Can An Aquarius Woman Be Trusted?

An Aquarius woman can easily hurt your feelings. She’s straightforward and knows what she wants. She likes to be in control of her own future, and this can be intimidating to a lot of men. If you were wondering whether she can be someone to trust, you found the right article!

Yes. An Aquarius woman can be trusted because she is direct and to the point. Know that whatever she says is straight out of her mind and heart. She is also very loyal and would go out of her way to provide you with something that you need. Lastly, she is very independent, and love is not her priority.

Do you want to get into more detail about these? Then, you might want to continue reading! I have also included how an Aquarius woman is in a relationship, what she hates, and ways to earn her trust. So, read on!

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An Aquarius Woman In A Relationship

A lot of people look at the Aquarius woman as a mean woman, but she is just straightforward and independent. The thing about her is she is very focused on her goal, and being in a relationship is not on her list of important things to think about.

However, when she gets into one, because of her straightforwardness, she might come off as cold, selfish, and stubborn. She is very opinionated and knows what she wants, and if there is something she does not agree with you about, she will let you know.

One thing that an Aquarius woman does great is resolving issues. This is very beneficial when it comes to her relationships.

She is good at listening and hearing you out. When you are in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, you are with someone who loves planning and strategizing. She is very rational and you’re going to work well with her.

Another thing to know about an Aquarius woman is that she is very adventurous. She loves excitement and trying out new things. And when you are in a relationship with her, be prepared to experience a lot of outdoor activities with her.

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What An Aquarius Woman Hates In A Relationship

The first thing that an Aquarius woman hates is when you do not want to go on adventures with her. As mentioned, she loves excitement, and she wants to experience the things she loves to do with someone she loves.

If she feels like you are not as adventurous as her, she is slowly going to lose interest. She won’t see the point of being with you anymore if you have no intentions of trying out new things with her.

She also does not like it when you get all nit-picky because she loves her freedom. We all know how an Aquarius woman values being able to do whatever it is that she wants to do. So, never criticize her, especially if it is about something that she has been working so hard for.

Another thing that she hates is when you call her stupid and make her feel dumb. One thing that an Aquarius woman is very proud of is her intellect, and calling and making her feel dumb insults her.

3 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Lying

She catches you off guard

When you ask her questions about something that you have been having doubts about, she might respond with her usual cold answers.

But this time, she is going to attempt to ask you a question instead. This is also her way to catch you off guard with a whole different topic. So, basically, she is going to respond to your question with a question.

She can also open a topic about something that you have done that might make her upset or gossip about other people in an attempt to get you interested in her story. She is going to distract you with unrelated conversations.

She responds nonchalantly

Being casually calmed and relaxed is evident in an Aquarius woman when she answers with cold-hearted responses. This is not very unusual of her as she is just this way. She usually responds with straight-to-the-point answers.

However, you will know that she is lying when does not make eye contact and just gives you one-word responses.

When an Aquarius woman is lying, she makes the conversation simple just so she can end it right away. She does not like to give you a lot of details because she’s afraid that you might catch her in her lie.

She persuades you

An Aquarius woman is very good at putting on a show. she knows what she will do to make you trust her.

With that being said, know that it can be hard for her to crack. She knows how she will act in order to convince you that she is innocent. She knows what to say to get you to think that she has not done something wrong.

Can An Aquarius Woman Be Trusted?

Even though an Aquarius woman may lie sometimes (like we all do), she likes to be straightforward with her answers. She does not care whether you get hurt or not; as long as she expresses what she wants to say, she is going to be fine.

She is sometimes emotionless, but she knows that whatever is coming out of her mouth is what she truly feels.

When it comes to loyalty, an Aquarius woman is very loyal, not only to her lover but also to her friends and family. She is the type to be going out of her way to get you something you need. An Aquarius woman is very hardworking towards her goal.

Love is sometimes the last thing on her mind. You would not be worrying about her cheating because when she is in love, she is very faithful.

She also strives for individuality, and again, she puts a lot of value on freedom. So, most of the time, she likes to do things on her own – uninterrupted. This is just another reason to trust that she won’t cheat.

3 Ways To Earn An Aquarius Woman’s Trust

Show it

The easiest way to earn an Aquarius woman’s trust is to just show it. Do not just say it or talk about it. Show it through your actions, behavior, character, and interactions. You can show it better than you can tell her.

Do not do things that will make her feel jealous and insecure. Make sure that every action shows her that there is no one else but her.

Be faithful

Earning an Aquarius woman’s trust may take weeks, months, or even years. She has to make sure that you are loyal over a period of time. There really is nothing you can do to speed up this process because in a way she likes to take her time in building trust.

You just have to be down and loyal to her. Let her know that you will always be there for her.

Do not force it

Never ever try to force her to trust you. Again, take your sweet time and just surrender.

Just be yourself and never pretend to be someone that you are not. Yes, the road might be bumpy, but remember that adversities develop trust. Just know that she is going to be worth it, and everything will be smooth sailing in the end. Trust.

Can an Aquarius woman be trusted? Final thoughts…

Yes, an Aquarius woman can be trusted because:

  • She is straightforward
  • She is loyal
  • She is independent



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