Erogenous Zones Of A Sagittarius Man

Since a Sagittarius man is always looking for something exciting, it is important to stimulate him in areas where he is most sensitive. If you want to know the erogenous zones of a Sagittarius man, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius man’s erogenous zones are his hips, thighs, and knees. Tease your way down and all the way around his body by drawing circles with your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather. Even a light graze can ignite a Sagittarius man since his inner thighs, hips, and knees are quite sensitive.

You should also consider learning about the signs when a Sagittarius man wants to be touched and how to turn her on. Read on!

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When A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

A Sagittarius man is frequently the light of the party and likes making other people happy. If he is in love, you’ll see this propensity heightened and discover that he spoils you with presents and thoughtful actions to make you happy.

He may accept equal effort from both parties in a casual relationship, but he views someone with whom he feels deeply bonded differently. A Sagittarius man is in love with you if he spends a lot of time making sure you’re happy and content.

If a Sagittarius man loves you, he will be honest with you and emphasize his best self in an effort to win you over. He loves you and wants you to experience what a relationship with him might be like, which is why he continuously exhibits the attributes you find attractive.

A Sagittarius man often feels at ease in most social situations, but he feels much more at ease when he is with someone he cares about. With you, you’ll see that he’s unwinding, letting down his guard, and being even more carefree than usual.

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The Erogenous Zones Of A Sagittarius Man


Sensual touches to the hips, which are ruled by the sign of a Sagittarius man, may truly ignite that sign’s fire.

Be generally affectionate below the waist and you may even wrap yourself around that place. Tease your way down and all the way around his hips by drawing circles with your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather.

Use an ice cube, a feather, or your lips and tongue to gently tickle this erogenous zone.

A Sagittarius man is into new and interesting things, so this would be a fantastic area for some temperature play. The reason this zone is particularly sensitive may have something to do with the way the nerves are interconnected or the sensitivity to being touched from behind.


Getting a Sagittarius man in the mood can be accomplished by engaging in physical activity together, particularly one that engages the thighs, such as running.

He will particularly get excited if you put your hand on his thigh when you are watching a movie together, kiss his inner thighs during foreplay, or grip his thighs during sex.

Even a light graze can ignite a Sagittarius man since the inner thighs are so delicate and so close to the ultimate erogenous zone. You may kiss his lips, neck, and chest as you move gently inward and run your hands down towards his thighs.

Cover this area with gentle, moist kisses and licks when you’re ready to get up close and personal with your Sagittarius man.


Run your hand down a Sagittarius man’s leg and let it linger at the back of their knee if you truly want to shock his senses in a nice way. As the nerves are related to his sensitive spots, the area around the back of the knee joint will tingle his senses.

You definitely don’t want to miss this overlooked location because it may delight a Sagittarius man and ignite his desires.

Another place that is frequently overlooked and is extremely sensitive to any type of contact is this one. A Sagittarius man may even find this erogenous ticklish. Use your mouth and tongue there before massaging the region or give it more attention before moving up or down the leg.

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Signs A Sagittarius Man Wants To Be Touched

He flirts with you

If you unexpectedly catch a Sagittarius man acting overly flirty with you, that’s one of the ways he is showing you that he wants to be touched. He believes that one of the easiest ways to develop sexual chemistry and tension between two individuals is by flirting.

Hence, a Sagittarius man may be attempting to determine whether there is sexual chemistry between you and him if you observe him flirting vigorously with you.

It could be challenging to determine this if you and your Sagittarius man have been flirting with each other for a while. First off, he could have been drawn to you sexually ever since you two became acquainted.

Second, a Sagittarius man may be acting now because he unexpectedly became attracted to you sexually.

He stares at you

Although sneaking glances at you are undoubtedly one of the most obvious signs, you should also pay attention when he is glancing at other areas of your body.

An obvious sign that a Sagittarius man wants to be touched by you is if you find him gazing not only at your face but also at other parts of your body, such as your curves.

It’s an uncontrollable response to any potential sexual tension your Sagittarius man may be feeling if you catch him sneaking looks at you while checking you out or biting or licking his lips. When he’s looking at you, this sign can be acting on an unconscious desire to kiss you if he appears to lick or bite his lips.

He stays close

If your Sagittarius man makes an attempt to be near to you physically, it’s an unmistakable indicator that he really wants to be touched by you. He is drawn to you if you’ve seen him making sure to sit or stand near to you most of the time.

In an effort to be alone with you, he may also actively suggest things that require hanging out around the home together in private. In order to determine whether there is a likelihood of something sexual happening, he wants to give you the chance to be with him alone in a private setting.

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How To Turn A Sagittarius Man On

Wear something provocative and flaunt your body if you truly want to know how to enrage a Sagittarius man. Even though he isn’t always superficial, he will always appreciate it when you put some effort into your looks.

Avoid focusing on the aspects of your physique that you are insecure about and keep your anxieties under wraps. Instead, exude confidence and show off your assets because it will be quite enticing to your Sagittarius man.

Don’t be hesitant to try new things when having sex with a Sagittarius man because he won’t judge you. If you want to talk to him about something sexual, don’t be ashamed. Even if he deeply likes something, doing it again gets boring after a time.

Similar to everything else in a Sagittarius man’s life, having sex is an experience and he wants it to be an exciting experience.

People who are daring in general, not just in bed, turn a Sagittarius man on. He will find you more attractive if he observes that you are out and about experiencing life to the fullest.

Furthermore, if you make him fight for what you want and give him a little chase, he’ll be more excited than if you just give in right away. A Sagittarius man likes being in charge, but if you sometimes let go of the reins, he’ll become excited.

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Erogenous zones of a Sagittarius man, final thoughts…

His erogenous zones are his:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees