How To Make A Capricorn Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to show you how to make your Capricorn woman a little jealous so she can divert her attention toward you! Alongside that, we will also give you the insider on how a Capricorn woman expresses her jealousy so you will be informed on the signs that your work is working!

Let’s get started!

To make a Capricorn woman jealous you must be indifferent in your approach toward her while rubbing on her face that you are better physically, emotionally, and financially. Show her you are successful and having fun with the possibility of meeting other people.

The Capricorn woman is the tenth sign in the zodiac wheel of Astrology, independent, stoic and practical this woman is the epitome of a career-oriented woman who later becomes reputable in her career of choice.

Powerful and always in control this is what makes a Capricorn woman extremely seductive around other men she doesn’t need to be overcompensating for her looks because her reputation and power say it all.

This woman is highly professional and stern and this also makes her one of the most respected and respectable signs of the zodiac this can be to the point that your Capricorn woman might seem unfriendly, cold, or intimidating.

This logical and uptight sign is known to get work done and when done properly must be done efficiently!

Your Capricorn woman is represented by the Sea Goat and is a cardinal earth sign! The cardinal earth nature of a Capricorn man makes him one of the ablest leaders in the zodiac!

Your Capricorn woman is ruled by Saturn – The father figure in the planetary Asrtrloogy and this becomes apparent when your Capricorn woman becomes obsessed with power and having a structure in life.

Saturn also rules karma! Karma in its definition can be a good or bad thing and with your Capricorn woman, she reaps what he sows in this truly enigmatic energy. A Capricorn woman works hard to get the comfortable life she had now and she persists time and time again no matter how hard life is.

Everything she does just to build a stable, comfortable life and is his good karma. He knows that everything we do on this planet has an outcome and consequence like a ripple effect.

Alongside that, the cardinal nature of Capricorn is different from other cardinal signs in the wheel. A Cancer rules with instinct and emotions a Libra rules with diplomacy and fair-sightedness an Aries rules with ego and fiery temperament but a Capricorn is different.

A Capricorn rules with logic and this makes her an incredibly powerful zodiac sign that can be aligned with Scorpio.

This earth sign is cold in her proceedings and when she does things she does it with explicit efficiency. She is a great leader nonetheless her cold and intimidating aura. She is practical and exquisite and she knows a great deal of power and knowledge that she accumulates over her lifetime.

Ruled by Saturn, your Capricorn woman is restrictive and knows that time should not be wasted nor be used for shallow things. To Saturn, the greatest power you can have is to value time. It is a double-edged sword that can make or break things.

A time when used properly can make you successful and powerful but time not used properly can result in laziness, procrastination, and a failed life.

The energy of Saturn is time-restricting and barren. As cold as the tundra of this planet the heavy energy of Saturn often gives a gloomy demeanor to a Capricorn woman as well as her own life.

A Capricorn woman might experience insufferable loss throughout this lifetime which will test her inner strength and stoicism. This is why your Capricorn woman seems cold and aloof.

Unlike happy-go-lucky signs such as Sagittarius who are naive about their optimism or an Aries who is passionate about life and what it can offer a Capricorn woman has dealt with so much and so many challenges that anything that might bother her seems to not bother her anymore.

The pain and trauma make her emotionally dry and she sometimes is seen as devoid of emotions.

Saturn casts heavy energy on a Capricorn woman but like what they say “With great power comes with great responsibility”. The passing down of this intangible power and character is handed over to a Capricorn woman because she is law-abiding and logical.

She is responsible enough to do what is right and expected of her and she does this with ease.

Alongside being responsible her positive attributes also come as being efficient, grounded, stable, practical, realistic, highly observant, intelligent, rational, strategic, analytical, hard-working, driven, self-controlled, tolerant, helpful, loyal, and sincere. 

At worst her melancholy and extreme realism can turn into depression. She can also be cynical, resentful, cold, demanding, materialistic, deeply repressed, sarcastic, mean, and sometimes seen as deeply intimidating and emotionless.

