Can A Sagittarius Man Be Trusted?

You should know that a Sagittarius man is a mutable sign which may be hard for you to find out if you can really rely on him. If you want to know if a Sagittarius man can be trusted, you have come to the right place.

No. A Sagittarius man cannot be trusted because he is unpredictable and constantly seeking out new opportunities. He may also get bored easily, which causes him to look for something or someone that can bring excitement into his life again.

This sign is also hard to pin down because of his insecurity and lack of patience.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Sagittarius man is lying and the ways to earn his trust. Read on!

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A Sagittarius Man In A Relationship

A Sagittarius man has an endless desire for more and is also free-spirited in his romantic relationships, enticing others with his enthusiasm.

He might not initially know what he wants when seeking love, and he won’t be able to clearly define his purpose until he knows for sure whether there is a chance of true compatibility with a partner.

When dating a Sagittarius man, you must be aware that he will be challenging to convince to commit, unreliable, and inconsistent with his feelings.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t consider the notion of a committed relationship until he meets someone with whom he envisions a future. But that partner also needs to be someone with a level mind who can pull him back to reality and help him make well-informed decisions.

A Sagittarius man wants a companion who matches his energy and zest for life, doesn’t try to pin him down, and is just as interested in having fun as he is.

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What A Sagittarius Man Hates In A Relationship

If a woman wants to be in a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius man, she must respect his easygoing and fun-loving nature. He is not interested in clingy ladies who demand constant attention and indulgence from him.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t like someone who is overly dependent; thus, he’ll look for someone who can manage her life on their own.

A Sagittarius man would prefer not to have to give anyone an explanation for his absences because he is always moving, becoming involved in a variety of activities, and has a busy social life. This sign has a really fickle mind; therefore, he’ll want a cool, understanding partner for the rest of his life.

3 Signs When A Sagittarius Man Is Lying

He is detached

A Sagittarius man is not in the mood to fall in love with you if he is lying to you. If he has a closed-off mind, he will quickly move on in life as if nothing went wrong. His idealism is so strong that he will risk being discovered by telling a lie or misrepresenting the truth.

Because a Sagittarius man wants to keep his freedom, he will act coldly among sensitive people who will demand his immediate engagement.

When a Sagittarius man is bored with you, he will avoid eye contact or decide to leave your company. In order to keep you informed until he meets his ideal partner, he will constantly lie and make excuses. A Sagittarius man won’t communicate much because he’s not sure if he’ll retain you in his life for very long.

He holds back

A Sagittarius man is probably holding something back if he is exceptionally aloof and keeps practically everything about himself a secret.

Be wary that he could not be telling you the truth if you notice that he frequently pauses when answering your questions, seems too agitated and defensive, or is unable to look you in the eye.

A Sagittarius man could force himself into a relaxed position if he were lying. It’s an attempt to make it clear that what he’s saying is true since he would reason out that he wouldn’t be stressed if he were telling the truth.

A Sagittarius man’s subconscious self will, however, convey hints that something is awry because of his hesitance.

He acts ignorant

It has been noted that one of a lying Sagittarius man’s regular behaviors is to act as though he has no idea what he is talking about or what he’s attempting to discuss.

It’s common for him to use the pretense that he has no idea what you’re attempting to say to either completely avoid the topic or buy some time to consider your response.

Nevertheless, you should take this with a grain of salt and keep in mind a Sagittarius man’s verbal and nonverbal cues. Examining his willingness to reassure you of the truth and seeing how he responds to the topic at hand can help you determine whether or not he is lying.

If a Sagittarius man tries to dodge the subject right away, it is typically not a good sign.

Can A Sagittarius Man Be Trusted?

The mutable nature of the Sagittarius man makes him rather free-spirited. He isn’t the most dependable person simply because he is so unpredictable and constantly seeking out new activities to keep himself busy.

One thing you should know about a Sagittarius man is that he often avoids commitment and fears losing his freedom.

A Sagittarius man adores the thrill of the chase, which is one of the main reasons relationships with them fizzle out. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase of any new relationship eventually ends, and it’s time to enter a long-term commitment.

A Sagittarius man who feels pressured to be exclusive will start to feel bound and lose interest.

As someone who values his freedom, a Sagittarius man can be challenging to pin down. He is very easy to get along with, but it can be difficult to keep him interested for a long time. A man born under this sign can become bored rapidly and also completely lacks patience.

This is mostly caused by a profound sense of insecurity in the case of your Sagittarius man.

3 Ways To Earn A Sagittarius Man’s Trust

Make time for him

Time is one of his love languages because he constantly makes an effort to fit people into his busy schedule when he cares about them. By making time for your Sagittarius man as well, you can show him that you genuinely care.

Allow him the time he needs to get to know you better by letting him know that you always have time in your schedule for him.

A Sagittarius man will feel more at ease around you the more time he spends with you. As a result, he will open up when you let him know that you’ll be there for him whenever he needs you. Make sure a Sagittarius man understands he can come to you if he ever needs solace or simply someone to talk to.

Be honest

Being straightforward and honest with a Sagittarius man is the greatest approach to interacting with him. You should know that a man born under this sign is direct and he appreciates it when others speak to him in a similar manner.

Knowing you to be an honest person will make it simpler for a Sagittarius man to put his trust in you.

Tell your Sagittarius man the truth about what you want out of the relationship, and make sure he is aware of your emotional tendencies if you have them. When he is confident in your words, this sign will feel more at ease with you.

A Sagittarius man wants to know that you are telling the truth if you promise not to judge him when he opens up.

Give him space

Sometimes a Sagittarius man needs to be alone and have his own space. Yes, he likes social interactions but he also values the time he spends alone. A Sagittarius man may occasionally desire to engage in activities alone, but this is not meant to disparage you.

Sometimes a Sagittarius man may want to handle his feelings alone, and he won’t always seek solace from you.

If a Sagittarius man does decide to talk at all, he might want to take a moment to gather his composure before doing so.

You can contact him once through texting, but sometimes he won’t answer immediately. If your Sagittarius man feels that you will respect his boundaries, he will be more willing to open up to you.

Can a Sagittarius man be trusted? Final thoughts…

No, he cannot be trusted because:

  • He is unpredictable
  • He gets bored easily
  • He lacks patience
  • He is insecure



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