is to make a Taurus man jealous the seething rage of a Taurus man is something not everyone should trifle with! Because of that, you must be very careful not to make it seem like you’re cheating or doing anything behind his back.

As much as possible still show him your loyalty by telling him your whereabouts and your schedule at work. You can even be open to him about the things that happen throughout the day while still minimizing romantic gestures and contact with him.

This way he will still have the ego to pursue you when needed.

Settle aside the problem by communicating with him

Your Taurus man will be a great listener if you haven’t angered him mid-argument. It is best to talk to him about the things that are bothering you in the relationship and try as much as possible not to seem ingenuine.

Talk and talk! Listen to him as he listens to you! This is the only way you can truly get each other and make the relationship more stable and long-lasting!

Making A Taurus Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

The Taurus man is the second sign of the zodiac, the sign itself represents material possessions and this can make your Taurus man instinctively jealous and possessive even for no reason. If he expresses concern and jealousy it is a good sign that he still deeply values your worth and that he still loves you.

Do not overdo making your Taurus man jealous as it will become hard for him to forgive you if you do! Use jealousy as a way to excite him and make him more passionate and lustful toward you! Remember that the fixed nature of Taurus can make him hard on people who do not treat him rightly.

At the end of the day, it is always best to talk things out with him and make sure that you both understand each other’s love style and boundaries. For more info about the other zodiac signs click the link down below!



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