Genius Throughout History and Their Zodiac Signs

Genius throughout History by Zodiac Sign

Have you wondered about geniuses throughout history and what their zodiac sign is?  I thought it might be interesting to take a look at historic figures that represent each zodiac sign.

Usually, the internet gossips about dumb people. Easily avoidable blunders that have massive, horrible consequences tend to get more attention than pieces of wisdom that have improved the world.

Let’s take a look at some of history’s geniuses!

Each sign is intelligent in its own unique way therefore genius can be found in each zodiac sign. This list features Leonardo Davinci, Sigmund Freud, John Keynes, Thurgood Marshall, Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Alfred Nobel, Edwin Hubble, Mark Twain, Alexander Hamilton, Charles Darwin, and Einstein.

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 Aries: Leonardo Davinci

Modern humans specialize in one area and stick with it for most of their lives. Leonardo Davinci, “The Renaissance Man”, did a lot in his lifetime.

The list of his areas is incredible: Aviation, Biology, Art, Anatomy, Botany, Geology, Cartography, Hydrodynamics, Alchemy, Mathematics, Instruments, and war machines that are so eerily futuristic you’d think Davinci was a time traveler attempting to recreate modern weaponry with 15th-century technology.

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Davinci’s enthusiasm, insatiable curiosity, and desire to create wonder weapons (let’s be honest, only an Aries would come up with the Scythed Chariots idea) make him a good example of an Aries who became (or was) a genius.

Taurus: Sigmund Freud

Ok, so some of this famous psychologist’s ideas haven’t exactly aged well, case in point is his hilariously wrong theory that cocaine was a wonder drug. But despite that blunder, his contributions to the field of psychology can’t be ignored. They are just too large!

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A big one that comes to mind is his introduction of the Id, Superego, and Ego. His idea of how the human mind works was simple: The Id, the untamed and primitive part of ourselves, is like a devil that sits on our shoulders and tells us to do bad things.

The Superego is the opposite, it is the angel that tells us what is morally correct.

Our ego is what settles the conflict; it is the mediator and determines our behavior. His scientific introduction of multiple parts of human personality has had a big role in psychology, even if modern researchers have changed some of the components.

It’s just a shame that Freud, as all Taurus’ are, had a very stubborn streak in him. He was fixated on making everything sexual and wouldn’t waver from that position. This would be his downfall in the future: In a shocking event that didn’t surprise anyone, his theories about repressed sexuality were wrong.

Gemini: John Maynard Keynes

Keynes was no action hero; he was an economist. Keynes’ policies ended the Great Depression, the worst economic downturn in history: Mass unemployment and bread riots, and a general sense of hopelessness were the norm in the 1930s.

His solutions to the problem were for the government to directly spend money to put people back to work until the crisis was over.

It turns out, Keynes was correct. Massive spending programs have done around the world restored employment, and by the end of World War Two, every economist looked to Keynes as a source of wisdom.

Keynes embodied the creative, curious, and versatile intellect that Gemini is known for.

He not only mastered economics with his sharp mind but also communicated his ideas in a uniquely Gemini way. He traveled the world debating others and wrote books with elegant, poetic, dialogue that were filled with novel ideas to restore prosperity.

He also inherited Gemini’s wit. He always knew what to say and how to say it. One time, Keynes was called out for flip-flopping on the issues, and in response, he said “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”.

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Cancer: Thurgood Marshall

Cancer is kind, empathetic, devoted, compassionate, and protective of others. They want to be of service to others and believe that the world is made a better place when kindness is spread.

No one on this list embodies these traits more than Thurgood Marshall, who passionately fought for Civil Rights in the courtrooms of the United States. His record is astounding. He argued a record-shattering 32 cases in the Supreme Court and won 29 of them.

His greatest victory is widely seen as Brown v. Board of Education, where Thurgood Marshall’s Supreme Court declared that schools cannot be segregated.

Leo: Henry Ford

Leos are bold. They love to be leaders, the center of attention, and the visionaries that everyone looks to for inspiration. Best of all, they never give up. They want to see their actions change the world and, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t cold-hearted.

The mighty lion does have a soft spot for humanity. Henry Ford captures this well! Ford began fiddling with machinery at age 12, and by age 43 kickstarted the Ford Company.

In 1914, he doubled the wages of his workers. Throughout his life, Ford was constantly seeking to improve. Better machinery, better assembly lines, better cars, and better conditions.

Virgo: Michael Jackson

Virgos are detail-oriented, picky, career-driven people that always strive for perfection. The king himself was no exception. Micheal Jackson won numerous awards for his rich musical career, and it was all made possible by his impenetrable work ethic and desire for improvement.

Virgos are known for harshly judging themselves when they can’t meet their own (or other people’s) standards. This does help to explain his relationship with his father, Joe Jackson.

Micheal, a Virgo, naturally orientates towards perfection, and Joe demanded it all the time. This synergy can be what led to Jackon’s eventual rise to fame.

