Does a Pisces Man Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to show and tell you the ways and reasons why a Pisces man would be unfaithful or cheat on you in your relationship. If you’re doubtful, we’re also going to show you signs that your Pisces man may be unfaithful to you without you even knowing…

Yes, The Pisces man can cheat if he’s allowed to do so, he’s incredibly indecisive and goes with the flow, alongside that, he is incredibly easy to be tempted and seduced, making him more likely to cheat Pisces is considered the most disloyal water sign.

The Pisces man is an extremely smooth and easy-going sign of the zodiac, incredibly creative and sometimes ghastly in appearance and movements, he can be deemed emotional and spiritual by others, a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter, his energy is free-flowing and light, what he may lack in his physicality, he’ll gain in spiritual and more emotional insight.

Kind, friendly, emotionally intuitive, and psychic, this feminine sign is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, making him extremely alluring to others, he can be a sort of idealized male partner, because of his sweet and vibrant energy, he can attract many potential lovers.

You can tell that this man has a lot of soul going on inside of him and a lot of it needs releasing, in terms of love and relationships, he can be an extremely emotionally driven partner, and his love and passion can be soulful.

The kind of feeling you won’t find in other partners, alongside that, he can show a lot of water sign energy and traits (clinginess, over-emotional spontaneous showcases of love, plenty of physical intimacy)

There can be several ways why your Pisces man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why a Pisces man would be most likely to cheat in a relationship than any other zodiac sign.

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That said, let’s jump right in!

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Are Pisces Men More Likely to Cheat?

Pisces men are unfortunately more likely to cheat because of their indecisiveness and their tendency to be easily manipulated, seduced, and tempted, one of the sole purposes of a man born in the sign of Pisces is to form deep, strong, and fortified emotional and spiritual boundaries.

It can be hard to generalize but Pisces men generally lack any boundaries, it can be hard for them to achieve clear emotional boundaries and are succumbed to emotional dissonance, therefore, it will generally be easy to tempt and seduce them.

With that said, their indecisiveness and their inability to say no to heavy and difficult situations can make them tangled up in very heavy situations, such as that, some people can use this indecisiveness to attempt to seduce and let a Pisces man easily give in to his own sexual needs.

Being an old sign, Pisces man is in the last sign of the zodiac wheel, this sign will have more of an old soul attribute, having a Buddha or Jesus Archetype because of how heavily inspirational and influential they are in the spiritual realm, with that said, Pisces men do not give much importance to the physicality of things, he lives not by living in materialism but by Spiritualism.

They can be therefore too forgiving or can be stuck in their innermost emotions and thoughts, on the flip side, a hurt Pisces man who is more inclined on his shadow side can be more delusional than others, his cult-like thinking can make him self-righteous, making his actions such as cheating easier to be “reasoned out” by him.

Overall, this can be a tough question to tell as the astrological profile of a person does not dictate the cheating habits of that said person, however, some astrological placements are indicative of making oneself more susceptible to temptation – being born under Pisces sun or having planetary placements in the sign of Pisces can make a man more likely to cheat.

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Why Do Pisces Men Cheat?

Pisces men cheat because of their instant mood shifts and unpredictability combined with their inability to make describe actions and decisions which makes them incredibly hard to commit and stay loyal to their partner, he wants more, and with that, he is delusional in trying to achieve an idealist form of love.

The rich imagination of a Pisces man makes him incredibly hard to attain the love he’s trying to get, with that said, even if he is in a committed relationship he will certainly be caught up in his imaginary world of romance, alongside his lack of will and strength can make him be more easily seduced than any other men in the zodiac.

Pisces men also cheat because they’re non-committal in the first place, with that in mind, he will be an incredibly multifaceted individual, out of the water signs, Pisces is the most adventurous, physically and spiritually, and he may want to try out different experiences before actually setting in, with that said, he can be a great player in the game of flings and hookups.

Pisces men also cheat to avoid the problems they’re experiencing, this is almost true if the problems they’re facing relate to the inside of their romantic relationship if a certain Pisces man feels he is incompatible with his partner especially if it is in terms of his creative pursuits or spirituality, he may be more inclined to look for someone else who he feels worthy of being with him because he feels the other party understands him.

Another reason why he would cheat on his partner is unresolved childhood or relationship trauma that is brought out in the past, he may be cheated on before and had a martyrdom syndrome and now he is trying to rewrite the story by being the abuser, he may also have mommy or daddy issues that give him unhealthy romantic ideas or expectations to his partner.

