How To Make a Leo Man Jealous?

Is your Leo man straying away in the relationship or has been giving you little time and attention lately? Do you want to give him a lesson and make him jealous? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you exactly how to make your Leo man jealous!

To make your Leo man jealous you must practice looking good and feeling great in real life and the virtual world. Embody sexiness and show him men are ready to replace him. You can also rile him up by mentioning one of your exes and comparing that ex of yours to him!

The Leo man is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the strong and dignified Lion – the kind of jungle. Your Leo man is characterized by his unbent ideas about himself. He is strong physically and mentally.

Courageous and likes to exert his power on every one your Leo man exhibits powerful leadership qualities.

Unlike other men who tend to be pleased with just following your Leo man likes to create his own set of rules and he does this because he is confident enough to do so. Being a fixed fire sign this gives him inner control.

Unlike Aries and Sagittarius whose fire can spread rapidly. A Leo man’s fire is in a controlled space that gives light, warmth, and protection to everyone.

Ruled by the Sun he is the archetypal Masculine man who loves to conquer and conquest. Alongside that, your Leo man has an incredible gift of creativity and imagination. When mixed with confidence this can make your Leo man extremely successful in art, acting, and everything related to theatrics.

At best your Leo man is ambitious, strong-minded, capable of having a leader mindset, decisive, generous, friendly, outgoing, confident, and comfortable being in the spotlight. At worst he can be stubborn, overbearing, autocratic, and cocky, especially to people who are not close to him.

In love and relationships, a Leo man in a relationship will be warm-hearted and generous often spoiling his partner with plenty of material gifts. Alongside that, he will be extremely proud of his partner and will post often on social media.

He might also do the extra mile just to make sure his partner feels safe ad comfortable in a place or situation. He is a great man to be with! Loyal, protective, and deeply enduring. Behind his cocky facade is a soft-hearted man who likes passionate romance and sex!

Now that we have talked about your Leo man for beginners let’s dig deep into his jealousy issues. We will tackle how a Leo man expresses his jealousy and what is he like when angry. We will also dig deep into the things he will do when he’s jealous of someone.

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Leo Man Express Jealousy?

Your Leo man like the animal he is represented is loud, loyal, courageous, and has a big ego. This makes him very territorial and possessive and having a fire-fixed nature will also make his jealousy tendencies worst. Because of this, your Leo man might express his jealousy in a fiery and loud way.

Almost as if he is up for the theatrics! Your Leo man will be a huge drama queen and will try to make the fights and arguments explosive and fiery!

To him, he will not sit around feeling his ego is being pushed to the side just because some guy is confident enough to flirt with him. He will be an aggressive, dominant, and up-in-your-face kind of person when jealous.

He might even try to fight physically the guy he is jealous of! Beware! Your Leo man has one of the most dangerous tempers in the zodiac and this can make him incredibly brutal especially if it’s in the heat of an argument.

Alongside that, he will be hot-headed all the time, especially towards you.

This is because he will not stand around repressing his feelings when he can creatively and vividly express his feelings to you. Unlike other guys who shy around with their emotions, your Leo man will be crazy enough to pull some heavy tricks just to get you to react!

Not only that your Leo man will need to be the center of attention in every fight. He feels like he is the victim and he will be the hero of his own story by standing up to himself. This will gain him enough confidence to charm everyone he meets to side with him.

This will not stop until he already feels reassured and the feelings of jealousy subside.

Overall a Leo man expresses his jealousy in a wildfire-like temperament.

This makes him difficult to control or approach because he will be all over the place and extremely furious about the situation he is in. If you need to talk to him it is best to let him calm down first and let him think clearly before engaging too quickly.

The worst mistake you can do is by putting more fuel to the fire by matching the level of temperament he is in. Be the cool and chill partner whenever you see your Leo man lashing out. This saves you enough time and energy.

How to Make Your Leo Man Jealous!

Rile him up by mentioning your ex

Leo men are known to be territorial so by mentioning your ex you are turning on the aggressive side of him that people rarely see or go unnoticed. Although you do not need to directly be in contact with your ex you can still try to mention your ex in a conversation.

