Does A Libra Woman Cheat?

Are you worried and afraid that your Libra girl might be cheating on you and is cheating behind your back? Well, worry no more because in this article we’re going to show you how a Libra woman cheats, why a Libra woman cheats and how to find out if she’s cheating on you!

Yes, a Libra woman will surely cheat because she didn’t genuinely love you in the first place, she can be detached but will hide it from a facade of fake kindness, she can also cheat for you because of pleasure, ruled by Venus, she is sensual and has the possibility of having many lovers. 

The Libra woman is the beauty and brains of the zodiac, incredibly popular due to her looks and high sex appeal, she’s a woman oozing with sensuality, she is highly likable, intelligent, fair, and wise, her greatest talent can be her flair for diplomacy.

In terms of love, she’s romantic and idealistic, she loves to love and be loved, she loves pleasure and she wants a relationship full of it, nevertheless, because of her airy nature, she can be detached and indecisive.

She will have plenty of choices and he will most certainly be tempted, more often, his looks will attract a lot of admirers who will want to pursue him romantically and sexually, she can be a center of attention and no matter how much she hides it, she will often thrive on it…

There can be several ways why your Libra woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Libra woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if he’s betraying you behind your back!

Before we jump into more details, there is one thing that a man can do to win a woman (or keep her interested) so she never thinks about cheating, is to intrigue her and keep her intrigued. There is no better person to explain this than Derek Rake. He is the master, click her to see how he does it.

Let’s dig deep!

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Are Libra Women More Likely to Cheat?

Libra women are notorious for having many lovers and it’s a no-brainer since they’re incredibly attractive and charming, this can make them prone to promiscuity or being in tune with hookup culture, flings, and other nuisance romantic relationships.

It is also well-known that they love beauty, this makes a Libra woman kind of shallow, she is attracted to the good looks and charm of a man which can be superficial, alongside her potential beauty can attract many lovers and admirers, she may be in a relationship but keep tabs on plenty other options.

This makes Libra women more likely to cheat than any other sign, more often, they are known to be the “heart-breakers” of the zodiac, they know the game and they sure do know how to play it well…

And with that said, if your Libra woman knows that she has all these other options, she will be more inclined to cheat, if she’s more inclined to her shadow side, she can use her charm for deceit and manipulation, often turning the favors to her.

A Libra woman is a known cheat, and because this woman looks good and acts good, her sneaky actions can be scrubbed off, she can use her beauty as a tool of manipulation and she can be incredibly great at doing it.

Word of advice: This woman knows she looks good and she will use it to her advantage, she can be subtle about it but it always ends up happening anyway, do not be fooled by her kindness and sweet words.

With all of that being said, it is possible that your Libra woman can have multiple partners at once and be able to hide it, this can be incredibly toxic for the partner looking for genuine love for a Libra man.

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With all of that in mind, the Libra woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has air placements (Gemini, Aquarius) and fire placements (Aries, Sagittarius), the relationships formed with these placements are passionate and truly exhilarating, promising a good and fruitful relationship!

Why Do Libra Women Cheat?

The Libra woman cheats because of her unjustifiable selfish reasons, she may think her actions don’t mean anything and she’s just living life, she can be pleasure-driven or she may explore different relationships before finding one that she wants.

The shadow side of a Libra woman would be her inclination for indecisiveness, she can have a hard time picking and choosing, between loyalty or betrayal, love or pleasure…

It is also worth noting that Libra women who are more inclined to their shadow side admire and pursue hedonism, the one who tries to make up excuses just to live in pleasure, to her living life is by having a good time and seeking the best possible experience possible.

The Libra woman cheats because she simply wants to, her indecisiveness can get along the way, her hedonistic side can get along the way of her finding genuine love, she can be also just used to lying and manipulation and she thinks all men are the same, she feels and believes she’s just harnessing it for her purpose.

Alongside that, a Libra woman can cheat because she feels bored and incompatible with the man she’s with, her inability to not be emotional and switch off her emotions makes her cold, just like all the air signs, this negative trait can make them harder to reach out and love, they’re rational people to the point that they become “robotic”, no emotions, no empathy…

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How to Find out if your Libra Woman is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs to look out for when you feel that your Libra woman is cheating on you, here are some of the signs that your Libra man is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you.

The first thing to look out for when a Libra woman is cheating on you is that you need to check her social media! A guy commenting on her post or friendly chitchat can be incredibly suspicious especially if she doesn’t talk to you about the guy.

Beware that her sociable nature can often be translated to more social media time, meaning, she’s interactive with all the people she’s with. Alongside that, it is worth noting to check how fast she replies and how interactive she is when she’s talking to you.

A clear indicator of her cheating can be her taking too long to reply and then telling you that she’s busy or she’s with friends, she can be less and less showy of you meaning that’s she already starting to feel disinterest in you and the relationship.

Also, check her friends, are they giving you hints? Are they making fun of you or just not positively reacting to you? If the answer is yes then you’re probably soon to be thrown out…you also need to realize that she can be good at lying so don’t trust the words that come out of her mouth.

Alongside that obvious cheating sign, you also have to check her behavior, a cheating Libra woman is not interested in getting intimate with you whenever you are with her, she brushes your advances off, she’ll always hold her phone and she won’t let you use it.

Overall, if she’s not the fun-loving and passionate girlfriend you’ve met, then it’s time to move on! her clear sign of disinterest in you is a good sign to break off the relationship already, either she’s already pursuing other guys or is open to being pursued and keeps tabs on all the potential partners she will replace you with.

If you’re concerned that your relationship is slipping away and you want to save it, then check out Derek Rakes method. Derek can give you the power back. He will give you the tools you need to make this woman yours for good or to end this relationship and use Derek’s methods to date any woman you desire.

Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Libra Woman’s cheating heart? 

Love it or hate it, the Libra woman’s Venusian energy can be her greatest strength or downfall, she can use her fair and kind heart to truly love and relate to another person or be more inclined to her shadow side, purely hedonistic and indecisive on picking what she truly wants in life.

The best advice for you should be this: observe your situation with her in a third-person point of view, look at yourself and see how you’re being mistreated, you don’t deserve that, you never deserved that!

With that said, it is important to know your self-worth as a man, being a man in this day of age can be truly terrifying, with that said, you need to trust your higher power to bring out the best in you and give you the best possible outcome.

Time to let go, move on, do not try to forget the attachments but rather seek insight as to how it happened, try to be more inclined to put self-compassion, you’ll need it more in this breakup journey…

In the meanwhile, live, love and see the beauty of the world around you, time for appreciation and forgiveness, this is the best revenge you can ever have for her — living life happy and unbothered without her.

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