In love and relationships, she can be a practical lover often wanting to help and give out solutions to her partner. She can also be a generous lover but one main challenge for her is overcoming her emotional dryness which can come off as having a lack of passion or desire for her partner.

She has a hard time expressing her own emotions and she can be cold in her approach towards her partners which can bring some problems into the relationship.

She also craves deep emotional connection despite her emotional numbness.

Because of that, she can be considered one of the most loyal zodiac signs out there. Unlike other signs who crave instant connections through flings and hookups, a Capricorn woman likes to be patient and have her relationship blossom in time.

Now that we have talked about your Capricorn woman and her personality as a whole let’s dive deep more into how your Capricorn woman expresses her jealousy! What makes her jealous? What is the obvious sign that she is jealous? How does she act when she is jealous?

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How Does a Capricorn Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Capricorn woman is a rarely jealous woman mostly because she is rational and logical. She doesn’t let her own emotions go through and make her impulsive.

She also thinks highly of her partner no matter what so any doubts and suspicion will only arise if she is given enough information to make her believe that someone is out there after her partner.

Alongside rationality. She is stable and realistic and she doesn’t let emotions slide in her decision making she is quite the opposite of the fiery and temperamental signs in the zodiac. She goes out in her way thinking and even if she gets jealous she doesn’t show enough emotions to prove that she is jealous.

She will not be overtly jealous. Your Capricorn woman rarely feels jealous and she will only feel right so in a calm manner. She will not be explosive about her anger nor will be emotionally reactive about it. The first thing you’ll notice is that your Capricorn woman will be cold and off-putting all of a sudden.

There will be this air of aloofness and coldness about her. She will be quiet throughout the day unless you ask something about it and if she ever does all she will do is try to repress her feelings of jealousy toward the person she is frustrated with.

As much angry and frustrated as she is she will be stoic in this manner, examining all her cards right and dealing with everyone and especially you in a calm yet sinister manner. She is not one to be trifled with. Her quietness shouldn’t be taken as meekness because she is already planning her move against you.

She uses the power of silence as a way to cross-examine her suspicion of you, the person involved and the whole situation itself alongside that she uses silence as a way to intimidate you and to make you act up about it.

She will not cry and beg for you to change your attitude you will do it right so because her attitude approaches you to do so,

You might also see her stingy side come out in the form of meanness or bluntly sarcastic remarks to you and the person she’s jealous of! This is the most obvious sign that she is out there jealous that you are potentially involving yourself with someone else.

This sign shouldn’t be taken lightly because a slight remark of this could mean that her rage is already seething.

The Saturn energy of a Capricorn woman is heavy and you will feel this in every interaction you have with her. She will be dark and brooding and she will not give you any time or attention after you pissed her off. Although not vengeful she can turn pessimistic and resentful towards you and the relationship. 

She will not be fiery or explosive instead she turns cold and icy. She is emotionally dry so it will be hard for her to truly express her emotions so you might just get glimpses of it if you properly talk to her. After all when jealous or frustrated her resting bitch face (RBF) says it all.

She is a tough lady and she will never get clingy to you. 

She is less dramatic than the whole signs combined and she would rather focus her energy on work and business than overthink about her partner and the possibility of her partner straying away from her.

She doesn’t mind she knows that jealousy is a passing feeling and that she can use this rage to build something even greater in this lifetime.

Overall, your Capricorn is controlled and restrained in her energy whenever she feels jealous, her Saturnic influences make her cold in approach towards an impending jealousy issue that she is feeling. She is calm, collected, and strong even when frustrated and this makes her powerful!

She might give her partner the silent treatment and might have mean and sarcastic remarks about the person. She will also be secretive about the matter and will repress it as much as possible. 

How to Make Your Capricorn Woman Jealous!

