How To Get A Gemini Man Obsessed With You?

Are you looking for ways to attract a Gemini man and make him obsessed with you? Worry no more because in this article we are going to talk about the things that you can do to make your Gemini man insanely attracted to you!

Gemini man is the third sign of the zodiac wheel, marked by the start of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. The Gemini season starts from May 21 to June 21. Men born under this sign are ruled by the sign of the Twins and are Mercurial.

Intelligent, clever, and full of surprises are the certain attributes that your Gemini man will certainly have, and because he is an air sign, he will be extremely communicative and sociable because he lives fruitfully by the exchange of ideas and information.

Because of this, he is the embodiment of wit and chaotic tactics.

Being a Mercurial sign, you’ll certainly see how fast his reflexes and speaking inclination are.

Like an AI robot continually doing and searching for bright and creative ideas. Alongside that in love and relationship, he is incredibly flirtatious and fun to be around. A versatile lover who knows how to turn you on! He is a charming guy and he does it well!

If you want to know more about your Gemini man’s obsessive tendencies and you want to know more about how to make him fawn over you let’s talk more about it in the next part…

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Gemini Men and Obsession Tendencies

Gemini men are obsessed with women who know how to have fun! The type of woman who can give them enough chaos in their mind and say “This woman I don’t know what she’s up to is she into me or not?”

Remember that your Gemini man thrives in chaotic environments, spontaneity and fun are keywords that you should embody whenever he is hanging out with you.

The Mercurial energy of a Gemini man in love is astounding. He is a lover of wild drama, adventures, and sporadic experiences.

Whenever a Gemini man falls in love with someone which happens rarely in most cases the Gemini man feels that his energy of wild and craziness is matched with the level of the woman she is hanging out with! 

As such it is incredibly important that if you’re trying to make a Gemini man obsessed with you one must be able to embody light-heartedness and d carefree attitude! Your Gemini man doesn’t treat life seriously because he knows that this world is one big chaos and that it is just the way it is.

If you worry too much or are ridden with anxieties because of the things that you can’t control then it is a serious mismatch to your Gemini man always remember that your Gemini man is like a child looking for happiness and fun 24/7 whether it’s at his work or home so being the embodiment of someone who knows how to bring the heat in the table is surely a sign that you match with him completely!

Let’s tackle more on how to get your Gemini man to obsess over you! Remember to take precautions on these key tips as they are incredibly powerful and will change your Gemini man’s perspective on you!

How to Get Your Gemini Man to Obsess Over You? (7 Ways to do it!)

1. Embody the Vixen trope

The first key step in making sure that your Gemini man lays eyes on you is that you should embody the vixen trope – the foxy, sexy, vampy type of woman who knows how to work her way with people, especially men.

Your Gemini man is hyper-fixated on looking for the most fun types of people even in his romantic relationship he is craving a woman who is incredibly multifaceted and dynamic. He knows that he will not settle for a boring, shy, and quiet woman. He is incredibly picky about it!

Because of that work on tweaking your personality by enhancing some of your social traits and by embodying the vixen trope! Work on your appearance such as the clothes you wear, the makeup, and the body language!

You must show him that you are a beautiful piece of artwork and he will gladly make the first move on you!

2. Be mysterious but do not be completely hidden from him

Mystery attracts desire and lust this is very true for a Gemini man, the second step that you must do to make your Gemini man fawn over you is that you need to be mysterious, especially in social gatherings. This way he can think more about you often and have a more alluring presence!

When being approached by him and other people confidently smile and work on eye contact while giving little to no information about yourself.

Remember you must also work on your confidence because attractive body language which denotes being at ease with your surroundings plays a huge role in attracting you Gemini man!

3. Tell him about your adventures!

Travels, trips, and adventures are surely good conversation starters for your Gemini man! As such it is essential that you already have experience in traveling as it connects you to different cultures and vibes! Whenever you find something interesting about a place you visited you tell that to him!

This ignites a spontaneous and fun conversation between the both of you!

During mid-conversation, you can drop hints and do playful banter with your Gemini man! You can say things such as “You know you’re interesting I wonder what other parts of you are interesting” or say things like “I’ve always been casual about my traveling experiences not so much about my love life”

The more you play along with it the more he will be encouraged to turn on his creative and flirtatious side! The more he will be engaged with you and your presence! This will create simultaneous attraction in both of you!

4. Be a strong, independent, successful woman!

In Astrology, it is widely known that the sign of Gemini is flighty and detached, because of his mutable nature and the fact that his element is air. His commitments usually are non-existent and he just changes depending on the flow of his environment.

As such, there is no need for you to pursue him in a way that he will think you are desperate enough for his love and affection.

Gemini man values self-sufficiency and independence. Acting like a damsel in distress won’t turn him on in any way and will just criticize you for it! Instead by working on yourself more such as pursuing a goal or career!

The more he sees that you are embodying this trait the more he will pursue you to be a long-term partner rather than a mismatch fling!

5. Be ready to match his energy of craziness!

The fifth step in making sure that your Gemini man will fawn over you is that you need to match his energy of craziness! You can do this by acting on your inner impulse! Because your Gemini man isn’t apt to maintain a long-term attention span he may be quick to move on to something else.

Be sure to act carefree and ask him out! Party with him! Have a coffee date with him! Ask him if he can accompany you to an art museum or theater! The most random of things! Ask him along the lines of, “I’d love to hear more about your crazy jokes.

Do you want to grab coffee tomorrow afternoon at this hippie place?”

When you dictate when and where you become the decisive person between the both of you this insanely attracts a Gemini man who is restless and indecisive in most situations! By doing this you are surely winning over your Gemini man’s heart!

6. Take on trips and adventures!

The best bonding you can ever have with him is by you accompanying him on fun trips and adventures! Whether it is a long or short trip a jam-packed trip and adventure with him will surely get him more obsessed with you!

This is because he becomes more familiar with you and realizes that you are the fun woman he’s been looking for all this time!

By taking him on duo trips and adventures not only you both are creating a connection you are also showing him that life is fun and life is meant to be celebrated!

7. Show him you don’t need him! (push and pull method)

The last key step but the most important one…show him your independence which gives the signal that “I am just as detached as you so if you want me in your life better earn it” When you show him that you don’t need him you are creating more chances of him proving himself to you!

Give him enough attention to get hooked on then the next day tell him that you are busy and that you can’t hang out with him…a little unresponsive in text and calls works too.

The point here is not completely ignoring him it’s the give and takes situation which you can only do when he knows that you are a prize to be with!

By doing these things you will surely have your Gemini man obsessing with you!

Gemini: The flighty yet fun Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Gemini man is an extremely likable person, sociable, and fun to be with! Opposites attract a Gemini man as he tends to get heavily obsessed with someone who doesn’t seem to show any interest in him. As such it is great to be hard to catch yet a sultry lover instead of being clingy and emotional with him.

To a Gemini, man attraction starts when you show him a good time and that you do not care whether he is there or not with you! Start embodying the vixen type and he will surely obsess over you no matter what!

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