Astrology Birth Chart Compatibility Report

Astrology Birth Chart Compatibility Report

What if there was an extremely accurate way to use astrology to predict your romantic compatibility with another person?

An astrology birth chart compatibility report can be used to determine just how compatible you and your partner are. The chart provides insights into how your personal birth charts compare by planets, houses, and other aspects. 

Together, you will know how each of your personalities could make or break your relationship.

In astrology, when you complete a birth chart compatibility report, it’s called a Synastry Chart. To get the most accurate report, you will want to know the date, location, and time of each partner’s birth.

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Synastry (Relationship Astrology)

Most new astrologers make the mistake of only focusing on sun signs when attempting to determine romantic compatibility. You might think that, based solely on their sun signs, an Aries and a Virgo shouldn’t date, while a Pisces and a Scorpio are perfect for each other.

While comparing sun signs is one of the fastest and easiest ways to determine love compatibility, anyone who has ever been in a relationship can tell you that compatibility is much, much more complex than that.

If you want to get a thorough and accurate picture of your compatibility with another person, you should look at your astrology birth chart compatibility report.

Synastry, or relationship astrology, involves using the full birth charts of two people to determine compatibility.

All you need to start comparing your and your partner’s birth charts are the exact dates, times, and locations of your respective births. You can find all of this information on your birth certificate.

Then, simply enter the information into a free online tool, such as this one:

Tools like this one will generate birth charts for both you and your partner, but you need to know how to read them to glean your compatibility prediction from the charts.

It can be confusing to know where to start when you are reading your birth chart compatibility report. With all the symbols and signs, you may not know where to look first.

When you are trying to determine compatibility by comparing birth charts, what you want to focus on are the planets, houses, and aspects of you and your partner.

The 7 Inner Planets

Most people only know their sun sign, which is based on the month and date of birth. With the added information of the time and location of birth, you can find out so much more.

When you first look at a birth chart, it can be dizzying if you’re not quite sure where to begin.

To determine romantic compatibility, you should focus on the seven inner planets on each of your birth charts. These seven planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

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Let’s review each of these seven planets on your chart and what they represent:


The sign your Sun is located in, at the moment of your birth, tells you your general compatibility with others and your overall temperament and disposition. This is the sign that most people know.


your Moon sign tells you about who you are when you’re alone, your emotional compatibility with others, and how you both manage and express your emotions.

In many ways, your Moon sign is just as important and powerful as your Sun sign. Your Moon sign can tell you if you and your partner are emotionally compatible.


As the planet of intelligence and communication, your mercury sign tells you about your mental connection and if your communication styles are compatible.


As the planet of beauty and love, your Venus sign is one of the most important aspects to consider when comparing birth charts.

Venus tells you about your romantic compatibility, relationship style, love behaviors, and love languages.


Mars is the planet of aggression and war. It is a very physical and energetic planet, so in synastry, it tells you about your physical chemistry, sexual compatibility, and argument style.


In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, healing, growth, expansion, and miracles. For synastry, it represents ideals and values.

Your Jupiter signs tell you if you and your partner have compatible worldviews and outlooks on life.


Saturn is known as “the grandfather” in astrology, so for synastry, your Saturn sign represents your long-term compatibility and the longevity of the relationship.

You might also want to compare your ascendant, or rising, signs. Your rising sign tells you about first impressions, social interactions, and the mask you put on when you first meet people.

Your ascendant isn’t too important for your overall compatibility, but it can tell you what your first impressions of each other might be and how you both socialize with others.

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The Houses

The zodiac is divided into twelve “houses,” which are positioned in segments around the zodiac wheel like a clock.

When trying to predict romantic compatibility, the houses you should focus on are the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th houses.

You are looking to see which of your planets fall into which houses of your partner and vice versa. Using the significance of the planets as described above combined with the meanings of the houses below will give you a more personalized and detailed idea of what you and your partner mean to each other.

Ideally, you and your partner will have many planets in each other’s 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th houses.

Here is what these houses tell you about your compatibility:

1st House

the first house represents the self, identity, attitude, and approach to life.

When you and your partner have planets in each other’s first houses, it means the general attraction between you is strong and you approve of each other’s outlooks on life and attitudes.

5th House

The fifth house represents romance and love affairs.

It’s important to have planets in your partner’s fifth house because it indicates strong romantic compatibility, deep familiarity, and shared likes and dislikes.

7th House

The seventh house represents relationships, marriage, sharing, contracts, and interpersonal style. This house is extremely important for long-term relationships and marriages.

If you and your partner have planets in each other’s seventh houses, it means your relationship could stand the test of time.

8th House

The eighth house represents sex, intimacy, and shared finances.

Planets in each other’s eighth houses signify strong sexual attraction and compatibility, but it may also signify a need to control one another.

If you want, you can simply look for whether or not you have any planets in these houses on your partner’s chart or vice versa.

But to take the compatibility report a step further, you need to also consider what the specific planets mean and combine it with the significance of the houses to get a more accurate reading.

The Aspects

In Astrology, aspects are the angles that planets make with each other on the zodiac wheel. The angles have specific meanings that are important when reading your birth chart.

You can look at the aspects on just your chart, or you can compare the angles made when you overlay your partner’s chart on yours.

The five major aspects are conjunction, trine, sextile, opposition, and square. Here is what the five major aspects mean:


A conjunction means your planets are in the same sign. This is the most powerful aspect in synastry and intensifies the energy of these planets.

Some conjunctions are great because it shows similarities between you and your partner, but too many conjunctions can create discord.

The astrological meaning of the planets in conjunction with each other is important to consider.


A trine is when two planets form a 150° angle and it’s the most positive aspect in synastry. It represents harmony and compatibility.

Trines are mostly positive in synastry readings, but too many trines can represent stagnancy and boredom in the relationship if the two people get too comfortable with one another.


A sextile is when two planets form a 60° angle and, like a trine, is a very positive aspect in synastry. It represents harmonious energy and a long-term bond.

In some ways, a sextile is even more positive than a trine in synastry because the two signs are always going to be in different elements, which alleviates the risk of boredom or stagnancy.


A square is when two planets create a 90° angle. When looking at squares in synastry, think of the expression “to square off,” or to challenge each other.

Although this aspect represents excitement and possible growth, it can also indicate a desire to control and dominate each other.

If there are too many squares, it means you and your partner bring out the worst in each other.


Opposition is when two planets create a 180° angle. This aspect is quite powerful and is like when opposites attract.

It represents strong magnetism but also holds up a mirror to each other. An opposition reveals intense attraction but also challenges.

As with the houses, you can simply look to see which of these aspects are present in your charts and what they mean, or you can dig deeper by analyzing the specific planets and their significance combined with the aspect meanings.


When using astrology to determine romantic compatibility, there is much more to synastry than just you and your partner’s sun signs.

By using a birth chart generator and looking at the relationships between the planets, houses, and aspects on your charts, you can get a strong and accurate prediction of your compatibility.

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