Erogenous Zones Of A Taurus Man

A Taurus man may be hard to crack because of his stubborn nature, but he has soft spots that will make him give in to your touch. If you want to know the erogenous zones of a Taurus man, you have stumbled upon the right article.

A Taurus man’s erogenous zones are his shoulders, neck, and ears. Slow and sensual massages in these body areas make him weak in the knees. A Taurus man will be extremely turned on when his erogenous zones are stimulated especially during foreplay.

Read further to know more about the signs when a Taurus man wants to be touched and how to turn him on!

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When A Taurus Man Is In Love

When a Taurus man is in love, he won’t be able to stay away from you and will eventually come up with ridiculous justifications for wanting to see you. This sign values connection and communication, therefore he constantly makes time to see you and pay you attention.

A Taurus man will make an effort to integrate himself into your life and will never pass up a chance to be near you.

Once a Taurus man begins to admire you, this bull will make you the center of his universe. In order for you both to develop a deeper connection, he will grin when you speak to him and ask you a lot of questions.

You’ll find that a Taurus man all of a sudden becomes really curious about your social life, and schedule, and always makes sure to pay attention to you.

A Taurus man will begin taking practical care of your possessions since he is mature and pragmatic. He will support you in enhancing your lifestyle and well-being in addition to standing up for you and helping you get ready for reality.

To help you feel safer and more stable, a Taurus man will sit down with you and help you establish goals, and push you to keep an eye on your finances.

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The Erogenous Zones Of A Taurus Man


Because the Taurus man rules the shoulders, stress, and tension are more likely to accumulate there than in other places on the body. A good shoulder rub is usually appreciated by this sign. Slow, sensuous touches and massages that he may relish might help a steady Taurus man unwind.

Prior to getting into the mood, a Taurus man wants to feel secure and at ease with the person he is with. He’ll be much more receptive to your actions if he feels at ease and in that secure environment. A Taurus man adores being held, having his back massaged, and having his spines gently touched.


Extended foreplay is the main mechanism a Taurus man will use to stimulate and get aroused. Therefore, all it takes to make things heated with this sign is a kiss on the neck.  The Taurus man is all about the neck, whether it’s hickeys or soft kisses.

In the case of a Taurus man, he frequently experiences sore throats and neck difficulties before any other conditions. Any type of neck massage, particularly following a long day at the workplace, may be soothing for him. A Taurus man will also be in a good mood after receiving neck kisses, licks, and nibbles.


A seductive voice whispering in a Taurus man’s ear might be quite alluring. He will react when he hears a sensual voice, regardless of whether it is whispering, humming, or sweet nothing. A Taurus man will be more turned on when you do this.

It all boils down to how a Taurus man’s senses turn them on. Slow kisses, mild earlobe sucking, and whispering in his ear will also get his attention because he is both incredibly sensitive to physical touch.

The ears are the Taurus man’s erogenous zone, thus nuzzling, nibbling, or massaging the ears is a fantastic foreplay technique.

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Signs A Taurus Man Wants To Be Touched

His touch lingers

When he wants to be touched, a Taurus man will discover methods to do so that is both suitable and convey his feelings. He won’t merely bump into you and jerk away; rather, he will give you subtle, meaningful contact. You will notice that when a Taurus man initiates contact, his touch always lingers.

A Taurus man might put his hand in a position where it could touch yours, and when it does, he seems to enjoy it. Or he might place a hand on your back and leave it there while you continue to talk. Keep an eye out for increased eye contact when a Taurus man touches you or a break in the discussion where he may go closer.

He is physically close

There won’t be much of a physical separation between you and your Taurus man. It seems as though his body is magnetized to yours because he is so drawn to you naturally. Taurus man will display his physical interest in you by being around you.

A Taurus man pays so close attention to you that you’ll doubt he has any eyes left to notice the other women. Additionally, he will give you precedence over any nearby distractions. A Taurus man is not constantly scanning his surroundings or his phone because he is focusing on you.

He doesn’t shy away

See what a Taurus man does when you reach out and respectfully touch him a few times. He may have been taken off guard if he jerks away from you, but it might also mean that he only has platonic affection for you.

A Taurus man will avoid lingering or returning your contact if he doesn’t feel you. However, if he appears to truly enjoy it or touches you back, you are in. A Taurus man will never shy away from your touch if he really wanted it that way.

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How To Turn A Taurus Man On

Remember that a Taurus man is the sign that rules over the senses. Therefore, talking to him quietly will get his attention more than making a blunt offer. As soon as he hears your soothing voice on the phone, he will swoon with delight.

After you’ve won your Taurus man’s heart, learn to know him and his erogenous areas so you may seduce him and overwhelm him with your sensual chemistry.

A Taurus man can have a hard time understanding subtle language cues. When you converse with him, you should pay more attention to softly stroking his arms or other body parts.

The Taurus man is not an exception to the rule that men respond to praise and admiration. So start giving him compliments that will make him feel like the only man in the world if you want to turn him on.

With your Taurus man, you do not always have to act appropriately. It’s crucial to remember that this sign loves to seek pleasure and is passionate, especially in bed. Once a Taurus man is confident in his partner’s intentions, he is the kind of person that wants to have fun.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you make amorous and flirtatious movements toward your Taurus man, such as lightly stroking his hands, the back of his neck, or his chin. He will be sexually stimulated in addition to having his senses excited by doing all the weird things with you.

Your Taurus man will make sure that both of you will have the best time in bed when you stimulate his senses and erogenous zones.

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Erogenous zones of a Taurus man, final thoughts…

His erogenous zones are his:

  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Ears