Read more about Michael Jackson’s traits as a Virgo here!

Libra: Alfred Nobel

Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac. They don’t like conflict; they think it’s nasty and too brutal. Instead, Libra wants to see as much peace be made as possible. They are represented by the scales of justice for a reason! Alfred Nobel personified Libra’s quest for peace.

He was a scientist, businessman, and philanthropist who used the fortune he racked up from inventing dynamite (intended for civilian purposes, of course) to establish the Nobel peace prize, an award that is given to distinguished scientists and “whoever shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind”.

Nobel’s passion didn’t end at dynamite, the Nobel peace prize, or his giant list of patents. Like all Libras, he had an artistic side to him. Alfred Nobel kept an extensive collection of writings and even wrote some poetry of his own on the side.

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Scorpio: Edwin Hubble

Scorpios are always trying to take things a step further, especially it comes to big ideas. They have a fascination with larger-than-life topics, such as life, death, karma, etc.

Naturally, Edwin Hubble directed his intense, curious energy into learning about the mysteries of the universe. Hubble’s discoveries completely changed how we see the universe and even influenced Albert Einstein.

In Hubble’s day, the conventional wisdom was that our galaxy is the only galaxy, anything else you can see in the night sky is just gas clouds or other solar systems. Hubble debunked this when he discovered that the universe is massive, constantly expanding, and has unfathomable amounts of galaxies in it.  

The famous Hubble Telescope is named after this fine Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Mark Twain

Sagittarius is bold, progressive, and outspoken. Sagittarius hates injustice and loves to see that their hot takes on philosophy and life will one day make the world a better place.

Mark Twain himself sums up the Sagittarian mantra when he wrote “Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, and kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”

Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, alongside tons of other works that got increasingly controversial. Like any Sagittarius, Mark Twain couldn’t keep his opinions to himself! A good example of this is when he labeled the late 1800s as the “Gilded Age”, which means that it’s covered by a thin layer of gold, but is rotting on the inside.

Twain, like all Sagittarius, was known for his humor. Legend has it that Twain said, “Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason”. While fact-checkers have claimed that quote was falsely attributed to him, it’s definitely something he would approve of.

Capricorn: Alexander Hamilton 

That’s right, the man who inspired the famous play of the same name was a Capricorn.

Hamilton had humble beginnings; an illegitimate child born in the Caribbean but would go on to live an incredible life. But his professionalism, sharp wit, and work ethic that being a Capricorn gave him helped propel him onto the world stage.

Hamilton was a statesman, soldier, writer, and revolutionary who lived through the birth of America. He was involved from the very start to the end, from getting involved in protests against the King, fighting the redcoats, and overseeing the creation of the Constitution.

His most well-known pieces, the Federalist Papers, were long essays about why the newly freed colonies needed a new, innovative form of government to look after them but wouldn’t become invasive.

But Hamilton’s Achilles heel was his sense of pride. As a Capricorn, he did not take very well to disrespect. His longtime political foe, Aaron Burr pushed him too far, and after a series of heated letters, they agreed to duel each other.

For whatever reason, Hamilton missed, and Burr landed a fatal shot. It was a big tragedy for the young nation, but at least it ruined Aaron Burr’s career, so perhaps Hamilton won after all.

Aquarius: Charles Darwin

Aquarius is a rebel. They don’t care about authority, tradition, or old-fashioned thinking. They are the only sign that gets a thrill off stirring up the status quo by using their sharp intellect.

Charles Darwin is a great example of the pioneering Aquarius. He did what every Aquarius lusts for and went on a massive, five-year-long expedition to explore the world and discover new species.

During this expedition, Darwin collected thousands of fossils, creatures, and had hundreds of pages of meticulously crafted drawings. From this huge observation of nature, he created theories that would change not only natural science but how humans view themselves.

He wrote that living things evolve, and this did not sit well with the church! This breakthrough in natural science portrayed nature as a system of gradual change, not something made by god.

Darwin’s theories of evolution have sparked a debate that (somehow) continues to this day. All Aquarius want to be the one that starts a century-long argument, so for this reason, Darwin is the best example of a genius Aquarius from history.

Pisces: Albert Einstein

Pisces has the richest imagination and the biggest heart, so it is no surprise that one of the most brilliant scientists on earth was not only a Pisces but an activist way ahead of his time.

When it comes to physics, Einstein has no equal. Modern scientists still cannot refute Einstein’s theory of relativity, which says that gravity is based on the size of an object, since the size of the object warps spacetime.

There are a lot of things that Einstein has still been proven a lot about, and it all comes down to the simple fact that his Pisces curiosity is unmatched.

But since he was a Pisces, his empathy was also great, as we’ve written about before, Einstein was also a Civil Rights activist. Einstein fought segregation, endorsed the NAACP, spoke at historically black universities, and publicly called on the public to end racism in America.

Read more about Albert Einstein and his Pisces nature here.

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