Can A Leo Woman Be Trusted?

You shouldn’t worry too much when you are with a Leo woman because she possesses a lot of good traits that make her extremely reliable. If you want to know if a Leo woman can be trusted, you have come to the right place.

Yes. A Leo woman can be trusted because she is brutally honest and won’t see the point in lying. You can rely on her about almost anything, and you can always count on her to be there for you whenever you need her. A Leo woman will be loyal to you once she makes you part of her life.

In this article, you will be able to learn when a Leo woman is lying and how to earn her trust. Read further!

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A Leo Woman In A Relationship

Let us describe a Leo woman again – passionate, powerful, and fiery. You already know how it’s gonna be in a relationship.

She is very passionate about love, especially with the right person. Your Leo woman has the potential to build her own empire, so you can expect her to be very busy most of the time. But expect her to spend every free moment she has with you.

When in love, a Leo woman can get head over heels for the person she is in love with.

As I have said, she is very passionate and has an out-of-this-world sexual appetite. Remember that you are dealing with a fire sign, and you know how it’ll go in the bedroom. She is also very active in nature, so you can expect to go on a lot of adventures.

Another thing about a Leo woman is that she is self-sufficient. She can take care of herself and wouldn’t need anybody to make her feel important because she knows she is important. So, to flatter her, give her compliments that will feed her ego.

Even though she is very friendly, she doesn’t have that many close friends. So, she might drag you along to meetups with them.

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What A Leo Woman Hates In A Relationship

We all know how effortlessly a Leo woman makes everything about her without the intention of doing so.

She is just so captivating and relatable. One thing that she hates in a relationship is being told, “Not everything is about you.” Yes, she can get a little demanding and dramatic, but this does not mean that she is making everything about herself.

Another thing that she hates is being told that she is a liar. A Leo woman is a lot of things, but she will never be a liar. She takes pride in being honest and truthful at all times, and you will really be pissing her off by telling her that she is lying about something.

The only time she will be lying is when she has done something that will make her look bad and when she feels like she might get caught.

Here’s how you can tell whether she is lying or not.

3 Ways To Know When A Leo Woman Is Lying

She distracts you with storytelling

A Leo woman is a natural charmer, and she can use these powers in order to manipulate you. You will know if she is lying if she distracts you with a lot of stories. Yes, she can be very passionate about a lot of things, but when lying, she can be very into what she is telling you.

You see, it is very easy to be manipulated by a Leo woman through her side-tracked stories.

The scenario can go this way: You are about to catch her in a lie, then suddenly, she pauses and diverts the subject to a whole different topic. If she has you wrapped around her finger, she will definitely use this to manipulate you into thinking that she is being sincere.

A Leo woman will also use this to make you forget about what started the conversation in the first place.

She gets defensive

If a Leo woman starts to become anxious and defensive, this should set off alarms in your head. If this sign starts speaking quickly or her pitch changes, she is likely in a state of panic. When you raise a question, being irate or defensive does two things.

One, since a Leo woman is obviously bothered by the subject, she may cause you to avoid it, leaving you to wonder why.

If a Leo woman makes obscene hand motions, that’s another sign. After that, she becomes fidgety or feels suspicious of your question to the point where she hurriedly tries to shift the subject.

Getting angry can offer a Leo woman the opportunity to change the subject and claim that you are interfering too much in her business.

She avoids eye contact

A Leo woman typically avoids looking you directly in the eye while she is lying since it is simpler for you to catch her. This sign typically turns her head or moves her eyes from one thing to another. A Leo woman would often look away when lying to you in an effort to divert your serious attention.

It’s not necessary for your Leo woman to look directly at you the entire time she is speaking to you. However, if she looks away for more than the majority of the conversation, you might want to start to validate what she is saying.

Small discrepancies can be a sign that a Leo woman is not being entirely genuine.

Can A Leo Woman Be Trusted?

A Leo woman is very upbeat, kind, and reliable, all of which contribute to love and relationships. She is also brutally honest and will never accept telling you lies in exchange for a smile. This sign would far rather let you down by being honest rather than sugarcoating the truth.

A Leo woman is willing to go to any level to uphold it since she is aware that honesty and trust are the foundation for cultivating a lasting relationship.

A Leo woman will hold your worries with her for the rest of her life if you tell her about them. She is trustworthy, accountable, respect your privacy, and would never divulge them to anyone else.

Although the path to entering a Leo woman’s inner circle may be difficult, once you have shown that you are deserving, she will always be there for you whenever you need her.

A woman born under this sign can be gentle, greets everyone in her life with open arms and a warm smile, and never thinks twice about helping those who are in need.

She usually has a prominent position in her inner circle because of her outgoing nature, and she makes everyone laugh by saying goodbye to their unnecessary tension.

3 Ways To Earn A Leo Woman’s Trust

Be patient

Knowing a Leo woman, she is typically a highly reserved individual who has a difficult time opening up. You may ask her you’re with if she’s okay or if there’s anything she’d like to talk about if you notice that she has been acting a little differently lately.

If she trusts you, you’ll be able to convince her to open up, but it could take a little prodding. A Leo woman will want to be with you more the more she feels like she can talk to you.

When her ego has been neglected for a long time, it will cause this woman to become aloof, destructive, and moody. No matter how independent she may seem, the Leo woman’s ego is fragile, and her pride is always on the line.

Hence, you should be patient with her and don’t lose hope when she doesn’t want to open up to you yet.

Don’t suffocate her

A Leo woman is fiercely independent and dislikes being suffocated. Despite the temptation to constantly call and text her, give her some space, so she has a chance to miss you. A Leo woman is likely to come to realize that she wants to be around you after a few days, at which point she’ll start pursuing you.

No matter how aloof and distant she acts, the best thing to do to earn her trust is to let her have her proud space and show you care. She will appreciate how much you care no matter how standoffish and distant she is behaving.

Being with a Leo woman will almost never be a dull, routine affair because she is all about appreciating the highs and lows of relationships.

Appreciate her

A Leo woman won’t go back to a place where she feels that she is not respected or valued. You should know by now that the most prized emotions for this sign are admiration and respect.

A Leo woman will be able to trust you once you show her how important she is in your life, so show her how much you genuinely love, appreciate, and want her.

A Leo woman will go above and beyond to make things work and turn out well if she likes you.

On the other hand, she will seriously question whether you are her man if you don’t court her. She adores elaborate romantic gestures and the wooing process, so learn to earn her trust by appreciating her. Reassure a Leo woman of your intentions if you really want to earn her trust.

Can a Leo woman be trusted? Final thoughts…

Yes, she can be trusted because:

  • She is brutally honest
  • She doesn’t like lying
  • She is reliable
  • She is loyal



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