You can try telling him that you recently saw your ex in a public setting and that tells him this ex of yours still hasn’t changed and is still interested in you. You can even mention your ex in a vague. This will rile him up and will make his imagination go crazy!

For a Leo man, the thought of you flirting or casually just talking to someone you were romantically involved with will be a grave mistake and sometimes an intolerable one. This method will surely be effective in making him jealous and in turn, will make him do necessary things just to appease you.

Post sexy pictures on social media

It is no secret that your Leo man is also full of himself and takes pride in his appearance. With that said he is also active on social media because of that! show off your beautiful and sexy new look on social media by posting a picture of yourself and by sharing it with your friends! 

The more you flaunt yourself on social media the more he’s gonna think you’re begging for someone else’s attention and this will make him jealous! Just be sure to post something nice and sexy now and then and not make it a habit. 

This will give him ample time to think and in turn, he will be all over you! Bonus points if someone especially guys would comment on your social media posts! This will get him agitated and chaotic!

Focus on yourself!

Empower yourself! Work out and look hot! Do things that make you feel beautiful and confident! By focusing on yourself you are diverting the wanted time and efforts to you and yourself only. Not only you will be attractive but you will also attract people who will deeply admire you for who you are!

This will also make your Leo man value you more because he is seeing that you are a beautiful confident woman who knows her value and knows how to live life in a fun and adventurous way! By focusing on yourself you are empowering yourself and this is incredibly attractive for a Leo man!

Party! Do whatever is necessary to show him you don’t need him!

This is incredibly important! Instead of mopping yourself out alone in a room, you can show him you’re better than that by being passionate about living life! You can be having the most insane moment in your life right now in a club with friends!

Do whatever is necessary to show him you are a strong independent woman who doesn’t need him to have fun or have a life! Be cold about it and let him wonder! He will deeply realize this once he already finds out that you’re having a good time with your friends or acquaintances. This will also make him jealous!

He will think “What did I do wrong that she’s acting this way?” or “What can I do to be closer to her like I was before?” He will overthink the situation and in the end, he will relentlessly pursue you just to get some answers!

Make him jealous by showing him how popular you are!

Be popular with everyone! Turn on your inner sultry vibe and be magnetic around the people you meet, your acquaintances, colleagues, and your friends! By showing him that you are popular you are suggesting to him also that you will have no problem attracting admirers and lovers.

You can also share on social media the exciting things you have done in the week without him. Perhaps you’ve visited this new place in the city or had a few drinks with someone at work. Or perhaps you’ve traveled to a nice Instagram-worthy place. This will make sure that your Leo man keeps on overthinking.

This will make him insanely mad and jealous and just by him overthinking he will be all over you and your space!

Be sure to keep it casual and keep a fine line between flirting and not giving in to other people! If before he is ignoring you and now he’s all over you that he realized he can potentially lose you try to act cool and independent about it!

Talk to him about your problems

Playing mind games with your Leo man is effective enough to draw attention from him but this will not completely resolve the issue you have with him. Yes, he will be jealous and will certainly be all over you and your space but that will not fix whatever problem you’ve got with him.

At the end of the day having an open flow of conversation with your Leo man is necessary to process all of the things that just happened in the relationship. Always be sure to try to communicate with him properly and let him also communicate whatever he is feeling at the moment.

When the both of you understand each other’s side the more you can properly resolve whatever is bothering or hindering the relationship in progressing forward! Remember to lower your pride and apologize when needed!

Making A Leo Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Leo man is proud and sometimes egotistical! Making him jealous by hurting his ego will greatly affect his self-esteem to the point that it can be detrimental to the relationship to even stay longer.

Remember that when making your Leo man jealous you still must have a sense of control and not go overboard in fully making him jealous as it will just make things worse for the both of you.

He can be possessive but this is his way of telling how much he loves you! Being jealous is a good sign that your Leo man truly loves and values you and the relationship you have with him! Remember to just use and trigger his jealousy to draw attention from him and not control him or make his life miserable…

Remember that making him jealous will only get him to act up but it will not completely resolve the whole problem in your relationship even if you’ve successfully managed to make him jealous. When the mind games are over it is best to properly sort out things with him by having an open conversation.

In this way, you can save the relationship both of you so much time and stress. For more info about the other zodiac signs click the link down below!



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