Overall, this is toxic to the Pisces man and to the partner he is with, when you feel that the relationship is becoming unhealthy and unloving and you know to yourself he doesn’t love you anymore, why wait till it all blows up? The best form of regaining your power is by being the one to leave the toxic relationship out.

Remember a Pisces man’s compassionate, warm and spiritual nature isn’t one of the reasons that he cheats, he deeply understands people and their emotions, he will cheat because he’s run out of love for you and has his eye on someone else.

How to find out if Pisces Man is Cheating on you?

There are numerous signs that your Pisces man is potentially cheating on you or is doing something behind your back, with that said, these are the signs to be dissected and discussed to fully know if your Pisces man is cheating on you…

Let’s find out!

The first sign can be weird but terrifyingly true! Remember that your Pisces man is incredibly psychic and spirituality-inclined, therefore the astral realm will be his in-line specialty, with that said, if you’ve noticed he is having weird dreams, trouble having a good sleep because of a nightmare, or is uttering someone’s name while sleeping, this is a sign he’s cheating on you!

Either he is having extreme guilt and remorse that he has done something terrible to his partner like cheating or he is fantasizing about someone else in his dream, this can be a weird but surely accurate sign that he’s cheating on you.

The second sign that subtly tells you he is seeing someone else is that he will always be daydreaming, whether its right in front of your face or if you’re noticing it, it can be a deadly sign that he’s trying to escape his reality and live on another one, this daydreaming is also accompanied by less intimacy between the two of you.

You will certainly feel as if you do not feel his energy anymore and he’s never interested in keeping the romance ignited, the relationship will also feel stagnant for the both of you, your Pisces man will certainly feel distant, and his energy will be more connected with someone else rather than with you.

Alongside that, he will give you plenty of excuses on why he is emotionally or physically unavailable with you, he will tell you he’s busy or doing something, he might tell you he has worked and he has a hectic schedule, he will lie and lie just so he can not spend time with you.

This is often because he can’t directly tell you how he feels and he can’t say to your face that he’s already interested in someone else and not you, this indecisiveness can bring ingenuity to the relationship and you will certainly feel it.

The third sign is that he is projecting his own emotions of guilt of him cheating, he might accuse you of cheating, he will act “suspicious” and may have subtle remarks that denote you are cheating on him, be disengaged and remember that this is his form of toxicity coming out because he doesn’t want to face his truth.

The last sign that he is cheating on you is that he stopped being romantic, whether it’s his actions or behavior towards you that leads you to him cheating, this is an utmost sign that he is not interested in you anymore, maybe before he’s eager on giving you flowers or taking you out on a date but now he couldn’t even care less about your whereabouts.

His body language will tell disgust and fear instead of love, he will be gibberish in saying his words and will be fidgety in his actions, he will not look you in the eye for it will bring out the truth, he will be less and less physically in-touch with you because he is ridden in the guilt of his actions.

Whatever it may be, you will certainly feel the lack of intimate love and passion in an emotional and energetic level of your well-being, when this happens it is best to plan your way out of the relationship and take the role of being the decisive one and telling it how it is.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Pisces Man’s cheating heart? 

Move on and cut off the cord of emotional attachment you have with him! Love him or hate him there is nothing you can do about your Pisces man and his cheating habits, you cannot change the fact that he betrayed you and there’s no undoing in that.

The most important thing to remember is that your Pisces man and him cheating on you is a sign of unhealed dark energy he has and you cannot do anything to fix him, the slimy and sneaky cheating heart of a Pisces man is dark and doesn’t go for the better, a lying and cheating Pisces man only brings out the toxic unhealed part of you and hurts you, your life, and your self-esteem.

Live life to the fullest! The best way is to not keep a Pisces man’s cheating heart and forget that he ever existed, block him out of your life, best if you cut any connections you have with him, the more unbothered and the wiser you are in knowing you are better of without him the better.

Also remember that do not block out the idea of finding love again as you are only blocking the energy of love and light to grow and heal you, instead be open to the possibilities of finding love in the most random and unexpected of times, whether its a romantic love or a platonic love, be open to it…

Remember that even if the best way out is the most painful one, painful experiences and traumatic turnarounds in your life will be the key to where you will be in the future — your best possible self!

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