How do I Make An Astrological Chart?

How to make an astrological chart?

Perhaps you have just discovered your newfound interest in astrology and what better way to explore this interest of yours other than making your astrological chart? Assessing your birth chart is a great way to know more about yourself. Continue reading to learn how to make one in pretty simple steps!

To create an astrological chart, it’s best to use an online tool to create your chart. You will need to know your date of birth, time of birth and location of your birth to create the most accurate chart. Your chart represents the position of the moon, sun, and planets at the moment you were born.

Use this tool to create your chart!

Before we get into more details about your chart and how to interprete your astrological chart, I want to point out the Related articles section at the bottom of this page. I’ve listed some other articled that you will certainly enjoy!

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What is an Astrological Chart?

An astrological chart (also called birth or natal chart) is a map of where the moon, sun, and planets were positioned at the moment you were born.

Knowing how to interpret your chart will unveil much about yourself. It will reveal your strengths and weaknesses as well as important possibilities in your life.

How Do I Make an Astrological Chart?

Know All Essential Information About Your Birth

The most important step in creating an astrological chart is knowing the necessary information related to your birth.

Know the exact time of your birth from the hour to the minutes and time of day, whether it is AM or PM. If you cannot get your time of birth, you can still get an impression about your chart and read into your horoscope.

However, without your time of birth, you would not be able to know the definite placement of the astrological points in the 12 Houses. The time of your birth will reveal what your Ascendant is, and that is one of the most vital elements of your chart. Next to learning your time of birth is knowing the place where you were born.

It is recommended you identify your birth city rather than just the state or country. Be as precise in your details as possible to create an accurate birth chart. You better go and find that birth certificate!

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Find a Free Birth Chart Calculator

After looking for your birth certificate (or maybe asking your mum about it) and taking note of all the necessary details, it is time to find a free birth chart calculator online.

If you already know the details right now, simply refer to the tool below (or you could always come back when you are ready). Just enter all information needed and the tool will do the work in generating your chart in as fast as a few seconds.

The look on your chart with its many lines, numbers, and symbols can be confusing especially if you are new to astrology. But fret not! We will go over the basics in trying to interpret your astrological chart.

How Do I Interpret My Astrological Chart?

The tool here on the website will generate a pie-shaped map. There you will see the details about the planets, aspects, and patterns linked to you. Let us go over their significance one by one.

The Sun, Moon, and Rising

The Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are your big three in astrology as they are the pedestals of your being.

Your Sun Sign

You probably know your Sun sign already, as that one is the most common. It is what we all know as our zodiac sign. The generated birth chart will confirm this for you. Locate that circle symbol with a dot in the middle for your Sun sign.

This sign implies the position of the sun at the time you were born. The Sun is the center of the universe and so it signifies your basic character, individuality, and overall inclinations.

Your Moon Sign

Locate the moon-shaped symbol in the map for your Moon sign. Your Moon sign depicts your deepest emotions and reveals what is underneath your exterior.

It is who you are deep inside and in your private world. Again note that you should know your exact time of birth to get an accurate Moon sign.

Your Ascendant (Rising) Sign

Locate the ASC symbol in your map. That is your Ascendant or Rising sign. The Ascendant is based on the position of the eastern horizon during the time of your birth.

Your Rising sign is how people perceive you during initial meetings and how you express your appearance or personality to them at the time.

The Planets

Your birth chart reveals the exact position of each planet. Read more below to know what each planet represents. I have also given examples of the signs and how they are described in connection with the planets.


Mercury symbolizes communication and rationality. Your sign on this planet dictates your way of communicating and how you apply logic in decision-making. Mercury governs the signs Gemini and Virgo.

People with Mercury in Aries are always quick in making decisions, while those with Mercury in Taurus examine things thoroughly.


Venus represents love, elegance, personal preference, and material possessions. This planet is all about your comforts and desires. Libra and Taurus are the signs governed by this planet.

Those with Venus in Gemini seek to win over their target of desire by being a tease and using witty banters. Individuals with Venus in Cancer are fully committed when it comes to love and they have too much to deliver when it comes to security and comfort.


Mars symbolizes your drive and action, as well as how you express your rage. It governs the Aries zodiac sign.

People with Mars in Leo have a strong urge and passion to get what they want. Mars in Virgo folks are very organized and practical and do things well.

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Jupiter signifies piety, prosperity, and viewpoint. Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

People with Jupiter in Libra pull great fortune when they are compromising and fair-minded. People with Jupiter in Scorpio attract it when they display dedication to what they do.


Saturn is associated with how we abide by the laws. It governs the Capricorn sign.

Saturn in Sagittarius folks work by their own rules, while those with Saturn in Capricorn may be too law-abiding because of their sense of practicality and also vulnerability.


Uranus is the planet symbolizing change and reform. It rules Aquarius, the sign known for its peculiarity and free spirit.

People with Uranus in Aquarius are innovative and original. Likewise, those with Uranus in Pisces are interested in making changes in spaces such as spirituality, compassion, and religion.


Neptune oversees the spiritual unknown, with power existing between fact and fiction. This planet rules the Pisces sign.

Folks with Neptune in Virgo’s idea of an abstract world still have some practicality in it, with focus on well-being, tasks, and selfless duty. Individuals with Neptune in Libra have an ideal world where everything is equal and each person treats everybody fairly.


The final planet is Pluto, which is signified by loss and recovery. Pluto is associated with the Scorpio sign.

People with Pluto in Leo have a purpose to attain dynamism by manifesting affection and creativity, while individuals with Pluto in Virgo gain power through their appreciation of their work or health pursuits.

The 12 Zodiac Houses

Note that the zodiac is divided into 12 houses, with each house being ruled by an individual sign. The planets were positioned in specific houses and signs by the moment you were born. Each of the houses rules specific phases of our lives.

First House

The First House rules the image we project to others and the initial impression we make. This is where the Ascendant lies.

Second House

The Second House controls wealth and self-worth.

Third House

The Third House governs how we communicate and express our ideas.

Fourth House

The Fourth House controls our connection with the past, foundations, and sense of security.

Fifth House

The Fifth House governs our creativity, desire, passion, and self-expression.

Sixth House

The Sixth House controls our abilities, jobs, daily life, and health, as well as how we work to improve ourselves.

Seventh House

The Seventh House controls personal and professional partnerships.

Eighth House

The Eighth House guides our approach to development and transformation.

Ninth House

The Ninth House controls our beliefs practices and morals.

Tenth House

The Tenth House establishes our profession, participation to the community, and desire for success.

Eleventh House

The Eleventh House controls our relationships, individual intentions, and inner faith.

Twelfth House

Lastly, the Twelfth House governs our concealed strengths and vulnerabilities, dreams, growth, as well as karma.

To Sum It All Up…

Creating and interpreting your astrological chart is not a difficult thing to do. The basic information you should have aside from your birth date is your place and time of birth. In interpreting your chart, attempt to understand the position of the planets, the signs, and the houses.

Spend time assessing your chart to gain an understanding of who you truly are. Do not be hesitant to make bold interpretations and just learn to have fun while doing so!

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