How To Make A Capricorn Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to tackle how to make your Capricorn man jealous while in a relationship! Is he showing less affection towards you and you want to let him know your worth? Do you want his attention back on you? Worry no more because we will give the most efficient ways how to do it!

To make your Capricorn man jealous keep it classy and high standards!

Show that you are successful, abundant, powerful, and liked by everyone this shows that you don’t need him in the first place! Alongside that being cold, aloof, and hard to catch he will notice you more and be more willing to chase you afterward!

The Capricorn man is the tenth sign of the zodiac wheel, this highly professional and stern individual is one of the most respected signs in the zodiac due to his good work ethic and persistent drive and determination!

Your Capricorn Man is represented by the Sea Goat and is a cardinal earth sign! The cardinal earth nature of a Capricorn man makes him one of the ablest leaders in the zodiac!

Unlike Aries who rules with ego or Cancer who rules with heart. A Capricorn man rules with his head and is cold about it. He does things perfectly and efficiently. He is a great leader because he is wise beyond his years and practical in fixing problems.

More times than not your Capricorn man is three steps ahead of a problem and offers quality solutions.

Because of that, he is admired, and well-respected to the point that he is feared because of his intimidating power, wit, and skill.

Your Capricorn man is thriving in the material world and as such can men born under this sign can be great professional lawyers, professors, teachers, doctors, business owners, financial brokers, investors, business owners, or CEOs.

Ruled by Saturn, your Capricorn man is restrictive and knows that time should not be wasted nor be used for shallow things. To Saturn, the greatest power you can have is to value time. It is a double-edged sword that can make or break things.

A time when used properly can make you successful and powerful but time not used properly can result in laziness, procrastination, and a failed life.

Saturn also rules karma! Karma in its definition can be a good or bad thing and with your Capricorn man, he reaps what he sows in this truly enigmatic energy.

A Capricorn man persists, works hard, and does everything to build a stable, comfortable life and that is his good karma. He knows that everything we do on this planet has an outcome and consequence like a ripple effect.

This also makes him wary and careful because he knows Karma is real. It might be intangible but he knows that every evil deed will not go unpunished so your Capricorn man practices restraint and keeps a law-abiding nature.

Unlike other signs who are reckless and impulsive, a Capricorn man thinks twice before doing things because he is wise enough to know that there will be consequences to it.

Capricorn is the last earth sign in the zodiac wheel and this makes him the most knowledgeable out of the three. Powerful and graceful, a Capricorn man seems to have all the cool and control in his life because he certainly is!

This sign might be the most restrictive and karmic but this is where power and control truly reside — in the hands of a Capricorn man.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. The nature of this planet is dreadful some Astrologers even see this planet as malefic, the heavy and dark energy of Saturn casts a spell on all the houses and charts in Astrology.

Mainly the planet deals with karma, discipline, control, the material aspect of the soul, obligations, law, and a fatherly figure or energy that casts down fear, intimidation, and order. 

This heavy energy casts a spell on the overall vibe and energy of a Capricorn man. A determined man who puts a rightful reputable career in his life. This can make him seem cold, aloof, and devoid of emotions which he usually is.

The emotional dryness of a Capricorn man can be one of the things he must overcome in this lifetime…

At best the light side or the positive side of a Capricorn man can come off as being responsible, hard-working, analytical, intelligent, strategic, rational, clear-sighter, quick-witted, efficient, grounded, practical, stable, realistic, small-detail oriented, observant, and able to handle extreme pressure very well. 

On the dark side, the shadow traits of a Capricorn man can come off as having a big god complex wherein he thinks he is far superior to everyone, pessimistic, lacking some inner “sunshine” in life, cold, demanding, all work no play kind of person, brooding, melancholic and resentful.

In love and relationships, he prefers long-term committed relationships rather than flings but because of emotional dryness and numbness, a Capricorn man can be the stereotypical guy who has a hard time expressing emotions and will be cold in approach towards his loved one.

When jealous however he can be suspicious and resentful of the person he thinks is doing something to ruin the relationship he has.

Now that we have talked about your Capricorn man for starters let’s dive deep into your Capricorn man’s jealousy issues. Why is he jealous? What makes him jealous? What are the signs that your Capricorn man is jealous while in a relationship?

Let’s dig deep!

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How Does a Capricorn Man Express Jealousy?

Your Capricorn man is stable and realistic, he will not be the overly dramatic guy who will be argumentative about you when he becomes jealous he is quite the opposite of the fiery, temperamental signs in the zodiac wheel.

Instead of being in a hot rage, he becomes cold. Colder to the point that his presence will have an unnerving feeling to his partner and the people surrounding him.