Work on your career or passion

Work on your career or passion! This is the most viable tactic that you can do in order to make your Capricorn woman jealous or at least have her attention back at you! We already assume that you’re making her jealous just to get her attention back.

Well if you stop being mostly clingy and available to her and you start working on yourself – your body, career, finances, and social life. You show her you are worthy of a man to be loved and given attention to!

With that said be sure to actually give the time and effort to work on yourself as a whole so she can see your improvement. Do this for yourself and not her and she will deeply realize how much she spent less time on you and she’d be forced to give you what you want which is her attention.

Compliment an ex

When you’re talking to her mention your recent ex and how good she made it in life. Mention how successful she’s been in these recent years and this will definitely rile her up! When you do this you are complimenting your ex someone who has been so dear in your life before her!

This sends her into a frenzy to overthink her skills and sets of achievements. 

This is an incredible tactic to pull when you’re trying to make her jealous but does not go as far as mentioning how beautiful or sexy your ex is. That is just downright disrespectful and this will hurt your Capricorn woman to a core.

Just go mention her successes for her to recognize so she’ll be more tuned into you and the relationship.

Hang out with influential people

Let your Capricorn woman that she is not the only respectable and reputable lady in the room! Show that you have a handful of influential and powerful acquaintances that denotes your high status as a person! This will make her regret putting less time and affection towards you!

When you hang out with influential people you are also proving that you are a worthy person, to begin with, and that also means you are powerful which is attractive to her!

You can also show that other women are interested in you so they’ll be inclined to realize how high the status of a man you are.

By showing your Capricorn woman that there are women out there wanting to go out with you she will instantly be jealous like no other! She will go crazy jealous to the point that she’ll have no choice but to divert her attention back at you!

Be cold

Your Capricorn woman is cold and if she is cold to you give the same treatment she gives to you! Be cold and unapproachable towards her and this will ensure that you are showing her you will not let any disrespect slide towards you.

Be cold and unapproachable. Be quiet when you’re with her or do not give her any positive attention. You can also be unavailable through chat and just say you’re busy at work afterward. The main key here is to prove to her you are worthy of time and attention and she must give it a try if she truly wants it.

Show her you’re better at her (in many aspects of life)

Capricorn is a sign that deals with materialism, reputation, success, and power. This means your Capricorn woman deals heavily with these aspects in her life. When you subtly flaunt that you are better than her in so many aspects of life you are making her admire you and at the same time jealous.

This will ensure that she sees you as her superior and this will get the healthy competition in the relationship going. 

Show her subtly that you are doing better financially, or show her the recent improvements you’ve done in your body, you can even share your achievements on social media!

This is a slap on your Capricorn woman’s face that she is not on the same level as you and that brings a level of competitiveness to the relationship! This also ups your standing in the power dynamic in the relationship.

It is best to talk things out with her

At the end of the day, it is still best to talk things out with her and show your loyalty throughout the relationship.

Talk about the things that are bothering you in the relationship whether it is her coldness or lack of romanticism and let her talk about what bothers her to the point that she’s straying away from the relationship.

Show her that no matter how powerful, successful, or influential you might seem to be you are still a loving man towards her and that you want a solution to what’s crippling the relationship down. Try to be more assertive and take a dominant role so she can be more feminine towards you.

Making A Capricorn Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Capricorn woman is analytical, masterful, and intelligent and this makes her a rarely jealous person! When she does however she becomes cold, aloof, and intimidating because this is her way of coping with the fact that she’s hurt by your actions and the situation itself!

With this making, her jealousy is a good way to bring back her attention to you because she is not as emotionally reactive as the other signs and is not petty or toxic. However, you must be very careful as your Capricorn woman doesn’t take disrespect lightly.

Flirting or even cheating will make her automatically leave the relationship for good.

At the end of the day, proper communication solves almost all relationship problems, and your Capricorn woman will be understanding and open for a conversation if given the chance to do so…

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