Does A Sagittarius Woman Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to answer the question, does a Sagittarius woman cheats? If so? Why does she cheat? Alongside that, we’re gonna give you inside information on some specific signs to look out for when you think she’s cheating on you!

Yes, a Sagittarius woman will cheat on you because she’s bored of the relationship and wants the thrill of a new relationship, she also has an extremely high sex drive that must that can be troublesome! She’s indecisive and enjoys all the fun to himself, in short, she’s not capable of being in a monogamous relationship.

The Sagittarius woman is the wild and adventurous sign who’s open to receiving and experiencing different kinds of experiences, due to that, she’s more fond of traveling than any other sign.

Her mind and experiences are continuously expanding just like Jupiter who is continually expanding, her energy brings inspiration and fire to everyone she meets, and she can be the life of the party…and sometimes it can be a problem especially if she’s in a relationship

With that said, the energy a Sagittarius woman brings to the table is fiery and chaotic, this woman is widely notorious for having casual flings which might make her be deemed promiscuous, her traits can be a problem in making long-term relationships, making her toxic and hard to be with.

This Sagittarius woman is considered one of the most sexually charged signs of the zodiac, her fire element accompanied by the energy of Jupiter makes her highly expansive, and in terms of her sexual endeavors she can be hard to pin down, this can give her troubling settling in a committed relationship.

There can be several ways why your Sagittarius woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Sagittarius woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s jump right to the answers…

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Are Sagittarius Women More Likely to Cheat?

Yes, unfortunately, the traits of a Sagittarius woman make her more likely to cheat, her indecisiveness accompanied by her detachment makes it for her to emotionally connect to her partner, alongside her need for new things makes him more likely to try out sexual relationships outside of the committed one.

Sadly the non-commital nature along with her toxic attitude of being all-knowing and being right all the time can make her actions seem selfish and hurtful towards her partner, alongside that Sagittarius women are more likely to cheat because of their party-hard and reckless attitude toward romance and sex.

Sagittarius women are hard to be tamed, they are like wild horses in a field, you can’t catch them and it is dangerous as you might be stomped down, because of their wildfire nature, they’re not the romantic types who would settle down and get mushy gushy on their partners.

It is hard to make a Sagittarius woman settle down, she is more popular and likable and knows how to play the hookup game in the grand social scheme, this woman is a known heartbreaker, a Lilith in the flesh, and she will want freedom at all costs!

Unlike other women who enjoy their femininity and enjoy the idea of being a traditional housewife, this woman screams and hates the patriarchy while enabling some of the most toxic feminine traits possible.

With that said, a Sagittarius woman cheating is no surprise, her cheating on her romantic partner is a direct result of her selfishness, she only thinks about himself and living a fun life, there would even be times that she’d rethink why she went into the relationship in the first place.

Remember that this sign is mutable fire and she can be extremely indecisive about things, watch out for her demeaning toxic attitude towards you, when you feel something is off, then there comes the realization…

With all of that in mind, the Sagittarius woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has fellow fire placements (Leo and Aries) and Air placements (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).

The only thing that can make your Sagittarius woman chase and settle down with you is if she knows you’re as level-headed and as detached as her, in short, play the game of being a heartbreaker in the long run while having fun, you gotta be detached and unemotional to truly surprise her.

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Why Do Sagittarius Women Cheat?

The Sagittarius woman cheats because she’s toxic and promiscuous, she wants all the fun to herself and she’s tempted to try out different sexual partners at once all the while playing the victim and trying to make it seem like it’s her partner’s fault for her behaving that way.

You need to watch out for this woman, she can be incredibly toxic if she’s not genuine about settling down with you, alongside the fact that she’s detached and thrill-seeking, she may have agreed to your relationship to begin with because she felt like it and now she’s bored and wants to try out new things.

You have to be worried about her indecisiveness, she can be all-loving and faithful then mean and outright disrespectful the next, you need to understand that she’s never yours, to begin with, and she’s just playing around…

Because she’s mutable fire, her energy will be changeable and will go with the flow, unlike heavy resisting fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo), this woman doesn’t care if the relationship goes to crumble, she knows she’s got plenty of other options and she’ll go with the easiest way out.

If she’s cheating on her partner it is mostly because she’s bored and wants to get away from the relationship and she’s tempted enough by these potential lovers who can give her the “adventure”, the passion, the romance that she’s been idealizing since day one.

She cheated because it was her own free will, she wanted to exercise her freedom, and that freedom caused her own relationship to turn into crumble, at the end of the day the answer as to why your Sagittarius woman would cheat on you only comes down on one thing, she’s selfish and she was never in love with you!

Understand that her cheating is not because you’re inadequate or less of a man, she’s just toxic, to begin with, and she wants to have it all! The first step in really moving on and being happy is leaving and cutting that toxic relationship.

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How to Find out if your Sagittarius Woman is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs to look out for when you feel that your Sagittarius woman is cheating on you, here are some of the signs that your Sagittarius woman is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you.

The first thing to notice if you think she’s cheating on you is if she’s not inviting you to the “fun” and “exciting” parts of her daily routine, remember that your Sagittarius woman loves to hang out, mingle with her friends, travel to different places, you will never see her around the house for long periods.

As such, when you’ve noticed that she’s being cold and leaving you behind in her most fun activities, it is certainly possible that she finds you boring already and is probably not interested or attracted to you as before.

Another thing to look out for is her clear creation of boundaries, she will hide her journals, or gadgets away from you most especially her phone, she will not let you use it because she knows you will find sneaky things in there that could end the relationship.

Last but not the least, look out for the lack of sexual intimacy, your Sagittarius woman has a high sex drive so if you’ve noticed that she’s becoming less romantic, shrugs you off, and doesn’t respond to your sexual advances like before, it is most possible that she’s cheating on you.

She is a woman who likes the thrill and adrenaline rush of a relationship, with that in mind, if you feel and notices that she’s not as happy or excited to see you or hang out with you, more so if the communication feels off and bland, maybe it’s best to move on…

Overall, if the relationship feels draining and one-sided and it lacks sexual energy and the signs said are present, it could be highly indicative of her cheating on you and you need to move on, remember to stay away from the toxic woman as it will only destroy you in the end! 

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Sagittarius Woman’s cheating heart? 

The Sagittarius woman, The Archer – is a traveler and a philosopher, extremely keen on exploring and knowing, there are also good and genuinely kind and loving Sagittarius women out there but your cheating Sagittarius woman must be dealt with immediately.

And the best way to truly live a happy life is by leaving your toxic relationship and leaving your cheating Sagittarius woman behind! Live and go live your life to the fullest and be the best, most successful version of yourself!

A toxic and lying cheating Sagittarius woman is probably a covert narcissist and probably is feeding off your life and energy, once you’ve truly proven that she’s cheating, there’s no way back, instead, cut her off and see how fast she goes back looking and missing for your time and attention.

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