He will not be the kind of guy who’s overtly jealous, in fact, your Capricorn man rarely feels jealousy. Your Capricorn man is rational and logical rather than emotionally reactive he thinks with his mind although pessimistic he doesn’t let it show through.

To him, he will never let his inner vulnerabilities show especially in front of other people.

He is wife enough to know how reputation matters in this world and that being seen as weak can be a life-or-death situation. To your Capricorn man as much as he is angry and frustrated about the jealousy he is feeling he still upholds himself as this tough guy who cannot be hurt by anyone.

He uses the power of silence as a way to intimidate and cross-examine his suspicions about the person and the situation itself. He is rational so he will have these certain things in his mind that he will likely prove to himself.

He will be quiet but he will not repress his feelings if he has to. Instead, you will notice that his anger and jealousy will come off as a touch of sarcasm or a handful of brutal remarks about the person he is jealous of!

This is how a Capricorn man gets jealous! It is a scary thing because he has this energy that can scare people. He is not forcing himself to be intimidating but the energy of Saturn naturally gives him this aura which makes him all the more menacing!

Your Capricorn man will use words to put the person in his rightful place and he will not be afraid to be condescending if he has to!

The Capricorn man is emotionally dry so you will not see him shout or act in impulsive ways like other signs. He will act in a secretive manner, although not vengeful your Capricorn certainly has a flair for being resentful which can end up making others scared.

He might not utter a word but the look on his face says it all.

Overall, the earthy energy of Capricorn Man gives him enough control and restraint against his jealousy, even when he is jealous he is still seen as calm, collected, and strong but he will be incredibly quiet and will not give any communication to his partner.

He will also be secretive and will work to uncover the truth in his way.

How to Make Your Capricorn Man Jealous!

Work on yourself (while being unavailable to him)

Work on yourself! Invest your time in doing things that are productive and will help you in the future! Work out to improve your physical body and health work on improving your finances and get reacquainted with old friends!

When you work on yourself you are giving less time to worrying about your Capricorn man and this gives him ample time to rethink how much he’s spent less time on you.

When you do this you are detaching less and less energy toward him in which he will notice the difference! Surely by the end of the day, he will be inclined to focus more on you!

Dress elegantly 

Look pretty and dress elegantly this will make him wonder who you are making yourself pretty too! Alongside that, by dressing elegantly you are showing him what he’s missing out on! He will be overthinking as to why you’ve become so suddenly focused on your looks!

Alongside that by dressing elegantly you are proving your worth and that you are a wonderful attractive woman who knows who she is. Independent, sexy, knows her worth, and powerful! This tactic may not be as petty as the others but it’s a subtle way of showing him you’ve got power.

Flirt or interact with other people

Let him know that he is not the only guy fawning over you! Instinctively this is where he will truly get jealous! Seeing his partner positively interacting with other men who are attracted to her! By showing him that there are guys out there wanting to go out with you he will instantly be jealous like no other!

Mention the “good guy” who’s making moves on you

Your Capricorn man rarely gets jealous and if he ever does it will be with someone who he deems worthy of competing. You see your Capricorn man set himself to high standards that he thinks no other guy can top him this is far from the truth…

When you mention a guy who is financially, physically, or emotionally better than him you are making him jealous by making him think that you can do better! Mention how successful or how much of an achiever this guy is and let him know that this guy is flirting or is showing interest in you!

He will be jealous afterward!

Show him you’re doing better financially

Capricorn is a sign that heavily deals with material success and wealth so showing him that you are doing better financially is a slap on his face that he is not the same at your level and that brings a level of competitiveness in the relationship! This also ups your standing in the power dynamic in the relationship.

Remain cool and unbothered

At the end of the day, you are gonna give your Capricorn man a choice to chase you and that is only going to happen if you let him be the man to do it so.

Being emotionally attached or showing some clinginess to him will not effectively get his attention you must remain unbothered for a period when he can rethink and assess the relationship.

Alongside that when you remain cool and unbothered you are showing him you are the right fit for him because he despises emotional outbursts and reactivity, to him, it is just not attractive or worthy of attention.

By keeping your head cool and by being mature and focusing more on important aspects of life you are making him see that you truly are worthy of attention…

Making A Capricorn Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Capricorn man is a rarely jealous person because he is rational and instinctively intelligent but he will not be immune to feeling jealous if you ever made him one.

Making his jealousy is a good way to bring back his attention to you because he is not as emotionally reactive as the other signs but that does not mean you should prolong or keep the jealousy in because it will just make the relationship barren and toxic.

Instead, when you have enough courage to settle things out with him offer him a solution to whatever the problem might be. If your Capricorn man is straying away or being less romantic towards you it can be a sign that there is something wrong with the relationship.

Remember proper communication solves almost all relationship problems and your Capricorn man will be pretty open for a diplomatic conversation if given the chance to do so.

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