Does Astrology Really Work?

Does Astrology Really Work?

No matter how much people enjoy reading their daily horoscopes, there will always be skeptics who question whether or not astrology really works.

When someone asks you if astrology really works, you can tell them that astrology is a form of science, art, and divination that works as long as you know the right questions to ask and how to interpret the answers properly.

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How Astrology Works

Many people who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of astrology assume that astrology is just a form of divination, like gazing into a crystal ball or reading tea leaves.

While astrology is a form of divination, true astrology is much more than that. Astrology is a combination of science, art, and divination.

True astrology uses the position of the planets at a particular date and time, along with other influences, to predict likely personality types or outcomes of a scenario.

The reason some people believe astrology isn’t accurate or doesn’t work is that they are typically referring to a limited, narrow definition of astrology.

Some people think astrology is just assigning personality traits based on your birthday, and that all astrology is used for is to make catchy little predictions in pop culture websites and magazines.

But real astrology is much more complicated and nuanced than that, and real astrology is the astrology that works – as long as you believe in the science and art behind it.

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What Astrology Can’t Predict

The exact future of a person or situation: If you want astrology to work for you, then you need to ask the right questions.

For example, if you are wondering about your love life and want to use astrology to make a prediction, you might think you should ask, “When will I get married?” or “When will I meet my future spouse?”

You aren’t going to get an accurate answer from astrology using a question structured this way.

To get the answers you are looking for, you should instead ask something like, “Is this particular date auspicious for my wedding?” or, “What will my future spouse be like?”

An astrologer can’t look at your birth chart and see the exact date you will get married, but it can predict, based on your personality and other factors, what the journey of your love life will look like.

Astrology can predict if you are more likely to get married earlier or later in life, what traits you look for in a partner and more.

In terms of exact dates for your marriage, astrology can’t predict the date of your wedding, but an astrologer can tell you whether or not a particular date and time is auspicious for your wedding.

The scientific side of astrology makes date predictions highly accurate because the movement of the planets is precise and reliable. For example, we can look up what zodiac sign the moon will be in on a particular date ten years from now with perfect accuracy.

A skilled astrologer can use the information from your birth chart combined with the scientific placement of the planets on any particular day to make personalized predictions, as long as you understand the structure and limitations of astrology.

What Astrology Can Predict


What hooks many into astrology is the accuracy of personality predictions.

Critics of astrology often say that the personality traits assigned to each sign are too vague and generalized to be accurate, but a true astrological reading of someone’s personality is based on much, much more than their sun sign.

To get a full picture of someone’s personality, an astrologer needs to see that person’s entire birth chart.

Most people who aren’t deeply into astrology only know their sun sign, which is based on your month and day of birth. Your sun sign tells you your basic personality traits and how you interact with others.

But did you know that you have a moon sign, a rising sign, and many other astrological influences on your birth chart, too?

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Your moon sign, for example, tells you how you handle emotions and who you are when you’re alone. An astrologer can combine your moon sign with your sun sign to give a more personalized and accurate personality reading.

Beyond the moon sign, there is the rising sign, which planet is in each house, your Lilith, and so much more.

An experienced astrologer can look at each aspect of your birth chart and combine them to give you a very precise personality reading.

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Career Choices

Different personality types are compatible with various lifestyles and careers. It makes sense that if astrologers can tell you all about your specific personality based on your birth chart, they can also tell you which career paths would best suit your character.

For example, the zodiac sign Aries is very impulsive, impatient, physical, and aggressive. Based solely on the sun sign, the ideal job for an Aries is something physical and competitive, such as a career as an athlete or a racecar driver.

But say that person with an Aries sun also has a moon in Libra. This means that the person interacts with others like an Aries, and comes off as physical and aggressive. But when they are alone, they are peace-loving, balanced, and excellent at interpersonal communication.

Combining this person’s moon sign with their sun sign to come up with a career choice could mean that this person is better suited for a career in sports management rather than on the field.

Combining the various astrological influences on a person’s birth chart can give you a more specific idea of what career path is best.

Read more about making career choices based on astrology:


You may have heard that astrology can help you find your perfect romantic partner. But did you know that astrology can also help you determine your compatibility with anyone, for any type of relationship?

If you are a Scorpio, for example, you may not be compatible with a Virgo in love and romance, but this can be a great match as coworkers.

Aquarius and Aries are the perfect friendship match, but if these two try to live together or get into a romantic relationship, they could wind up killing each other.

Astrology can tell you who you are compatible with as friends, lovers, coworkers, and more. If you have the birth chart of the other person you are trying to determine your compatibility with, an astrologer can give you your specific compatibility based on your sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, and other signs.

Read about compatibility based on where Venus shows up in your birth chart!

Best Dates for Anything

Just as an astrologer can help you choose a wedding date, you can also use astrology to choose auspicious dates for anything from a haircut to a funeral.

Even without your birth chart, there are certain planetary influences that make the timing for different events better than others, regardless of your personal astrology.

For example, one of the most commonly discussed topics in astrology is Mercury in Retrograde. This is when the planet Mercury appears to spin backward, and since Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, travel, and information, everyone is impacted in these areas when Mercury goes retrograde.

No matter what sign you are, Mercury retrograde will have some influence on you. Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times per year, for about 3-4 weeks each time. No one should make big purchases, sign contracts, or make any important commitments during this time.

When you combine the planetary influences with your birth chart, you can get an even more detailed and personalized prediction of the best dates for you to execute your plans, whatever they may be.


Since it is technically classified as a pseudo-science, there will always be those who are skeptical of astrology and whether or not it actually works.

But as long as you understand the boundaries of astrology and what kinds of things it can and can’t predict, you can be assured that astrology does, in fact, work.

While you can’t ask an astrologer the name of your future spouse or when you will get married, you could ask what traits to look for in your ideal partner and whether or not the wedding date you want is favorable for marriage.

Astrology can’t tell you exactly when and how you will die, but it can predict specific health problems and lifestyle habits that could contribute to your demise.

Asking the right questions and knowing astrology’s limitations will help you use astrology correctly and prove that it really does work.

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