Can An Aquarius Man Be Trusted?

Although an Aquarius man can be loyal, it can be hard for him to connect deeply in a solid relationship. If you want to know if an Aquarius man can be trusted, you have come to the right place.

No. An Aquarius man cannot be trusted because he has a tendency to be emotionless.

His independence may cause him to push you away because he will do anything to get the space he needs. An Aquarius man may also be unreliable, especially because it is hard for him to create a deeper connection in a relationship.

Read further to know when an Aquarius man is lying and the ways how to earn his trust!

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An Aquarius Man In A Relationship

Due to his inherent sensitivity, the Aquarius man may be rather challenging to cope with in a relationship.

He doesn’t get the situation turned on him too quickly, but he does have the propensity to see offensive attacks in a lot of seemingly innocent remarks. An Aquarius man is so remote and aloof because he doesn’t think that most people have the opportunity to get to know him better.

To show an Aquarius man’s partner how much he loves her, he has a lot of feelings he wants to communicate, but he doesn’t do it often. Additionally, this sign tends to be rather aloof and downplays the significance of emotions in general.

The Aquarius man won’t readily consent to be permanently bound to someone since he is variable and unpredictable in his emotional balance and can change from being happy to sad in a split second.

There won’t be any established relationships for an Aquarius man to begin with. As soon as he begins to feel in tune with his emotions and recognizes the depth of his feelings, he will begin to consider going further and thinking about finding the right woman to start a family with.

As a result, you can be confident that an Aquarius man will make a serious commitment to a relationship because he truly means it.

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What An Aquarius Man Hates In A Relationship

It’s a mistake to expect your Aquarius man to follow your example if you have a dominant personality. He adheres to his ideas and principles and refuses to follow the customary laws and customs that he finds intolerable.

Allow an Aquarius man to have his own opinions about the world; don’t influence them; doing so will only make him resentful and lead you to grow apart.

Never try to dominate an Aquarius man, and appreciate his viewpoint or line of thinking rather than criticize it. Although he may enjoy a busy social life and draw inspiration from a wide range of events, he prefers to keep a close guard over his personal space.

The Aquarius man must not feel burdened or he will look for ways to escape from you.

3 Signs When An Aquarius Man Is Lying

He becomes silent

An Aquarius man is a secretive sign that is constantly strategizing. Try not to approach these people too closely when you suspect him of lying; his silence will serve as a barrier between you two. Speaking aloud doesn’t give an Aquarius man any power; in fact, he believes it takes away from his identity.

When you confront him, he will never express his deepest wishes because he keeps his emotions tightly contained.

Most likely, your Aquarius man is pulling away because he is feeling overburdened by having to explain himself and has trouble understanding his complex feelings. An Aquarius man will distance himself far away from confrontations or any other emotion that would make him vulnerable.

He makes excuses

The Aquarius man is pretty good at being secretive and running away from problems. He thinks too quickly and makes decisions that are advantageous to him because he is an air sign.

The Aquarius man you are dealing with has no intention of being honest or remaining devoted to you if he conceals significant information about his whereabouts or keeps making excuses.

If an Aquarius man has been lying to you, he will do so in the smoothest way possible.

He is a genius with the smartest and sharpest at it, and his unusual outlook on life extends to his relationships as well. Therefore, if he keeps his thoughts, stories, or whereabouts a secret, an Aquarius man will make such convincing excuses.

He is closed off

Even though he is not the most expressive of the zodiac signs, an Aquarius man will fight to the death for the one he loves the most. This sign would be interested in knowing your preferences, opinions, or life objectives.

If an Aquarius man is closed off, you can assume that he is hiding something behind your back. You will notice when you are around him, he closes off and is not himself in front of you.

An Aquarius man is not interested in your feelings if he shuts you out whenever you get the chance to confront him. Without considering how his actions would affect you, this sign would only take actions that benefited him.

An Aquarius man will continue to act carelessly, as if you don’t matter to him and that he may cut you off.

Can An Aquarius Man Be Trusted?

An Aquarius man occasionally has a tendency to be cold, emotionless, and overly analytical.  He doesn’t want to give up his free time to others, and even when he does, he still wants to get part of it back. If this sign doesn’t get the space he needs for himself, then the relationship won’t last.

An Aquarius man requires excessive amounts of alone time or private time with friends or family.

The Aquarius man can be a little reluctant when opening up. Remember that this sign is usually not too expressive of his feelings or desires unless you specifically ask him to.

Although you want him to talk to you more and open up, you must understand that this is not his natural state and that he will only do so when he’s ready. Because he is so independent and free, the Aquarius man is unpredictable and unreliable.

An Aquarius man can be quite challenging to love.

He might pleasantly surprise you with how much he can make you feel loved and cared for, though, if you can accept him for who he is as a complete person. However, a Capricorn man is a profound kind of person, but a lot of the time he feels like it’s difficult to actually connect on a deeper level.

3 Ways To Earn An Aquarius Man’s Trust

Be honest

Even though the truth hurts, honesty is the top priority for an Aquarius man. The transparency that this sign has is one of his least-liked characteristics, but his loved ones can always appreciate it. Be absolutely honest with an Aquarius man, even if it’s an unpopular opinion or could perhaps offend him.

Building trust with an Aquarius man will be much simpler as a result of this, and he’ll respect you much more for it.

You must demonstrate to him that you are not the kind of person who just changes relationships and proves to him that you intend to give him everything you have because you value him greatly.

Reassure him

You’ll discover that it’s best to be as honest as possible with him because of his tendency to be jealous. This sign needs to know that since you first chose to be with him, you won’t pick another man over him. The Aquarius man worries about being replaced and abandoned, so you need to reassure him.

An Aquarius man doesn’t want you to believe that you may treat him in whatever you choose. This sign will want to feel respected and reassured in the relationship in order for him to trust you. Once an Aquarius man realizes he can trust you in this aspect of the relationship, he will be all in.

Listen to him

Show an Aquarius man he has your undivided attention with open body language and nonverbal indicators. If he’s talking loudly and excitedly, smiling softly; if he’s talking about his problems, put your hand out to him.

Although an Aquarius man enjoys large gatherings and parties, he can become irritated when everyone is attempting to impress him or talk nonstop.

An Aquarius man longs to open up to you if you’re prepared to listen carefully, quietly, and intently. When you bring up something he said previously, he’ll be amazed that you remembered that tiny detail and realize how much you love him.

To keep the discussion moving and demonstrate that you are taking in all an Aquarius man is saying, occasionally ask questions.

Can an Aquarius man be trusted? Final thoughts…

No, he cannot be trusted because:

  • He is emotionless
  • He is independent
  • He is unreliable



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